(Eta EKTA ENGLISH GOLPER ONUKORONE LIKHECHI. golpotay kichuta english, besita bangla,mane  BANGREJI.)

Seta chilo 2004 er bosonto. Sebar e amar jiboner prothom  trample experience hoyechilo,ja bodle diechilo amar sompurno jibon…. . amar boyesh tokhon 16 bochor , jokhon amar jibone ghote sei ghotona ja amar jibon sompurno bodle day.

ami amar choto bon ar  neighbour’s daughter Mayar sathe khelchilam. (daak naam,or vaalo naam  RAI.) ora amar cheye 2 ar 3 years choto, mane amar boner boyesh tokhon 14 ar mayar 13.The girls were hanging out in my room, playing on the computer, while I was annoying them. Amar ma shopping korte beriechilo 1 ghonta aage,ar baba office e gechilo.  so it was just the three of us.

ami  tennis ball  ta harie felechilam.ami asole oder dujonke disturb korchilam ball chure.ball ta khater tolay dhuke gechilo,jekhane ora bose.ami taratari khater tolay dhukei berie asar chesta korechilam.. ami vebechilam ami sohojei berie aste parbo. Kintu khater tolay thaka kather box ar khater payar majhe ami atke gelam..amar mathata berie gechilo, but amar body atke gechilo  between the wooden box and the leg of the bed. ami  chit hoye mukh opore kore berote chesta korlam, kintu kono kaje elona.

Maya prothom dekhlo je ami atke gechi and she started smiling down at me, laughing at me. o khater upore ese boslo ,thik amar upore,ar paa dolate laglo upor niche., amar mukher 2 pashe, hasimukhe.. amar bon pritha or pashe bosechilo.

ora dujon amar dike takie haslo,amio haslam jobabe. ami bujhte parlam ora amake borokto korte chay, jevabe ami roj oder birokto kori. Ami jekhane chilam seta amar valoi lagchilo,karon,meyeder superiority kono ek oggyato karone chumboker moto akorshon korto amake sobsomoy…amar valo lagto kono meye amake apoman ba hokum korle,ba amar mukhe paa dile.. Maya ar pritha er aage koekbar khelachchole amar mukhe paa diechilo..jodio ora tokhon sudhu moja korar jonnoi korechilo eta, ar matro koek second er jonnei paa rekhechilo amar mukhe, amar darun valo legechilo ! Tobe seta ami oder bujhte ditam na,  I acted like I hated it.

thik kano janina,amar  Mayake debi bole vabte valo lagto, oke pujo korte ichcha hoto, sathe amar bon pritha keo.

amr mone holo ami hoyto berote parbo chesta korle, but I acted as I was really trapped between the bed and the wooden box… Maya bosechilo thik amar upor,khate, ar ami,fakely try korchilam khater tola theke berie asar. ami jantam Maya kichu korte chay, but it seemed she didn’t know what to do, because she just smiled down at me, ar amar mukher du dhare paa dulie chollo.  ami amon vab dekhalam jano ami khater tolay sompurno atke gechi, amonki nijer haat duto o narate parchi na. ami oder bojhate chaichilam ami puro asohay, ar ora ja khusi korte pare amar sathe, ja khusi !!

Maya haslo amar dike takie,, ‘ki byapar roni?’

’ami atke gechi,ektuo norte parchi na”,ami bollam.

Maya bollo,:’Great, amra tahole ja khusi korte pari tor sathe,tui kichui korte parbi na??’ ami bollam:  ’ha,tobe please,tor paa duto amar mukhe rakhis na antoto’…..Maya ar amar bon dujoner mukhei hasi fute uthlo ar immediately Maya or paa duto amar mukher upor rakhlo..maya ekjora Buffalo sneaker  pore chilo.! (The Buffalo’s had the colours light pink and white, I loved these shoes!) Maya or paa duto kichukhon amar mukher upor rakhlo ar amar mukhe upor aste aste nijer sorirer ojon chapate laglo.. O amar mukher upor  pray darie gelo ! She didn’t have her full weight on me though, karon o khater upor bose chilo,kintu o chesta korchilo oi obostha theke jotota somvob ojon amar mukher upor rakhar.. Amar darun lagchilo.. Both the girls were giggling like crazy. I got aroused by this.

