(21 bochor boyeshi Ritesh graduation korar por chakrir jonne chesta korte suru korlo. Kintu ei bajare ekjon soddo graduate er chakri kothay?  Othocho tader poribarer arthik obostha valo na, tar chakrir khub dorkar . badhdho hoye se elo tar borolok byabasayi pisir barite, kolkatay, tader uttorbonger chotto sohor theke chakrir sondhane. Tar pisi preeti borolok ar khub e provabshali, ichche korlei tar chakrir byabostha kore dite paren. Kintu dukhkher bisoy tini totota dayalu na. Ritesh koekdin pisir barite theke bujhe gelo pisir ekmatro durbolota tar 17 bochorer meye Priyanka.  Priyankar kono onurodh e na mitie paren na pisi. Ritesh vablo jevabe hok pistuto bon Priyanka ke khusi kore oke die pisi ke bolate hobe ekbar tar chakrir byabostha korate. Taholei tar chakri nischit . kintu hay , ritesh janto na, taake nie onno kichu plan ache tar choto bon Priyankar…..)

Priyanka roy is an athletic Indian bengali girl with a beautiful face and always had a bitchy smile on her face…
She is 17 and just passed 12 th grade…Her mother was a successful rich business woman preeti roy..age 40….
Her cousin ritesh was 21 and just graduated….He had come over to their house to ask preeti if she could somehow managed to arrange a job for him…. Preeti could have done it easily if she wanted but she wasn’t that kind..She told him to stay at their house till she finds a suitable job for him..
It was 6 a.m. in the morning..”Ritesh,,kothay tui gadha ?.” priyanka shouted from her bed sleepily….Ritesh was sleeping too..but he woke up hearing her voice….He asked her why she had called him… “amar brush kora sesh haoar modhdhe amar jonne 1 cup coffee kore an…” with that she woke up went to brush her teeth…Ritesh was left puzzled…She was treating him as if he was her servant…But he decided just to make some coffee for her and then get back to sleep again. he made her some coffee and offered her the coffee… She sat down on the sofa and started sipping her coffee…Ritesh turned around and was leaving the room….But he was stopped by priyanka….”ei gadha, kothay jachchis?”priyanka said a bit sternly.. “amar ghum pachche, sute jachchi.”, Ritesh said in an irritated tone….although he always thought she was sweet and beautiful , he never really liked her because of her attitude…
“matha nichu kore norom golay uttor de, malkiner sathe kivabe kotha bolte hoy sikhis ni?”, priyanka said a bit angrily and then suddenly slapped him hard on the chick. Ritesh become totally speechless by the hard slap given by his little cousin sister. Then he recovered himself and replied…”amar ghum peyeche, tai vul hoye geche. Please amake sute jete dao.”,ritesh wanted to avoid quarreling with her. So he lowered his voice. “kintu ami chaina tui akhon sute jas. Ar chakorera tai kore ja tader malkin bole.” Priyanka said with a smirk and placed her legs on the stool… “tui kobe theke amar malkin holi?” Ritesh said a bit angrily…”tui amader barite thakchis, ar tor chakri pete amar maayer help dorkar. Amar ma chaile aj e toke chakri kore dite pare. Kintu ami Jodi tor naam e kharap kichu boli maa ke tar fol ki hobe janish?”,priyanka said confidently. “please erokom koris na, tui ja bolbi ami korbo. Ami tor dada, please ektu daya kor amar opore. Tor samne ami hatjor korchi”, ritesh requested to his cousin sister by folding his arms. ” Priyanka smiled, “ tui amar dada na , amar posha gadha ar chakor. Chakri paoar ichcha thakle malkiner paye matha rekhe khwama cha ekhuni.”
RITESH knew that the situation is now totally out of his hand. He may reject her cousin sister’s request and go back to home, but his family has financial problems. And he needed the job very much. Ritesh kneeled down in front of his younger sister and placed his head on her feet, “please bon, amake khwama kore de. Akhon theke ami tor chakor. Tui ja bolbi tai sunbo. Please khwama kore de amake.” Ritesh started to rub his face to his beautiful sister’s feet.
Priyanka placed her sandaled right foot over her brother’s head. “aage proman kor tui khwama paoar joggo chele. Valo kore bon er payer tolay suye bon er pa tipte thak.” Ritesh don’t even hesitate, he knew that he has to do that. And due to some unknown reason he started to enjoy his humiliation to his younger sister. He just laid on his back and priyanka placed her both sandaled feet on his face. Ritesh started to massage her both feet simultaneously. Priyanka started to play with his face by using her sandaled feet. Ritesh feels some strange happiness on his soul. Priyanka started to play games on her mobile .” ( actually she was massaging to her best friend Srijita) while her brother massaging her feet like an obedient slave.
Suddenly the doorbell rang.:chup kore suye thak ekhane, ekdom norbina” Priyanka said to her brother and then stood up on his face. Wow…it was painful like hell. But still ritesh enjoyed the feeling of her lil sis standing on his face . she opened the door. Oh god ! this is her best friend Srijita.
“massage ta korar jonne thanx. Ami jantam tui thik tor dadake gadha banie charbi.”, srijita told to Priyanka.
“chol, dujone mile gadha take nie kheli” told Priyanka while closing the door. Srijita placed her right sneakered foot on ritesh’s chest, a beautiful smile appeared on her equally beautiful face.
“tui ki janish ami ke?” Srijita asked ritesh while transferring her right sneakered foot from his chest to his face.”
“ha jani, Priyankar bondhu, Srijita.”
Srijita kicked very hard on his face. “tor jonne ami provu ar priyanka debi. Amader naam tor nongra mukhe uchcharon korar jonne khwama cha amar kache.”
Ritesh is now started to enjoy his humiliation. He started to kiss Srijita’s sneaker sole, “please,ami ekta apodartho gadha. Please amake khwama kore dao provu, ar erokom vul hobena. “
Priyanka sat down on the sofa and placed her sandaled feet on her brother’s chest. Priyanka also sat down beside her friend and placed her both sneakered feet on ritesh’s worthless face, “ne, ebar valo posha kukurer moto provur jutor tola chete poriskar kore fel. Debi ke pujo kora akhono baki tor.”
Ritesh do exactly the same he was asking for. He was licking Srijita’s dirty sneaker sole as if there is no tomorrow. Ritesh knew that this is his new role of the life, as a shoe licker. Or this is his new job? He continued to lick srijita’s shoe sole while dreaming that he will become a professional female shoe licker someday.
( first portion of the story is copied from a story from writing.com )