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So I had some downtime and decided to try my hand at a story. The first chapter has a fair amount of buildup, but there is some payoff at the end as well as a sign of things to come. This is my first erotica story, so feel free to give me any pointers or just let me know what you think. And of course enjoy!




Chapter 1

            William Gardner as a whole was a forgettable man. Never the best in academics or athletics, he went through high school unnoticed. Standing at only 5’4″, he was quite short in relation to his peers. With thin brown hair and brown eyes, he didn’t often find himself the object of affection with women, outside of a woman he met in college named Ruth. Ruth and William seemed to be made for each other, with Ruth sharing the same plain features that had seen her passed over all her life. Ruth was also incredibly short, standing at barely 5 feet tall. 


            Ruth and William found themselves smitten with each other very early into their relationship. The two shared a common bond and drive to succeed that brought them together. The two married the summer after they finished college in a small reception with family and the few friends the couple had. William majored in business management and found a job working with a tech company. The hours were long but he was able to carve out a role for himself in the company in his first few years, allowing him and Ruth to purchase a three bedroom house in a nice neighborhood. Ruth had started her career as a teacher, but was not having the success her husband had enjoyed. She struggled to maintain control over the classroom and wasn’t able to be strict. Going into her third year of teaching, her and William decided to start a family. A few months into the school year, Ruth was able to get pregnant and decided to leave teaching and focus on raising their upcoming child. The couple had their first child in spring, a girl they named Rebecca. 


            Only six months after having Rebecca, Ruth was pregnant again. While William tried his best to help at home, he began to get more and more demanded of him at work. Unlike his first years, William was now working just as hard but without the ability to really move up. It seemed he had hit his celling with this company already and he didn’t have the luxury to start over somewhere else. The stress of being pregnant again while caring for Rebecca weighed on Ruth and created a divide between her and William. By the time their first son, Tim, had been born, the couple was experiencing difficulties. They hadn’t been intimate with each other since the night Tim was conceived and had started going to a marriage counselor. They continued in this rut for the next three years, staying together to keep their kids in a stable household. William had become further frustrated with work as he received a pay cut just to stay with the company, despite keeping up the high hour weeks. Ruth on the other hand was feeling unsatisfied with the life of a housewife, and had begun to resent her children slightly because of it. 


            Rebecca and Tim were the spitting images of Ruth and William respectively. They had both been a little behind in learning how to walk and talk, and both had the small frames of their parents. Worried the state of their marriage would soon lead to divorce, William and Ruth took a vacation to themselves at the suggestion of their therapist. After getting Ruth’s sister to watch the kids for the weekend, the two were able to spend the weekend on the beach in Florida. Free to rediscover the spark that brought them together initially, the two enjoyed each others company for what seemed like the first time in years. They realized that they were going to have to make changes going forward to keep their relationship going. However, they were thrown a curve ball when they found out Ruth was pregnant again. The result of their get away weekend, the couple was now going to have a third child. After the weekend, William had been planning on looking for new work, but he now needed all the money he could get. Ruth even got a part time job in addition to raising the kids. By the time their third daughter arrived, the couple was right back in the rut they had found themselves in earlier. But with their children already getting to pre-school and the addition of another child, they felt the best course of action was to keep the status quo.


            Their third daughter, Britney, was born on the same day as her sister Rebecca, four years later. Everything continued on the same, William and Ruth both worked jobs to support a family they didn’t fully want to be in. They loved their children, but Rebecca and Tim had followed in their parents footsteps. They both were able to manage in the early grades of school, but they had no productive hobbies and shared the frail, small frame of their parents. However, by the time Britney had reached pre-school, it was evident that she was different than the rest of her family. She had bright blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, unlike the muddled brown of everyone else in her family. She also was already the height of her two siblings, who were in the 3rd and 2rd grade respectively. Ruth took a liking to her youngest daughter, realizing that she had the natural talent and beauty that her other two children did not. This quickly led to Britney getting preferential treatment from Ruth. Britney was also the favorite of her father William. For the first time, William had felt like all his sacrifice at work was for something, as Britney was taking advantage of the opportunities afforded to her. As time went on, William and Ruth began to treat Britney better and better, all the while bringing them closer as a couple. Everything the did, they did for Britney. 