1 Minute later, amar khub byatha lagchilo, kintu ami oder jante dite chaichilam na seta., karon ami swargo sukh pachchilam mayar jutor tolay.: I always dreamt of being stepped on by Maya!,maya amar mukhe paa rekheche eta bohubar swapne dekhechi ami. I actually moaned a couple of times when Maya digged her Buffalo shoes into my cheeks, but this were moans of arousal. Luckily the girls didn’t notice I was enjoying this, they just thought they were getting even with me.  Maya or jutor tola amar saramukhe ghoschilo ar haschilo. maya haschilo,sathe amar bon o.

Tarpor, 1 minute pore, they were still giggling very loud ar maya or sneaker er tola amar sara mukhe ghose cholechilo.. Now amar bon o ek e jinish korte chailo.. Of course, because she wanted to do the same that Maya did to me.

amar Mayake vishon valo lagto, karon o chilo khub popular ar sundori. She had long black stylish hair, had a soft tanned skin, a very cute face and very small, soft feet. I loved her so much!  amar bon o khub sundori chilo,mayar motoi.

pritha  or  sobuj ar sada Buffalo sneaker pore amar mukhe uthe daralo (Buffalo’s were very popular at the time, all the cool, young teenage girls wore them back then). Ami bolte badhdho,jokhon amar bon or juto pora paye amar mukher upor daralo,amar darun laglo.. o amar sara mukhe paa ghoste ghoste haschilo.. Maya amar boner pashe dariechilo and remarked while my sister was trampling me: ’tor dadar  mukher dike dakh,tor jutor tolar chhap pore gecge or mukhe re pritha, Hahaha!’” They both laughed about it and I started to get really aroused. Bon erpor amar thoter upor or dan jutor tolata chepe dhore  bollo ‘amar jutor tolay chumu kha’.”

Amar lojja korchilo mayar samne nijer boner jutor tolay chumu khete, but then my sister pushed her foot harder down on my mouth and she said with a persisting voice: ’chumu kha,ekhuni’.” I still didn´t kiss the sole of her Buffalo, although I actually wanted to : tokhoni maya bollo, ‘ boner kotha son,or jutor tolay chumu kha,tor valo hobe ete.” When Maya said it, I just did it. I kissed the sole of my sisters Buffalo shoe.

Amar bon amar mukher upor or jutor tola chepe dhore kotritter sathe barbar bole chollo:’abar’. I started to get very aroused now, ar kono ovijog charai nijer choto boner jutor tolaay barbar garho chumbon korchilam. amar bon bole cholechilo,: ’Abar!’. ar ami chumur por chumu khachchilam or jutor tolay, I started to feel really humiliated, but I liked it a lot. My sister kept saying: ’Abar”  for about 10  times, ar  ami or jutor tolay chumu kheye chollam.. ar ora haschilo prankhule.

Boner jutor tolay chumu khawa bondho holo jokhon maya bollo : ’ebar amar paala, pritha’
My sister agreed, and Maya went to sit on the bed above my face again. She was smiling when she looked down at me. Clearly she enjoyed letting my pay for the times I annoyed her. I did my very best to act as if I didn´t like this at all.
Maya immediately amar mukhe or ekta pa rekhe bollo: “’AMAR JUTOR TOLAY CHUMU KHA, roni’ . Amar poriskar mone ache ei kothata., as I will always remember this special day. Ar Maya bola matroi, ami or jutor tolay garho chumbon korlam. ato abeger songe chumbon sudhu provur jutor tolatei kora jay.As I kissed her shoe, Maya told me:  ’AMI NA BOLA OBDI THAMBI NA’

amar khub uttejito mone hochchilo nijeke. ami aro 3 -4 bar chumbon korlam mayar jutor tolay,ar ora dujon haste laglo. Maya tarpor hothat bollo: ’EBAR AMAR JUTOR TOLATA CHAT’ !  AMI OR KOTHA SUNE   APOTTI TO KORLAM E NA,BORONG EVABE CHATTE LAGLAM  jano eta khub NORMAL ekta byapar !!  ami mayar pink Buffalo shoe er tola HEEL theke TOE PART obdi chatchilam, ar o or pa ta amar mukher ektu upore dhorechilo..  the sole of the Buffalo shoe was white. While I licked up and down this shoesole, both Maya and my sister seemed disgusted, but they still kept giggling very loud. My sister remarked: “’Eeehhw, tui ekta kukurer moto jutor tola chatchis dada’”. Maya jodio khub moja pachchilo, karon o amake die bohubar chatalo jutor tola.. Then she lifted her foot off my face and she looked down at me. Wow, she really was gorgeous! She than said in between laughs:

I figured this was my chance. This was my one and only chance to get her feet in my face for a long period of time.  Maya had placed her sockcovered feet on my face one time earlier, but that was for fun and it only lasted about 2 seconds. I wanted her to do it again ever since. I figured a way to trick Maya into letting me smell her socks (if she was wearing socks, it could also be that Maya was barefooted under her Buff’s, I couldn’t see this because the Buffalo’s reached a few centimetres above her ankles and because Maya wore a white bootleg jeans which covered up her Buffalo’s almost to the start of the thick soles of these shoes, she looked gorgeous this way!). I replied to her:
“” JUTO CHATIECHO,THIK ACHE,Ebar chere dao.antoto,PAA CHATIO NAA.”….”

I hoped I wasn’t too obvious about it, I hoped Maya wouldn’t see through my plan. But luckily, she didn’t. She actually started giggling again and looked towards my sister, as if she wanted to ask her for permission. My sister smiled back at her and it appeared she understood what Maya wanted to do to me, because O BOLLO, while starting a laugh:

Maya smiled, then pulled her knees up one at a time, so her foot became easier to reach for her hands. Than, Maya or juto duto ek ek kore khullo, and threw them next to my face on the floor (She wore the Buffalos very loose, without tying the laces). To my arousal, I saw that a pair of yellow socks appeared. I couldn’t see how the socks exactly looked like, because Maya’s white jeans fell across the sides of it. I only saw the soles of the socks: The toe and the heel-part of the socks were blue, and the rest was yellow. As soon as Maya had pulled both her pink Buffalo shoes off her small teenage feet, SHE SAID  to me, :NE,AMAR MOJA CHAT EBAR.’”

Then Maya looked down at me with a smile, as if she wanted to say:  I got you know, boy!  While smiling, Maya or moja pora pa duto amar mukher upor rakhlo.. As soon as her socks touched my face, I felt the warmth of her socks, because her feet were in those warm and thick Buffalo shoes for at least a couple of hours. Both the girls giggled like maniacs while Maya was using my face as her footstool. Maya wiggled her toes a little bit up and down my face. Maya’s socks smelled a little bit sweaty, but not stenchy.

jokhonMaya or paa die amar mukhe lathi marte suru korlo aste aste, I heard my sister say:
“’Eeeew…. Maya…. KORCHIS KI?’”

Maya replied, while giggling:

Both the girls laughed , while I was inhaling the smell of Maya’s socks. Maya moved her feet around on my face. She placed her toes over my nose for about a minute, letting me smell nothing else but her sexy socks. I helplessly looked up at Maya, trying to control my extreme arousal at this point.

After that, Maya used the balls of her feet to move my cheeks back and forwards, just to annoy me. Than she used her big toes to pull my skin backwards on the sides of my eyes, so my eyes took the form of Chinese eyes. Both the girls laughed at the faces that Maya created. She also used her toes to pull the flesh on my face backwards at the sides of my mouth, so my mouth seemed really wide. She also did it visa versa, making my mouth in the shaping of kissing lips. Maya had a lot of fun making faces, and I was enjoying it even more!

When Maya got bored with this, she pulled her right foot up to her (sideways) to inspect her footsole. She smiled and said, while analysing the sole of her sock:
‘Hmmmm, amar mojata besh nongra!’

maya erpor or mojar tola amar mukher upor namie anlo, or mojar tola amar mukher upor rekhe order korlo, “CHAT KUTTA”.”

AMI MONTRO MUGDHER MOTO CHATTE LAGLAM.kotokhon chetechilam thik janina,ontoto 20 minute.sombit firlo boner kothay,’ebar amar pala’.  RAI( maya) uthe bonke sujog dilo.bon or sneaker er tola amar mukher upor rekhe hukum korlo, “CHAT DADA”.ami HRIDOYER SOMOSTO VALOBASA UJAR KORE chatte laglam bonerjutor tola. or jutor tolar moyla amar omrito mone hochchilo. Kotokhon o chatato janina,tobe minute pachek pore gate e awaj holo,bodhoy ma fire eseche. Boner jutor tola obosso totokhone chete poriskar kore diechi ami. maake amar poritrata mone holona,mone holo ma akhon na elei valo hoto. “BYE BYE RONI” bole ora dujon chole gelo.ami kosto kore berie elam khater tola theke.

