So i have a sister Cheryl, 18, who can be very bossy and demanding but its not something I’ve noticed before until she basically made me her slave without me even noticing she was doing it. About a month before she turned 18 our parents went away for a week for there 20th anniversary in the Caribbean. Now the thing you should know about me is that I’m very submissive so i’ll do just about anything anyone tells me to and Cheryl took advantage of that in the week we had together. Since Cheryl was the oldest she was left in charge of the house ergo of me. They left us a grand to spend on food and drink and we had to compromise on what we would get but that wasn’t the case so here we go; the week of how i became my sister’s slave.

Day 1
Cheryl had got up at about 08 in the morning and i was already up and running by that point. She was still tired and collapsed on the couch and moaned about how she had an awful sleep. I kinda just nodded along and then she asked me to make her a cup of coffee to wake her up. A cup of coffee seems harmless so i made her one and brought it back to her. She stretched out on the couch and i took a seat on the armchair. She grabbed the remote and changed the channel to something she wanted to watch. When she finished her coffee she just waved her cup in the air and i just stared thinking why is she doing that. She then turned to me and said “I’m finished” so i grabbed the cup and took it through to the kitchen and put it in the dishwasher and when i returned to the living room she had disappeared to the shower. (It does start slow but we’re getting to the feet part soon) When she came back downstairs she was wearing normal clothes but no socks. I never noticed how pretty her feet are before, not even on the couch beforehand. After thinking about her attitude this morning i strangely started to think about her feet. She lied on the couch and i asked her if she was doing anything today and she said she was partying so the house was mine, she then asked me the same question and i in return said “nothing”. She smiled at me and suggested that i clean the clean her room if i wanted to do something. Later on Cheryl had left and i immediately ran upstairs to clean her room. It was a tip and it took me about 2 hours to clean but i had done everything – hoovering, dusting, laundry, made her bed – and even the one thing i thought i’d never do, i cleaned all of her shoes. There were about 30 different shoes that i just had to clean because i knew her feet had been inside then, i couldn’t control myself.

Day 2
About 8 in the morning Cheryl had returned home completely hungover and yet again she collapsed on the couch. I instinctively made her a coffee and gave her some paracetamol for her head. I then sat at the other end of the couch right next to her feet. She stretched her legs out and placed her feet on my lap and i instantly felt my dick harden. “So did you clean my room yesterday?” she said laughing and i replied “yes in fact i also done your laundry and hoovered and i even cleaned all of your shoes” She just stared at me and question me “my shoes?” I told her that i was bored so i got out the shoe polish and and towel to clean then. She asked if they stunk and i joked saying that her feet smelled the worst anyway. She raised her right foot up to my face, rub my face with her feet couple of times, then smiled. Then She giggled, placed her feet on my lap again and told me to gave her a foot massage. I am in heaven and started to massage my goddess elder sister’s feet like a royal servant. I massaged her feet for an hour. Then she asked me to run her a bath and cook her a big breakfast. Again i thought nothing of it. She had her bath and i gave her breakfast then she asked if i wanted to clean the shoes she wore last night to which i relied yes.

Day 3
Cheryl had asked me if she made me feel uncomfortable when she made me rub her foot but i said “Sis how could i feel uncomfortable, you are the best and your feet are too .” She smiled and said “good because i was hoping you could give me a foot massage again, i just went out jogging and my feet are killing me” i replied by saying it that i’d love to. So she put her feet on my lap and i slowly untied her running shoes while she was totally glued to the T.V. then i slowly slid then off and put them on the floor and gave them a quick kiss. I then pulled her socks slowly off and i gave them a kiss too. I started on her left foot by placing one hand over her beautiful toes and the other hand on her sole and rubbed it up and down. My mother always asks me to rub her feet almost every night so i took my time with Cheryl’s because her feet were glowing with beauty, her soles were so soft and smooth. The sweat of her feet had soaked into my hands which now stunk of feet. This went on for about an hour, my hands were sore from applying pressure and constantly caressing her feet but what was really amazing is the fact that she hadn’t even acknowledged me the entire time. When we finished she said “good boy, mum was right you are good at this, maybe you do this for me more often” i replied “if that’s what you want then i’d be happy to”