            As the years went on, Britney became more aware of her parents preferential treatment and started to treat her siblings Rebecca and Tim worse and worse. Adding to the fact that by the time Britney was in forth grade, she towered over her older siblings. She was exceptionally tall for her age, and athletic, unlike the rest of her family, who were small and rather weak athletically. Britney started using her superior physical stature to bully her siblings into submission. Tim learned early on to let Britney have her way when she came home from school in a bad mood one day. 


            Tim had been home sick from school and had spent the day on the couch watching TV as there was a marathon of his favorite show on. Britney slammed the door upon getting home. “I can’t believe mom didn’t pick me, I can’t stand riding the bus,” Britney yelled as she walked over towards the family room. Alyssa had recognized Britney’s foul mood and decided to go to a neighbors house. Tim gave a timid hello to Britney, but could tell she wasn’t in the mood. “Off the couch, I want to watch Disney channel and I want to spread out while I watch.” Tim decided to stick up for himself, as his parents weren’t around. “I’m sick, can’t you just sit in the chair,” said Tim. “You can watch whatever, I just want to lay down.” Before Tim could react Britney had charged to the couch and flung him off the couch onto the ground, stepping over him to get on the couch. “Too bad, go lay in your bed, I’m lying here,” said Britney. Tim just laid there dumbstruck, Britney had been rough with him before but he usually could put up a fight, in his sick state his little sister was able to throw him at will. Britney, noticing that Tim still hadn’t gotten up, decided to torment him. 


            She stuck her sneakers in his face and in a demanding tone said, “if you’re going to lay on the floor make yourself useful and take off my shoes.” Tim made a move to get up but was instead met by Britney’s sneakers pushing him back down. “I said take my shoes off loser.” Tim realizing he probably couldn’t get up, decided to go along with Britney, hoping she would let him up. He untied both of her shoes, and started to remove the first shoe. As he slid it off, he was hit with a wave of stale corn chip stench, as Britney had a penchant for smelly feet with all the sports she played. He grabbed her second shoe and slid it off, adding even more foot odor to the air. Her feet were hovering above his face, and the smell was starting to overwhelm him. “Socks too,” Britney barked out. Tim then quickly rolled off her dirty pink ankle socks and put them in her shoes. Britney’s show was about to start and she swung her legs up on the couch to recline. “You can get up now,” said Britney. As Tim started to get up, Britney chimed in “Don’t forget my shoes, put them by the door and my socks in my hamper.” Despite all ready being let up, Tim decided it be best if he obeyed Britney. He scuttled off with her foul smelling shoes and socks in hand, taking extra care to make sure her orders were followed. Tim was about to head to his room, the one place he could get away from Britney as her and Rebecca shared the other bedroom, before he realized he left his DS downstairs. He debated just leaving it and sitting in his room but decided he didn’t want to be bored up there. As he came down the stairs he could hear Britney laughing at her show, hopefully meaning she wouldn’t bother him. Once Britney saw him, she said, “Did you put my stuff away?” “Yes Britney.” said Tim. “Good, go get me a juice box, I don’t want to miss my show,” said Britney. Tim debated just grabbing his DS and running, but he was far too sore to make it far and Britney wouldn’t let it die if he did. So he went and grabbed her a juice box and came over to the couch to hand it to her. “Put the straw in too,” ordered Britney. Tim realized she was seeing how far she could push him while he was sick, so he thought it better to just comply. After handing her the juice box, straw in and all, he grabbed his DS and quickly slinked away, as Britney chuckled behind him. He wasn’t sure if she was still laughing at the show or at him. 