Sedin sara dupurta jano ek odvut neshay katlo.maya ar pritha amake sei sukh diechilo ja chara ami ar kichu chaini. amar sarajiboner ekmatro swapno holo kono meyer hate apomanito haoa ar tader hukum tamil kora. kono meyer jutor tola kukurer moto chata amar sara jiboner swapno chilo. ar aj,ami nijer bon ar tar bondhur juto chatlam !ami vabtei parchilam na.

  bikele ma abar market korte berolo.bon sei dupure berie gechilo mayar sathe.bikel 5 tay o ghore dhuklo,eka.o or chabi die gate khule dhukechilo,ami uthini. ami bosar ghore mejhete suye tv dekhchilam. o fire ese eghorei dhklo,ar  ar, AMAR MUKHTA DAN PAA DIE MARIE bathroom e chole gelo !! or jutor tolar moyla amar mukhe lege geche,besh bujhte parlam. fire ese o ekta chair ene amar samne boslo,amar hat theke remote ta nie nijer pochonder channel chalie dilo.tarpor,or juto pora pa duto amar mukhe tule dilo.probol anonde amar mon vore gelo.o dan pa ta rekhechilo amar mukher upor,ar ba pa ta kopale.o or jutor tola amar sara mukhe ghoste laglo.

ektu pore o amar mukher upor lathi mere bollo “paa tipe de amar”.ami nijer boner paa tipte laglam ar o nijer dadar sara mukhe jutor tola ghoste laglo.ektu pore o hukum korlo,’ jiv ber kor”.ami jantam o kano bolche,ami jiv bar kore dilam.o amar bar kora jive prothome b(n)a jutor tola poriskar korlo,tarpor dan jutor tola.tarpor o  juto pora paa duto amar mukhe rekhe tv dekhe chollo.ami amar provu,amar debir paa tipe chollam,je jonmosutre amar bon hoy !!!!  

THE END of part 1.

