John has had his eyes on Joy ever since he met her last Spring in College. They became close friends since then but nothing has happened since Joy has been in a relationship for almost 4 years now. She’s deep in love with her boyfriend, but that didn’t stop John from dreaming that someday, if luck is his ally, that he would end up going out with her. And yes such dream was worth it. Joy is a stunningly beautiful young brunette. She has long black hair that adorns her beautiful face. Her body is to kill for, but the most important part for John was her feet. Joy has an exquisite pair of feet that are simply a work of art: high arches with perfectly shaped toes, slender calves with the calf bone delicious as ever. Many are the nights John stayed up late dreaming of one day laying at the feet of his friend, kissing and worshipping them. He dreamt of being dominated by her, bossing him around and using him for her own pleasure. But this is all that those dreams amounted to; just dreams.

One night, Joy was over at John’s studying for an upcoming midterm, and she was complaining of having a sore back. Naturally, John offered her a back rub. Now, to clarify something, John is a very outgoing and popular guy in college. He has many friends and knows his way with girls regardless of his average looks. If Joy hadn’t been in such a long relationship, John would’ve probably had a chance. Anyway, back to that night. As John started with his back rub, the feelings of pleasure and relaxation immediately showed themselves on Joy’s face. And after a couple of minutes of both sitting on his bed while he gave her a back rub, he told her he was done and signaled her to prop her feet onto his lap to give her a foot massage now. John never could bottle down his desire towards his friends’ feet. He tried touching, caressing, or just looking at their feet whenever he had the chance.

John: Come on give them to me.

Joy: Haha never! I don’t even let my boyfriend touch my feet! I feel it’s so degrading!

John: Haha trust me Joy once I’ve given you a foot massage, you’ll be begging me later on for some.

Joy: That may be true but still… I don’t feel comfortable having you do such a humiliating act!

John: What humiliation?! I’m just offering a foot massage for a friend! Anyway, as you wish your loss.

And they went back to studying. But the thought of giving Joy a foot massage lingered in his mind, and he finally came to the decision of going all out. After all, she is his closest friend right now. Never mind, all of that is just rationalizations; he was just too excited by the idea of being this close that he didn’t want to miss the chance.

John: Have you changed your mind regarding that foot rub?

Joy laughingly: What’s up with you and my feet john?! And no I’m still refusing.

John: Well, about your question… Umm… I want to tell you something… I have never told anyone this, so please just keep it between us. And if we weren’t this close, I wouldn’t even tell you. But I’d really like to share this with you. I… I have a foot fetish.

Joy: A what?

John: A foot fetish Joy. I am sexually attracted to female feet.

Joy just stared blankly at her friend while he was spilling his innermost fantasies to her.

John: Feet, stockings, high heels, flat ballerinas, they all arouse me more than anything. And this thing comes with submissive tendencies.

Joy: Submissive?

John: Yes, it’s not just about the feet. What I really crave is the feeling of submission to a woman. I would do anything to have a dominant girl control me.

Joy: What do you mean by control?

John: What I mean is have someone treat me as their property. Do with me as she pleases. Humiliate me. Degrade me. Order me around and have me do the most disgusting of things. I pray that I find a woman to treat me as her pet.

Joy: Are you serious? Who would want that?

John: Please Joy don’t judge me. It took me a long time to get used to my sexual preferences. And it sure took me a lot to confess them to you. Please keep an open mind about it.

Joy: I’m trying to John. And besides, why are you telling me all this?

John: Okay, please don’t freak out. I’m telling you this because you are the perfect woman for such fantasy. You’re stunningly beautiful, and your feet are to die for. Ever since we became friends, I dreamt of being your slave. Someone as beautiful as you deserves to have a slave.

Joy: A slave? You want to be my slave? What does that even mean?