 Chapter 2



After the incident after school with Tim, Britney came to the conclusion that she could treat him however she wanted. As long as her parents weren’t around to see the actual treatment, Tim’s complaints would fall on deaf ears. Both William and Ruth tended to take Britney’s side in arguments between her and her siblings. Tim waited in his room for Ruth to get home from work, after being bossed around by Britney since she had been home. Ruth came in the door exhausted, having just worked three hours later than she had expected in her tutoring job. Britney was still lounging on the couch and upon seeing Ruth said, “Where were you today, I had to take the activities bus home?” Ruth recognized her daughters upset tone and reassured her, “I’m so sorry sweetie,  I had to stay late and tutor a boy who is really behind.” “What would you like for dinner,” Ruth asked. Britney was often the one who decide what was for dinner, as Tim wouldn’t voice an opinion and Rebecca was usually avoiding the rest of the family. They had started eating dinner without William at the request of Britney, as she was always hungry when she got home because of her various after school sports. With William often not getting home from work until at least 7, he was left to warm up what was left or fix something himself. “I want chicken nuggets,” Britney barked out, “and hurry, I’m starving!”


            Tim had been lying on his bed trying to process what had transpired when he heard Ruth come home. He had been thinking about what to do since coming to his room, ultimately deciding he had to tell him mom. While he knew how she usually didn’t take his complaints about Britney seriously, he felt that this situation would have to be different. Tim walked down the stairs quietly and slinked into the kitchen, where Ruth had already started making dinner. “Mom, can I talk to you,” Tim said quietly. Ruth, pre-occupied with making dinner, barley looked up and said “Are you still feeling sick?” “Kind of,” Tim replied, “but I wanted to talk to you about Britney. She was throwing me around and kicking me.” Tim left off the bit around taking off her shoes and socks, since he was embarrassed. Ruth sighed, before saying “I’m sure she was just frustrated after riding the bus and didn’t know you were sick.” She looked over her son, who was certainly at the size where Britney could throw him around. Still she knew that they egged each other on and said, “I’m sure she didn’t just come home rough housing with you, you both need to try harder to get along.” Tim, dejected by his concerns being glanced over tried to interject once more, but Ruth had heard enough. Tim headed back to his room and spent the rest of the night there. He briefly considered talking to his dad, but William always just pushed off those talks on to Ruth, as she was more present than he was and would know what was going on. Rebecca wasn’t much help to Tim either, as she had made friends with a few girls from school that lived down the street, and started spending as much time there rather than deal with Britney. 


            The next few weeks returned to normal, but Britney had been waiting for an opportunity to see how much further she could push Tim. Ruth had gotten stuck with another student very far behind, and as a result wouldn’t be home until late. That also meant Britney had to take the activities bus, a thing she usually detested. However, once she knew that Ruth wouldn’t be home, she spent the long bus ride thinking up a way to push Tim when she got home. She had a particularly rough day of softball practice and was really looking forward to her little plan. Meanwhile, Tim was sitting around at home, by himself after Rebecca had bolted for a friends house shortly after getting home. While the incident a few weeks earlier with Britney was still in the back of his mind, he had reached the point where he stopped actively avoiding her, and things seemed to be back to normal. He was curled up on the couch when he heard Britney slam the door open and call out, “Tim, come over here.” Curious as to what she would want, he thought about sneaking up to his room, until Britney looked around the corner and said again, this time more direct, “I said come here,” stomping her foot for emphasis. 