Ami mon die boner paa tipe jachchilam. Ami vishon mon die boner paa tipchilam, oke khusi kora chara ar kichu vabchilam na ami. Amar bondhura sobai mathe football khelche akhon. Ar ami ghore bose nijer boner paa tipchi? Boseo na, suye ! ar amar bon or juto pora paa 2 to amar mukhe rekheche ! jotoi nijer obostha somporke vabchilam, ki ek odvut anonde mon vore uthchilo amar. Aro mon die tipchilam amar bon,amar provu, prithar paa 2 to. Ar pritha tv dekhte dekhte amar mukhe jutor tola 2 to ghose cholechilo. Or jutor tola obosso o amar mukhe ar jive ghoshe poriskar kore felechilo . amar mukhe jutor tola duto ghosar fole borong amar mukh theke moyla or jutor tolay lege jachchilo. Ami majhe majhe tai jiv bar kore or jutor tola chete poriskar kore dichchilam. Evabe kotokhon ketechilo hiseb rakhini. Ghor vanglo door bell er awaj e. pritha amar mukhe alto kore ekta lathi mere bollo, “ja, dorja khule die ay.” Ami obak hoye or dike chailam.or payer tola theke uthe bollam, “kintu amar mukh je tomar jutor tolar moylay vorti, maa sob bujhe jabe je?” pritha misti hese bollo ,”se ami bujhbo ki bolte hobe. Ar aj theke tui amar chakor. Amar kono hukum omanno korbi na. jaa”. Maa baire theke ekbar dorja kholar jonne taara dilo. Ami boner payer kache upur hoye or juto pora paaye matha thekie pronam korlam ekbar. Tarpor uthe gelam dorja khulte. Dorja ta khulei ami vetorer ghore chole elam. Asha korechilam maa amar mukh dekhar agei ami mukh dhuye felbo. Kintu maa dekhte peye gelo. Obak hoye bollo, “ki re, tor mukhe ato moyla kano? Ki korchili?” ami ki bolbo bujhe uthte parchilam na,pas theke bon bollo, “ o khelte giechilo, ekhuni firlo maa.” Ami boner kothata dhore nie bollam,haat paa dhuchchilam, mukh dhoar aagei tumi chole ele.” Maa amar dike takie raag meshano golay bollo, “ madhdhomik hoye geche bole ki saradin khele berabi? Pora suru korte parchis na?” ami matha nichu kore bollam, “sorry maa”, tarpor mukh dhute laglam basin e. maa boner dike fire bollo, “ar tui ghorer modhdhe juto pore bose achis kano? Ghore dhokar somoy juto khulte paris na?” bon bollo, “ maa, jutor fiteta khulchena, faas pore geche. Tai vablam dada firle khulie nebo. Ar amar jutor tola akdom poriskar. Dadar mukh ba jiver thekeo besi. Bole juto tule tolata dekhalo maake.” Amar mukh dhoa hoye gele bon amar dike takie norom golay bollo, “dada, amar jutor fiteta khulte parchina,faas lege geche. Tui ektu khule dibi please?” ami kichu bollam na mukhe ,boner payer kache bose or juto pora paa duto kole tule nilam. Maa tokhon ei ghorei khate bose amader dekhche. Amar darun valo lagchilo maar samne boner juto khule debo vabte. Kintu ato sohoje juto khule dite ichcha korlo na. ami boner jutor fitey haat die amon vaab korte laglam jano chesta koreo khulte parchi na. chesta korar name borong git fele dilam or jutor fitey. Tarpor mukh upore tule bollam, “khulche na to re bon,ki korbo?” o bollo” valo kore try kor dada, thik khube.” Ami chesta korar name or juto pora dan paa take nijer buker sathe chepe dhorechilam ekhat die, ar onno haat die try korchilamfite kholar. Kichukhon fake try kore oke bollam, “khulche na, fiteta kete debo?” bon bollo, “na na, fite kete dile juto porbo ki kore erpor?” tarpor misti hese bollo, “ d(n)at die ekbar try kor na, lokkhi dada amar.” Ami ekbar mayer dike takalam . ma amader dekhche , kintu kichu bollo na. bon amar uttorer opekkhay na theke or juto pora dan