Day 4
Cheryl had me on a rope and i hadn’t even noticed. Without her asking i made her coffee and breakfast in the morning and i done more of her laundry. Today she got me to clip her fingernails and paint them in silver colour. She then asked me to do the same to her feet. She was sitting in the armchair and i was on my knees while i was doing her hands, she put her right foot on my left shoulder and i felt my heart warm up inside. She pressed her left foot against my chest and i held it firmly with my left hand while i clipped her toenails with my right, i done the same with her other foot. All of the clippings went into a small plastic cup and then i got the nail polish remover and removed the previous nail polish. I then spent about 10 minutes painting her toenails and when i finished she put her feet next to my mouth and asked me to blow dry them which i done for 15 minutes. Once i finished she wear her sandal and told me to lick clean its sole. i rejected her, she then said “If you don’t then i’ll shove my feet down your throat” so i stuck out my tongue and started to lick clean her sandal sole while she was giggling. Actually I loved this very much because my elder sister is a goddess to me.. She wrapped her legs around my neck then , and forced her sandaled right foot in my mouth. The taste of her feet and sandal in my mouth was indescribable, it felt like i died and went to heaven. Just imagine the taste of your favourite food and multiply it by 100, it was awesome. I moved my tongue about to get get in between the toes and this was all happening inside my mouth. It was delicious.

Day 5
Cheryl started teasing me in the morning by telling me to lick clean her jogging sneaker. I did what she told me too. She was sat on a chair and I laid under her feet. She placed both her sneakered feet on my face as if I am a footstool. I started to lick her sneaker sole. It was , feeled with dust but i really enjoyed it because it was coming from my goddess sister,s shoe sole. She then told me that she had spent 200 quid on a dress from the grand that mum and dad gave us she then asked me to take the fall for it if they asked by saying that i lost it on gambling. I didn’t want to but i wanted to remain friends with my sister so that i could serve her in this way. I told her that i would do anything for her and it was at that point i had become my sister’s property. The entire day she spent up in her room planning stuff so that i could take the fall for her. How do i know this? At night i sneaked into her room to kiss her feet goodnight and i noticed all of the planning she had done. It turns she never expected me to become her bitch but now she is thriving on it. I knelt down at the bottom of her bed and placed my face next to her feet and kiss her feet while thanking her for what she had done to me.

Day 6
Mum and Dad were coming home tomorrow and Cheryl had me clean the entire house while she lied on the couch, i don’t know why i went through with it . i guess i thought it would benefit me being on her good side and maybe i could get to serve her even when our parents come back. i knew i was just being used, but I loved it, because it was my gorgeous sister who is using me.. I was going to bring the plans to her attention but she would know i broke into her room and then i would unintentionally tell her that i was kissing her feet goodnight. So no matter what, i was her bitch and there was nothing i could do about it or at least i didn’t really want to do anything about it. I wanted this.

Day 7
The house was clean for mum and dad getting home and i was a bitch to my sister, oh how was i going to explain it. We were just sitting there, she was on a chair and I am on the floor near her feet. We were waiting for them and Cheryl popped her feet up on my lap and asked if i wanted to rub her feet again, i replied “Yes my goddess.”. Boy do i sound sad. I stroked her feet much like i did last time but there was no sweat and no bad smell. After 20 minutes mum and dad came and Cheryl didn’t move her feet and i couldn’t stop rubbing. They greeted us and bent over to hug us and then dad went upstairs to unpack. Mum looked at us and said “so you guys have been getting along by the looks of it” Cheryl said “yeah he does like to rub my feet” to which mum replied “Well you better not forget about me”