            Tim walked over to the door and as he got closer asked her what she wanted. Britney, who had taken a seat by the folding chair in the hallway, looked him over before barking out the orders, “take off my shoes.” She was looking him over, waiting to see how he would react, when Tim said, “Why, can’t you just take them off yourself?” Britney laughed, before responding, “yeah, but I told you to take them off.” Tim just stood in the hallway looking at his sister with a confused look on his face, deciding whether he should comply or run for his room. Britney, clearly fed up with how long it was taking yelled “Take them off now.” Tim, shocked by how forceful Britney got without even getting up from the chair, dropped down in front of her and began to untie her right shoe. Britney got a satisfied smile on her face and leaned back in the chair, propping up her left foot on Tim’s shoulder while he removed the right shoe. Tim was taken aback but he hadn’t exactly put himself in a position to now slink away, he had missed that opportunity. As he slid off Britney’s right shoe, he was met with the over powering stench of her feet. She still had her ratty softball practice socks on and the smell alone was starting to make him gag. Britney noticed this and chuckled, before saying “softball was especially rough today, all we did was run and it’s so hot out.” She put extra emphasis on how sweaty and tired she was, before looking down at Tim and saying, “that’s why I needed someone to take my shoes off, now get the other one.” She roughly swung her left leg down into Tim’s hands, while taking her now socked right foot and resting it on Tim’s other shoulder. Tim couldn’t take his mind off the smell of her feet, especially now that her socked foot was resting inches from his face. Tim again adopted the mindset of doing whatever Britney asked in an effort to remove himself from the position he was currently in. As he removed the shoe of her left foot, the stench from her feet intensified. The last time Tim found himself at Britney’s feet, they had a noticeable corn chip stench. This time, the smell was more foul, with a seemingly sour stench that hung in the air like a cloud of smoke. Britney then propped her left foot back up on his other shoulder, keeping him there for a moment taking in the stench of her feet. Britney could smell the foul aroma of her feet, but unlike Tim, she enjoyed her own stench. She would often just sit around after the sports she played for hours, and if she wasn’t bothered by it, she could care less if anyone else did. 


            She kept her feet rested on Tim for a few minutes, idly pushing him back and forth with her large, smelly feet. After a few minutes she address Tim again, “you can take my socks off now.” Tim started to reach up to remove her socks, which ran up her leg ending just before the knees. All though he never would have admitted it, removing Britney’s socks was actually easier with her feet resting on his shoulder than it would have been otherwise. He rolled the sock down her foot, as the worn out cotton clung to the sweat still fresh on Britney’s feet. It actually took Tim over a minute to get the sock off, as he was being overly conscious of how he did everything, making sure Britney didn’t get a reason to be mad with him. As he pulled the sock over her toes, Britney moved her feet off of Tim’s shoulder and in front of his face. Her now bare foot was as close to his face as could be without touching it. As the fresh air hit her freshly sweaty feet, Britney let out a satisfied sigh and began wiggling her toes in front of Tim’s face for a few seconds before placing her foot back on his shoulder. She then ordered him to remove her other sock, repeating the process. With her feet right in his field of vision, and desiring to think of anything other than the stench, Tim began to study Britney’s feet. They were large, not only for a girl her age but for any girl. Britney was already wearing size 8 wide shoes in women’s sizes, and she was only in the 5th grade. Despite their large stature, Britney’s feet were quite proportionate, with large, plump toes that descended in order from largest to smallest. Her soles were somewhat rough from playing three different sports, but they still had a nice natural color and were amazingly soft to the touch when she bothered to take care of them. Tim wouldn’t have called them pretty, but they were certainly nice feet, even if they did smell so foul. 


            Britney had tired of sitting in the hallway, she took her socks and draped them over Tim’s shoulders, before ordering him upstairs to put them in her room. She then walked over to the family room and sat in the recliner, propping her feet up on the foot rest in front of her. “Hurry up, and bring me a drink before you get back here,” Britney yelled from her spot in front of the TV. Tim placed the socks in Britney’s hamper, glad to be rid of them and hurried to the kitchen, grabbing Britney a juice before hurrying back to the family room. Tim was also sure to put the straw in her juice beforehand, remembering the orders from last time. He entered the room and handed Britney the drink, hoping that this is where she would send him away again. Instead, Britney took a long drink before turning to Tim and saying “I want a foot massage, my feet are sore and its not like you have anything better to do.” Tim again briefly thought of telling Britney off and going to his room, but the more he thought about it the more it seemed like he was delaying the inevitable. Even if he got away today and Britney didn’t beat him up, there would be another opportunity for her. Tim couldn’t go to his mom either, she wouldn’t listen to him if he brought broad complains about Britney to her, and he was embarrassed to get specific with what he had already allowed his sister to do. 