paa ta amar kadher upor rakhlo. Or jutor toe amar ba kadher upor rakhlo o, ar ami dan hat ta or jutor heeler tolay rekhe dat die or jutor fite kholar chesta korte laglam. Ami vabtei parchilam na, mayer samne ami nijer boner jutor fite dat die khulchilam !! besh somoy nilam khulte ami, dan jutor fite khule dite bon ba pa tao tule dilo amar dan kadhe. Ami or b(n)a jutor fiteo dat die khule dilam. Bon or sundor mukhta hasite vorie bollo, “thank you dada.”, tarpor or paa duto amar koler upor namie rakhlo. Ami or juto duto or paa theke khule dilam, tarpor mojao khule dilam. Koek second er jonne or paa tipe dilam. Bon abar misti hese norom golay bollo,” dada, amar juto duto rekhe amar ghorer porar chotita ene dibi please?ami khub tired.” Ami bina protibade boner adesh palon korlam.
Bikeler tiffin sere bon or ghore dhuklo. Amio oke onusoron korlam.or ghorer dorja vijie die or choti pora payer upor upur hoye suye porlam ami. Or choti pora paa duto nijer dui haater upor rekhe pagoler moto or dui payer upor chumbon kore chollam. O uthe daralo amar haater upore. Amar byatha lagchilo haate, tobu ami chumbon kora chalie gelam. Or paaye ekta kore chumu khachchilam, ar amar mukh theke or proti “ provu,iswar,vogoban,debi” erokom ekta sombodhon berie aschilo, tarpor abar ek e rokom agrohe or onno paye chumu khachchilam. Kichukhon por bon khate bose porlo abar.or dan paata tule amar mathar upor or chotir tolata ghose amake ador korte laglo. Ar ami or b(n)a payer upor nijer matha ghoste ghoste ektana bole chollam, “provu,iswar,vogoban, debi” etc. ektu pore pritha bollo, “dada soja hoye so.” Ami soja hoye sute o or paa duto amar mukher upor rakhlo, dan paa ta thoter upor, ar b(n)a paa ta kopale. Ami or paa duto voktivore tipte laglam. Bon hese bollo, “tui khub badhdho chele hoye gechis dada.”. ami or paa tipte tipte or jutor tolay chumbon kore bollam,”ha provu. Aj theke tumi ar maya e amar debi, amar vogoban. Ami sudhu tomader e pujo korbo.tomra ja bolbe tai sunbo.”
Pritha or paa duto amar mukher upor theke sorie nilo hothat,”na, sunbi na”, hese bollo o. ami uthe boslam, hatjor kore or payer dike takie bollam, “kano provu?”
“karon ami chai tui amar obadhdho hos, maya r o.”
“ tomra amar provu, amar debi. Ami tomader vokto, daas matro. Ami kivabe obadhdho hobo tomader?”
Bon or paa duto amar kadhe tule dilo, “ami jani. Tobu hobi, karon ami bolchi.”
Ami or paa tipte laglam abar, bollam, “kintu kano provu??”
“provu?? Darun laglo sunte…obadhdho hobi karon obadhdho nahole shasti debo ki kore?”
Ami boner dan paa ta duhaate dhore thoter upor nie elam. Chotir tolay chumu kheye bollam,”ki hoyeche tate? Tumi amar provu,ami tomar kritodaas,amake jokhon khusi bina karone shasti dite paro tumi.”
Bon abar daan paa ta amar kadher upor rakhlo,” kintu ami cha isobar samne toke shasti dite. Ami ar pritha mile onek plan korechi aj. Tui ajtheke kharap chele haoar vaan korbi. Kaaro kotha sunbi na, kharap cheleder saathe misbi, cigarette mod khabi, kharap chobi dekhbi, jate baba ma jante pare tor obonotir kotha.”
Ami boner payer upor matha ghoste ghoste bollam, “kintu esob to khub kharap kaj debi?”
Pritha amar mathar upor paa bolate bolate bollo, “ta thik, tobe tui korchis provur kothay,jaate maya ar ami sobar samne toke shasti die moja pete pari tai. Ete kono paap hobe na.”
Ami boner pa duto duhaate dhore or paye matha thekie pronam kore bollam , “jotha agga provu.”