John: Well, if I were to be your slave, you would practically own me. You can have me do whatever you want. You would take your place as a superior of mine, and I would worship you as my God. I would always be on my knees for you; I would kiss your feet as greeting and clean them with my tongue whenever you wish. I would polish all of your shoes with my tongue as well. You would use me as your footrest whenever you need one. I would be your ashtray. I’ll do your College assignments and clean your dorm room. Bottom line, I’ll be your pet.

Joy: And you really want that?! You really want me to treat you as my pet?!

John: Joy I would kill to get the chance to have you treat me as your pet; to let me worship the ground you walk on. I am less than the dirt that sticks to the bottom of your shoes. Please let us try this…

And with this John dropped to his knees and bowed his head to the floor at the feet of his friend.

John: Goddess Joy, I am begging you. I beg you to take me as your lowly slave. I beg you to give me the honor of serving and worshipping you.

Joy surprised: Get up John what are you doing?!

John: Please Goddess Joy accept my pleading. This would make me the happiest guy in the world.

Then John lifted his head and placed a kiss on Joy’s right foot. That day she was wearing ballerina flats. Then he placed another kiss on her left foot.
At this point Joy was in a storm of emotions. First, she was confused and shocked that her best friend had such desires and wishes. But the feeling she sensed having him on his knees, with his head bowed to the floor kissing her feet was appealing to her. Strangely, she liked it. She liked having such power of another human being; the power of owning another human being.

Joy: Listen I have to go now. We’ll talk about this later.

And with that she stood up and quickly left leaving John on his knees, forehead to the floor in his own bedroom.
After Joy left, John woke up to the reality of what he has actually done. He may have just lost his best friend due to his basic instincts. He actually felt bad about what he’s done. However, regardless of all that, he cherished the whole time he was on knees kissing his friend’s feet. He actually believed those were the best moments of his life.

A couple of days passed by without any contact between the two until John received a text message from Joy to pass by after college one day. And he most certainly did. She opened the door looking beautiful as ever; stripped beige sandals, short jeans shorts, and a black top. John just wanted to fall on his knees once again and worship the ground she’s standing on. But he acted all normal this time.

Joy: Hey, come on in!

They went inside to the living room, each sitting on a different couch. After exchanging the normal greetings and such, Joy cut to the chase.

Joy: So, about the other night… Do you want to discuss it or what?

John: Well, if you want to act like it didn’t happen, I think I can do that Joy. But if you want the truth, bowing my head to the floor at your feet is the single most beautiful sensation I have ever felt. I’m sorry if this makes you uncomfortable, but this is the truth. I would be the happiest man alive if I were to spend the rest of my life at your feet.

That intriguing feeling of power quickly rushed back as Joy heard these words. She really didn’t want to treat her friend badly, but what he was saying was triggering a primal urge within her that she couldn’t really understand.

Joy: So, you really want us to give this a shot? You really want me to treat you as my slave?

John didn’t believe that Joy was actually giving the idea a fair chance. He couldn’t let this pass by.

John ecstatically: I know it will take some getting used to. And we can stop whenever you want. Just please let us try it?

Joy: Well, I guess we could give it a chance… How do we go about doing this?

John with no hesitation jumped off the couch, fell to his knees in front of his friend, and bowed his head at her feet.

John: Goddess Joy, I am no more than you servant. I will obey any orders you instruct me with without any hesitation or thought. You can have me rush from one chore to another, or you can have me just lay at your feet all day long. The choice is yours, and my life is in your hands. If you accept, please grant me the honor of blessing me with your foot on my head.

Joy was taken aback with what just happened. Her friend is actually begging
her to rest her foot on his head.

After some thinking, Joy stood up. John felt so small and low lying at the feet of his friend while she was standing tall in front of him. She slowly raised her right sandaled foot and placed it on the top of John’s head. That was it. That was the moment that changed everything. John felt at the top of the world. He never felt like this before; actually fitting in where he belongs. And Joy was literally at the top of John’s world. Regardless of all feelings of hesitation she was having, she really enjoyed what was happening. Being begged for the honor of resting her sandaled foot on the top of another human being’s head, who could ever imagine being asked that?