            Reluctantly, he sank to his knees in front of his little sister and began to massage her feet. Tim had never given a foot massage before, so he just pressed his thumbs into her tender soles. After a few minutes, Tim began to notice that his hands were damp from massaging her still sweaty feet, and his hands had her foot scent stuck to them. Britney started to interject with instructions and criticism after a few minutes, guiding him from foot to foot and where to massage on each. He had to have been there for around half an hour, when Britney told him to stop. He looked up at her and she shoved her foot in his face, cupping her toes around his nose. Tim was taken aback and his natural reaction was to pull away, but before he could Britney hooked her other leg around his head and down his back, locking him in place. “Now I want to hear a big sniff,” said Britney, laughing as Tim struggled in front of her. “Make it at least five seconds of inhaling, a nice deep breath and I’ll let you up,” Britney ordered. Tim was still taken aback, his entire senses had become over whelmed by Britney’s smelly feet. He had sort of gotten used to the scent while he was rubbing them, but once they were over his nose he was rudely reminded that her feet still had quite a stench to them. He struggled against Britney briefly, but realized that she wasn’t about to let him up before he breathed in deep. He stopped struggling and, loudly enough so Britney would be satisfied, took a deep breath. The smell rushed up his nostrils and it seemed like it would never get out. Britney was laughing hysterically as she removed her foot from his face. She put her feet back on the foot rest in front of him and said “you can resume massaging them now.” Tim didn’t immediately resume, instead speaking up for the first time it want seemed like hours. “Why did you do that to me?” Britney laughed at him again and said “start massaging and I’ll tell you.” Tim reluctantly started massaging her foot again. Britney then explained, “I just wanted to see if I could get you to do it.” Laughing to herself again, she then added, “plus I really can uses these massages after softball, even if you do suck at them.” Tim knew he shouldn’t care, but hearing Britney criticize him made Tim feel even worse. Britney picked up on this and laughed again, saying “don’t worry, you’re not completely terrible, plus you’ll have plenty of chances to get better.” Tim had already been thinking this wasn’t a one time thing, but then Britney confirmed it for him. His head sunk down and he focused on massaging Britney’s foot. She kept him down there for another half hour, ignoring him and watching TV. Tim began to wonder how soon his mom would be home, and if Britney would order him away before she did. He got the answer only a few minutes later, when they both heard Ruth come in the door. Britney shot a look down at Tim that made him know immediately that she expected him to keep going. Afraid to disobey her, Tim stayed down at her feet, wondering what exactly was about to happen as his mom walked around the corner into the family room.  


Ruth walked in, exhausted from the extended tutoring session she had just endured, to see her son on his knees in front of his younger sister massaging her feet. She was taken aback at first, Tim and Britney had never really gotten along, certainly not to the point where he would offer up such a service. All though, Ruth wasn’t exactly complaining. She had felt that her other children were starting to resent Britney, as both William and Ruth had put a lot more time and money into Britney’s actives. Seeing her Tim do Britney a favor as big as this was a good step, and decided to voice so. “That’s nice of you to rub your sisters feet for her,” said Ruth. Tim, not sure how to respond started to look up towards his mother and give a response, but Britney responded before he could. “He’s not doing it because he wants to Mom.” “Oh really, and then why is he doing it,” said Ruth, slightly confused. “We were playing video games and Tim was being cocky. So I bet him if he lost he’d have to be my servant for the rest of the month.” Ruth just chuckled, glad to see that her children were at least playing together, but was pretty surprised to see such serious stakes. Still, she chose to laugh it off and asked what they would want for dinner as she walked towards the kitchen. Britney responded, “Well I want pizza, I guess Tim can just have what’s leftover.” Ruth chuckled again before interjecting, “now I know he’s your servant honey, but he’s still my son, he get’s to eat with us too.” Britney shot a look down at Tim and whispered to him, “convince her or else.” Tim, who had been dutifully working away at Britney’s feet since his mom came home, finally spoke up. “I don’t mind mom, I lost the bet and I don’t want to back out,” Tim shouted to the kitchen, hoping his mom would leave it at that. Ruth again laughed to herself, expecting this to blow over in a few days and decided to just play along. “If you say so Tim, it’s just us three and I’m not very hungry, so I’m only getting a small.” 