Erpor 6 mash ami boner kothay puro kharap chele hoye gelam.paray aage sobai amakevalo chele bolei janto, sei ami parar beparar sob kharap cheleder sathe miste laglam. Amar mod cigarette khawar kotha sobai jene gelo. Barite ghore bose mod khete khete kharap chobi dekhte bose babar haate dhora porlam ekdin. Obosso dhora porar jonnei bosa, purotai mayar plan chilo. Baba khub marlo sedin, bollo erokom kore cholle bari theke ber kore debe. Sedin rate boner ghore or paaye matha rekhe onekkhon kadlam. Bon amar mathay paa bulie ador korte korte bollo ,”arto matro koekdin dada, tarpor shasti pabi sudhu maya ar amar kache, ektu sojjo kor koekdin.”
Ami or paye matha rekhe vison kedechilam sedin. Amar mod cigarette khete baje lage khub,parar kharap cheleder sathe misteo ichcha korena akdom. Ora meyeder somman korte janena, meye dekhe kharap montobbo kore,amar akdom valo lagena esob.ar sobcheye kharap lage oi kharap chobi dekhar natok korte. Ami jodio koekta kharap cd chalie dekhar van korechi matro boner kotha moto, jate babar kache dhora porte pari.tobu oitukuo amake vishon kosto diechilo. Meyeder ami debi bole mone kori,debi der nie erokom nongra chinta loke kore ki kore ami bujhte parina.
Bon ar maya thik ki plan koreche ami jantam na. sedin chilo boner 15th birthday. Mayake rate nimontron korechilo o. rate darun khawa holo barite, tarpor boner kothay amake nijer ghore pc chalie boste holo, moder botol ar cigarette er packet sajie. Cd drive e ekta kharap chobir cd dhukie rakhlam. Bon ar maya ese ekbar dekhe gelo amake. Maya amar gaal tipe bollo, “aj tor opekhkhar sesh.aj raat ta tor kache special hoye thakbe,toiri thak.”
Ora ar khichu bollo na.ami onekbar jigasa korlam ki plan koreche ora, kichutei bollo na. ami oder paye matha thekie pronam korlam, ora nijeder ghore chole gelo. Boner kotha moto moder glass ar botol sajie rekhe ami suye porlam ektu pore.
Ghumta venge gelo rat 3 te nagad, mayar chitkare. Amar ar boner ghor 2 tolay, ei 2 to ghor ar ekta common bathroom ache dotolay. Baba ma niche soy. Dotolay uthe prothome amar ghor, tarpor boner. Ektola theke siri die uthe amar ghore dhokar mukhe ekta dorja ache,arekta boner ghorer jawar dorja. Prothom ta bondho korleo boner ghore jawar dorjata khola chilo. Ami bujhte parlam atongker sure oi dorjar samne dariei chechachche maya, “bachao, bachao bole.”, kokhono abar bolche “please amar sathe erokom korona.please chere dao amake.” Ki hoyeche mayar?keu akromon koreche oke? Ami bichanay uthe boslam, lafie namlam bichana theke.
Boner gola sunte pelam pas theke, “dada, ki korchis? Please, mayake chere de, o tor boner moto, please dada.”
Ami kichu bujhe uthte parchilam na. ki korche ora?soddo hum venge uthe kichui bujhte parchilam na. dekhlam, bon hothat ghorer light ta jalie dilo. Ami obak hoye dekhlam, maya je jamata pore ache seta chera, khotobikkhoto.dekhe mone hochche keu tene chire dieche, bishesh kore buker kachhta. Maya chitkar kore jachchilo tokhono,”please, chere dao amake.erokom korona ronida…..pritha,bacha amake.” Ami obak hoye mukh khulte jachchilam, maya hasi mukhe thote angul die chup korte bollo. Bon amar kaane kaane bollo, “aj natoker seshdin,tui mayake rape korar chesta korchis akhon.” Ami haatugere bose porlam oder payer kache,”please na. erokom bolona. Mayake ami debir moto somman kori. Erokom korona please.”
Bon aste kore ekta chor marlo amar gale,”dhut boka, eta natok to, nahole sobar samne maya toke shasti debe ki kore? Akhon ami ja bolbo tai korbi.ami niche jachchi baba ar make dakte. Jokhon sirite amader payer sobdo pabi tokhon tui mayar songe oisob korar natok korbi,bujhli?”
amar esob ekdom valo lagchilo na. kintu maya ar pritha amar provu,ora ja bolbe tai korte ami badhdho. Bon dorja khule niche chole gelo. Maya ese amar khate adh-soa hoye boslo.amio khate boslam. Vishon voy lagchilo amar. Sirite payer sobdo pelam ektu pore. Ami mayar haat duto alto kore chulam voye voye. Ami voye thok thok kore kapchilam. Sirir upor payer sobdo joralo hochchilo. Hothat maya amake tene nilo buker upor,khate suye porlo ,amake or sathe akre dhore chechate laglo,”please chere dao ronida, please.” Ar porokhonei ghorer vitor probol chitkar sunlam babar, “roni.”
Maya chere dilo amake, “voye kapte kapte ami bichana theke uthe daralam. Baba egie ese probol jore ekta thappor marlo amar gale,”toke aj merei felbo,amader bongsher lojja tui.”
Bon ar maao tokhon upore uthe eseche. Bon bollo “darao baba,esob kore kono lav nei.”mayar kache gie o mayar mathay haat rakhlo, “sorry maya, dada ja koreche tar jonne ami khwama chaichi tor kache.chol, thanay, diary korte hobe.”
“baba ar maa chomke uthlo sune, songe amio. Baba boner dike takie bollo,”please diary koris na,amader sobar bodnaam hoye jabe. Or opradher shasti ami dichchi oke.”