Joy then took her foot of John’s head and sat back down. John kept his head bowed to the floor.

Joy: Okay, so I guess we’re already deep into this. As you said, it will take me some time to get used to having you at my feet serving me John. But given what you are willing to do for me, I guess being patient to how far I am actually willing to go goes without saying.
Isn’t that so, slave? She said with a laugh while nudging John’s head with the tip of her foot.

John: Your wish is my desire, Goddess Joy. I am a mere object for your pleasure. And if your pleasure required you to be gentle with me at first, then I will accept that just as I would accept utmost humiliation and degradation from you.

Joy: What is it with all this talk of humiliation? What do you expect to happen later on John?

John: Well, when you get used to our new status, I expect to be molded to
your personal preference. I would know what to do and when from a signal from your finger. If I were to do something wrong, I hope you would slap and beat me to a pulp. Then I would gladly kiss the hand that slaps me and the foot that kicked me and apologize like it’s the end of the world. I would beg you to spit in my face and lick the bottom of your shoes. That’s what I would expect.

Joy took all that in. She memorized every single word that John had said. If that’s what he wants, then that’s what he’ll get she thought.

Joy: I see. Well, don’t get ahead of yourself. For now, I just want you take off my sandals and rub my feet.

John couldn’t believe his ears. This was the first order Joy has given him taking her place as his master. She didn’t ask. She ordered him to take off her sandals and rub her feet; something she used to think was so degrading.
He jumped at the opportunity, removed her right sandal and started rubbing her foot. Joy just leaned back and watched her friend passionately on his knees giving her a foot massage. Then, John thought about taking an initiative. He lifted her left foot and placed it on his shoulder.

John: Forgive me My Goddess for doing something without your permission. But I would gladly give my shoulder as a footrest for you while I’m massaging your other foot. Please don’t be mad at me.

Joy just laughed at what just happened and signaled John to continue his massage with her hand.

So, here they are. John spent three hours on his knees at the feet of Joy massaging her feet in turn. And Joy spent the time absorbing what has happened today, and planning what‘s going to happen later on. She thought that if this was going to work, she can’t keep depending on John to lead her into this lifestyle. She was going to take action on her own. But for now, she gladly rested her foot on the shoulder of her friend while he massaged her other foot.

Joy: My parents are going to be home soon. I think you better leave. But first, I want you to take my sandals to my room and bring me my flip flops.
With that, John grabbed the sandals and started crawling to Joy’s bedroom.

Joy shouting: Walk don’t crawl! Remember, this is not happening to indulge your sex fantasies! This is just for my benefit! I want you out of here fast, so quick!

John was amazed by what just happened. Joy was really getting used fast to this new role of hers. She wasn’t even taking into account his desires. She was using him as her servant to the fullest. He quickly jumped to his feet and went to the bedroom. He put the sandals in their proper place, brought the flip flops and returned to the living room. He quickly knelt at joy’s feet and placed the flip flops at her feet.
She then stood up and started off towards the door.

Joy: Okay, so tomorrow I will pass by to your dorm room after my classes
end. We can have more privacy there.

John: Okay Joy I’ll be waiting.

Joy: Okay what?
With that she slapped John across the face.

John couldn’t believe what just happened. Joy just slapped him!

Joy: I thought you wanted to be my slave?! If you are to be my slave then you will address me as Goddess Joy when we’re alone! Now get on your knees!

John quickly dropped to his knees.

Joy: Kiss the hand that just slapped you.

John took Joy’s hand ever so gently, and then he planted kisses as if he was making love to it. He kissed it with respect. He kissed it with passion. He kissed it reverently.
Then Joy took her hand away.

Joy: Now kiss my feet goodbye.

John lowered his head to the ground, placed a kiss on each of Joy’s feet. And bam! She closed the door in his face while he was still on his knees! The nerves on this girl he thought!

It was at that moment that he realized he had the biggest smile on his face. He knew he was coming onto happy times at the feet of his friend…Goddess Joy.