Tim continued massaging Britney’s feet while her and his mom watched tv. After about 30 minutes the pizza arrived, as Ruth went to grab the door Britney shoved Tim with her feet, knocking him down before getting up and walking to the kitchen. “Go do my laundry while I’m eating,” Britney said dismissively as she walked towards the kitchen. Ruth brought the pizza to the table and her and Britney ate, chatting about Britney’s day for the most part. By the time the two were done, there was one piece of pizza left and the crusts of Britney’s pieces. She offered to bring the last slice up to Tim, throwing it on the plate with her crusts as she headed up stairs.

 Tim, meanwhile, had been doing Britney’s laundry as instructed, first picking up all the dirty clothes off Britney’s floor before putting them in the wash. He had been waiting in his room patiently for the clothes to be out of the drier when he heard Britney coming upstairs. She didn’t bother knocking on his door, as she simply let herself in. “Where’s my laundry at?” “It’s in the dryer now Britney, it should be done any minute,” Tim replied. Britney dropped the plate on the ground before her feet and said, “Better hurry up and eat then.” Tim looked at the plate, covered in crusts and one small piece of cold pizza disappointed, and evidently not fast enough for Britney. As he started to sulk out of his bed towards the plate he saw Britney bring her foot down and stomp it all over the plate, focusing her attention on the only piece of pizza left, smashing it under her foot. Tim ran over to the plate and dropped to his knees to grab the plate. “I said hurry up, so next time hurry up,” said Britney, before shoving her pizza covered foot in Tim’s face. “I’m sorry Britney,” Tim mumbled into her foot. “Good,” she said, as she proceeded to wipe the pizza off of her foot and onto his face and hair. Tim was in a state of shock at just how poorly Britney had been treating him. By letting her get away with little things, he apparently had given her the go ahead to stomp on his food with her still smelly feet and then wipe the mess of on his face. Once she had gotten most of the pizza off her foot, Britney lowered her foot back down and said, “now eat up, I’m going to go shower and my clothes had better be dry and folded by the time I’m done.” With that she turned away and walked out the door towards her room. Tim knew folding laundry would take him a while, as he had never really had to do it before. He quickly ate his dinner in his room, which was really just crust and a smashed blob resembling the taste of pizza combined with the taste of Britney’s feet. Once he ate his dinner he hurried downstairs to put the plate away, briefly talking with his mother and reassuring her he wasn’t hungry, until he heard the dryer go off. He rushed to the dryer quickly grabbing her clothes before taking them back up to his room to fold them. He finished just as he heard the shower stop running, and he made sure to leave the basket of freshly done clothes on Britney’s bed. 

At that point, it had seemed like she was done with him for the day. Rebecca and their dad had both come home, and for reasons unknown to Tim, she didn’t seem to want to treat him like a servant when the whole family was home. Unfortunately for Tim, just as he had relaxed and was starting to put the day behind him, Britney barged into his room again. She stormed up to his bed, and quietly since most everyone was asleep, said, “you forgot to wash my lucky game socks and we have the biggest game of the season tomorrow.” She was whispering but she was so intense and close that Tim still felt like he was being scolded.”I’m sorry Britney, I’ll go run them through the wash…” Tim started to reply but was cut off by Britney shoving one of the socks into his mouth. “It would be way to loud and wasteful to do that for one pair of socks, so you’re going to fix your mistake and suck them clean.” She then threw her other sock on his face before giving him further instructions, “they haven’t been washed for a while so take it one by one, suck them clean then get them dry, I don’t care how.” With that she left for bed, while Tim was introduced to the assaulting taste of Britney’s lucky socks. She had these socks for years, they were these large white tube socks that she wore for important games, no matter the sport. Their current state left much to be desired, as there were quite a few holes, the white had become a discolored mix of gray/yellow and parts of the socks were actually stiff with sweat. The taste was a mix between the cheesy aroma of Britney’s feet, mixed with fabric and a fair amount of salty sweat. The size of each sock meant Tim would have to do them one by one, and not wanting to disobey Britney by washing them another way, he did just that. He started with the crusty areas around the toes and heel, sucking the fabric of the sock until the taste was gone before moving on to the next spot. The first sock alone took him almost two hours, and it was soaked by the time he had throughly sucked it clean. Tim felt disgusted, stopping to get water and brush his teeth before moving onto the next sock. By the time he had cleaned both, it was already 2am, and the socks were both still damp. Tim briefly thought about hanging them up somewhere in his room, but his fear that he would wake up and they weren’t dry scared him enough into laying them over the heater in the family room until 3. He stayed down there, constantly flipping them and making sure they were dry, before finally heading up to his room and falling asleep. By the time he was in bed, it was already 3:15, meaning he would have to be up for school in 4 hours. Exhausted, he fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes. 