Maya uthe daralo,”or oporadher shasti tumi ki debe kaku? Oke pitie mere felleo kom shasti deoa hobe. O to kobe thekei erokom kharap hoye geche, tumi jante na seta? Ar o erokom amar sathei prothom korchena. Bohu meyeke o uttokto koreche aage. Ar nijer boner sathei rate kotobar erokom koreche khobor rakho tumi? Family r somman rakhtei to o kichu boleni atodin. Mukh bujhe sojjo koreche sob. Enough is enough,pritha, thanay chol.”
Ami totokhone mayar payer upor jhapie porechi. Mayar paye matha rekhe or paaye chumu khete khete bollam,”please maya,moder neshay vul kore felechi. Ebarer moto khwama kore dao. Please diary korona,please. Ami ar konodin mod chobona, tomader dujonke debir moto srodhdha korbo akhon theke.please, khwama kore dao.”
Bon ese amar mathar upor paa rakhlo, “toke khwama?tui janwarer o odhom. Nijer bon ar tar bondhuke je oi chokhe dekhe tar kono khwama nei.” Amar mathay jore ekta lathi mere bon bollo, “chol maya.”
Maya uthe porlo khat chere, boner sathe dorjar dike egolo. Baba tokhon mayar payer samne hatu gere bose porlo, haat jor kore bollo, “please maya. Ami to kono oporadh korini, pritha ar or maa o koreni.amader mukh cheye ontoto diary korona. Ekotha sobai jante parle amra kivabe bachbo bolo? Tumi borong lathi mere mere felo oke,ami kichchu bolbo na.”
Ami totokhone hamaguri die mayar payer kache chole gechi.or paye chumu khete khete bolte laglam, “khwama kore dao provu,please. Ami jani ami khwamar joggo na, tobu amar baba ,ma ar boner mukh cheye diary korona. Amake ja khusi shasti dao tumi. Lathi mere mere felo. Tate hoyto amar paap kichuta kombe.”
Maya babar haat duto dhore fello, kaku ki korcho tumi? Amar samne evabe haatjor korona please. Babar chokh die jol berote suru koreche tokhon.bon totokhone amar chuler muthi dhore amake mayar payer upor theke tene tule amake thappor marte suru koreche.
Baba kadte kadte totokhone mayar payer upor matha namie dieche,”please,khwama koro amader. O amader bongsher lojja,oke nie tumi ja khusi koro,sudhu diary korona please.”, mayar payer upor matha ghoste ghoste baba bole chollo.
Maya sore darie babake tene tullo, please kaku,erokom korona. Thik ache, ami diary korbona. Kintu tomake kotha dite hobe oke ami ar pritha jamon khusi shasti debo, ja khusi, oke sikhie charbo meyeder kivabe somman korte hoy.tumi badha debe na.”
Baba abar haat jor kore bollo, “oke lathi mere tomra mere felle ami sobcheye khusi hotam. O a raj theke amar chele noy, amar sudhu ekta meye ache,ar tumio meyer moto. Oke joto shasti debe, toto khusi hobo ami.” Babar chokh die tokhono joler dhara boye cholchilo.
Bon tokhon amar chuler muthi dhore chilo ar maa egie ese ektar por ekta thappor marchilo amar gale, “nijer babake evabe kadas, boner sathe osovvota koris, tui to janwarer o odhom. Tor sathe janwarer motoi byabohar kora uchit. Golay kukurer moto collar porie rakha uchit.” Maa ektar por ekta jore thappor marchilo amar gale, ar ami matha nichu kore sorry bolchilam.
Bon erpor amar chuler muthi chere mayake bollo, “ne maya,ei jontu ta tor sathe onek kharap byabohar koreche. Ebar sobar samne oke uchit shasti de tui.”
Maya boner dike takie bollo,” kano,o tor sathe kharap byabohar koreni?amra dujone mile oke sekhabo meyeder kivabe somman korte hoy.”
Amar dike fire maya bollo, “ei janwar, tor provu prithar ghor theke ekta belt ar amar chotita nie ay. Janwarer moto 4 hat paye jabi.”
Ami badhdho kukurer moto 4 hat paye boner ghore gie or ekta chamrar belt ar mayar choti mukhe nie fire elam amar ghore.
“Jamata khol kutta.”,maya hukum korlo. Ami badhdho chakorer moto khule fellam.
“upur hoye suye pore bar. Tor paaper saaja suru akhon theke.ami toke ei belt die pithe marbo, ar prottekta belt er aghat tor pithe porar sathe sathe tui amar paaye chumbon kore bolbi,’thank you provu’”
“ami mejhete suye pore bollam, “jotha agga provu”. Jodio ami bujhte parchilam maya vishon marbe aj amake, tobu nijer baba ar maar samne mayar haate dominated hote darun lagchilo amar. Choto thekei mayake darun valo lage amar. Oke pujo korar, or haate dominated haoar swapno dekhei boro hoechi ami. Ar aj amar swapno sotti hote choleche. Maya or b(n)a pa ta amar mukher tolay guje dilo,choti pora dan paa ta amar mathar upor rakhlo, tarpor e sojore amar khola pithe achre porlo or chamrar belt. Amar mone holo amar pithta bujhi kete keu dutukro kore dilo. Amar thot chumbon eke dilo or payer patay. Tarpor bollam, thank you provu.” Porokhonei or belt abar achre porlo amar khola pithe. Eker por ek belt er nisthur aghat achre porte laglo amar pithe. Ar ami or paye chumu kheye oke dhonnobad die jete laglam. Pash theke kokhono boner golar awaj pelam, “aro jore mar, mere fel janwar take.”,kokhono baba ar maa bolte laglo, “maro,aro maaro oke.” Maa ar bon lathio marte laglo amar pithe.ar mayar haater belt chabuker moto eker pore k achre porte laglo amar pithe.ami gyan harie ocheton hoye gelam.