The next morning, Tim was woken up by his mother, telling him it was time to get ready for school. Still exhausted from not getting enough sleep, Tim went through his morning routine like a zombie, finally showering and getting the last of any foot stench off himself. At breakfast, Britney made no comment on him eating, as she and Ruth were about to leave. Britney had to get to school early for a walkthrough practice before the game. While Ruth was running around getting her ready to leave, Britney sat at the kitchen table and propped her feet up next to Tim’s bowl of cereal. Once she was sure their mom was out of ear shot, Britney decided to get Tim’s attention by dipping her big toe into his cereal. Tim looked up, still unable to say anything to stop her, waiting to be addressed. “So are my socks done,” she asked? “Yes Britney.” “Well I’ll be the judge of that, where are they,” she asked authoritatively. After telling her where the socks were, Britney removed her toe from Tim’s cereal and wiped it off in his hair, before making her way upstairs. Just as she left, Ruth and his older sister Rebecca came in. Tim hand’t been seeing much of Rebecca as of late as she had finally made a group of friends that she now spent all her free time with. Tim and Rebecca had an all right relationship, they rarely fought but didn’t have much in common. Rebecca’s relationship with Britney, on the other hand, was non-existent. The little time they did spend together involved them fighting and Rebecca had always viewed Britney as a brat. Now that Britney was coming into herself as she got older, Rebecca’s dislike seemed to shift towards jealousy of the attention Britney received. After making small talk for a minute, Rebecca headed over to her friends down the street to get a ride with her mom. Ruth and Britney were out the door minutes after, leaving Tim to himself for 20 minutes before the bus came. He spent the time watching his favorite morning cartoon, enjoying the bit of time to himself. Tim preceded to go through his day at school, at no point encountering his sister and finally feeling normal again after last night, despite being tired. He knew he would have a while until Britney got home from her game, and responded by taking a nice nap on the couch as soon as he got home from school.

He was startled from his sleep by someone grabbing him, and immediately throwing him to the floor. He rubbed the light out his eyes to see Britney stepping over him, still dressed in her softball gear and lucky socks. He immediately noticed the stench of her feet and rolled away springing up to his knees. Britney looked down at him and laughed, before saying, “Already in position, good boy. I’m going to need quite the foot massage after that game but first, someone wants to thank you.” With that, she pressed both of her socked feet into Tim’s face, overwhelming him with the smell and feel of socks damp with sweat. “You did such a good job cleaning my lucky socks that I played better than ever. They wanted to thank you for doing so well cleaning them with a big kiss.” She laughed, wiggling her feet on his face for emphasis. “They’re waiting,” Britney said in a mocking tone. Tim was again repulsed by the idea of kissing her feet and wondering where their mom was, but again Tim wasn’t able to muster up the courage to fight back. He placed a big kiss on each of her soles, pressing his lips into each sock for a few seconds. “Now what do you say when someone thanks you,” Britney chimed in. “You’re welcome,” Tim muttered into the soles of her socks, still planted on his face. “Good, now get these socks off, it’s time for my massage. Tim rolled her socks off and set them on the floor next to him, before going to work on Britney’s feet. They were bright pink with sweat still, as she had kept her shoes and socks on until she got home, sealing in the stench of her feet. Tim felt his hands getting wet with the sweat off her feet, and the stench had invaded all of his senses. He also had the taste of her foot sweat on his lips from kissing her disgusting lucky socks. For the next 15 minutes Britney bragged about how well she did, mostly talking at Tim with random intervals for him to agree or get further instructions massaging her feet. 

Again in the middle of a massage, Ruth walked in, not surprised Britney had this arrangement still going. She knew how sore her feet got from running around in cleats all day and while she felt a little bad for Tim having to do it so soon after softball, he didn’t seem to fight it. Ruth had brought dinner with her, as Britney gave her an order at the game. Then after dropping Britney off first at her request, she then went and got sandwiches for herself and Britney. None for Tim as she had stipulated as well. Ruth and Britney sat on the couch, while Britney kept Tim down on the ground at her feet. While Ruth found it a bit strange to be sitting there with her son on the ground next to her, it was nice to see Britney so relaxed after a game. She usually was quite restless and in a bad mood, especially if they had lost. Ruth went upstairs to get changed and Britney, who had eaten most of her sandwich except for a bit or two at the end of bread and sauce, moved to give the rest to Tim. But first, she requested one of her socks, which was still damp from sitting in a ball on the floor. She then rung the sock out over the open pieces of bread, onto the bits of sauce left, before ordering Tim to eat it. Tim did his best to choke it down and continue with the massage, but Britney wasn’t pleased with his ability. “Why did you stop massaging my foot moron, if you aren’t going to give a good massage you’ll be sorry,” she threatened. Ruth had just walked back in to hear her daughter talking down to Tim like that, and she feared that was going a bit to far. “Honey, I know Tim is your servant right now, but he’s still your brother and you shouldn’t talk to him like that.” “Why not, if he’s going to be my servant than he should be treated however I want him to. He’s my servant,” Britney responded. “I know sweetie but don’t you think you’re being to hard on him, it’s not like he has practice massaging your feet,” was all Ruth had to say in response. She disliked fighting with her children, but especially Britney. “Then can you get down there and show him how, because he is hopeless,” Britney asked. “Sure honey, I have a bit of time before your father gets home, but can’t Tim just come on the couch and I’ll coach him. Britney looked at her mother as if she had just said the most moronic thing before responding, “obviously he can’t come up here, he’s a servant so he’s below me. That would send the wrong message,” she said, raising her voice to go with her annoyed tone. “Ok, ok, that’s fair honey, Tim, move over and I’ll show you how to improve.” Ruth then got on the floor, in front of her daughter, and took her other damp foot, which had been resting on Tim’s shoulder and began to massage it, while also giving pointers to Tim. Tim was baffled as to why his mother would agree to do this, as far as she though he just lost a bet that would be over in a week or two anyway. She began with the toes, instructing Tim on how to massage each toe and to make sure to get in-between the toes. “Ohh, that feels great, that’s my favorite part,” Britney cooed as both Tim and Ruth worked away on both sets of toes. She then taught Tim the little bits of reflexology she knew, guiding him down the sole. “Now on the heel, you’ll want to use more pressure as the skin can be pretty rough,” Ruth said while showing Tim how to do it. After roughly 30 minutes, Britney spoke up “He’s doing a lot better already mom, you can get up if you want.” “Thank you dear, I’m going to go wash off, I don’t know how Tim stands that smell,” Ruth said, chuckling to herself as she stood up. “He puts up with it because I tell him to, watch.” Britney proceeded to move the foot her mother had just set down and planted it on Tim’s face, before loudly telling him to sniff. Not knowing what to do other than sniff, Tim took in a deep breath of Britney’s feet, much to the shock of Ruth. “Tim, you don’t have to do that you know, don’t let Britney take too much advantage off you,” she said, before walking upstairs to wash up. Britney left her foot pressed into his face, saying, “she doesn’t decide what you put up with, I do. Keep the sniffing coming until mom comes back down. And don’t you dare start slacking on the massage or I’ll keep it there once mom’s back downstairs.” At that threat, Tim began to massage her foot harder and more focused, as he really wanted to avoid his mom seeing him like this anymore than she had. As he took in deep breaths of her foot, he wondered just how Britney was willing to let this go. 

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