(eta english story, tobe banglar background. asha kori, valo lagbe.)
Raima is an unmarried girl ( 20 years old ) of a normal middle class family who has a 17 years old younger brother named Rishu . she took the responsibilety to make him a good boy from his childhood with her very strict control over him.she makes a very angry image to him.she wants her ‘bhai’ allways should scare about her and she enjoy that very much.she make him so polite with her dominant beviour.
now one day Rishu who is a student of 12th std. want go to play to the playground of their colony with his friends.it was a holiday,all of them are there.but he knows this is impossible without his elder sister’s permisson. Raima don’t allow him to go out anywhere from home without her permisson.so he go to his ‘DIDI’ for the permisson with a very scary feelings of his mind.Raima was in her room. rishu told her ‘Didi , “ didi, amar bondhura sobai mathe khelche. Ami ki ktu khelte jete pari aj ? aj to chutir din. Plz didi, ektu khelte dao aj.(I want to go to the ground to play with my friends.may I go plz’.)
Raima gives him a dominant look at him then ordered ‘ na, ghore ja ar onko boi nie ay. Porasona fele saradin karap cheleder sathe khele berale cholbe ? (no….just go to your study room and fetch the math books imideately’.)
rishu felt a very agony to hear this and stand up with nodded his head for a couple of seconds with like a crying face.then he be beg to her, “ please didi, aj to chuti . Ektu jete dao aj. Matro 1 ghonta, tarpor saradin porbo aj. Please didi, please..”(‘plz Didi today is holiday and my all friends are there.plz allow me to go there.I will be come soon’).
.Raima look at her to hear this and think something.then she said, thikache, ja, kintu 1 ta bajar aage ghore dhukbi. Nahole tor kopale dukkho ache.(‘ok you may go there.but before 1p.m.you should back to home either you know whats happen with you’).’ok, thank u Didi’ ,Rishu become very excited to get the permisson and run from the house to the playground.now Raima makes a plan to humiliate him infront of the whole colony for her enjoyment.
she allways want to show her strict power over her younger brother to her neighbours and she feel a great joy for this.she decide,today this is a chance for her to showing to all that,how much strict ‘DIDI’ she is.she take her preparetion for that.when at 12.30p.m. o’clock Raima go out from house and reach the playground with her cane.she wears a red top and blue jeans with a blue sandal, and her long hair is fully open.
Raima stand beside the ground then call her younger brother ‘bhai…’with a very dominant and loud voice.Rishu hear the calling of her Didi and become very afraid to see his Didi with her cane in her hand. he start run imideately with lots of fear to his Didi and stand up infront of her with very scary face. then Raima give him a strong Whack on his thigh with ask him, ar kotodin baki h.s . er? Evabe khele berale ki result korbi ?( ‘how many days remain of your exams umm what will be your result in board exams) ‘then give him another strock on his other thigh. Rishu cry out for pain.all of his friends stop their play and see this incident.and there are 40-50 peoples of various age of that area who is the audience of this game,they also watch this scene.
Rishu said with cry, please didi , vul hoye geche, khwama kore dao. (‘plz Didi,forgive me’.)
Raima catch his ear and said, “ghore chol, aj toke sekhabo kivabe valo chele hote hoy. (‘lets go home now.today I will be teach you the proper lesson’.) then she take him by his ear and start walking to the house.all peoples of that field and the street look at the seen where Raima dragging her younger brother by his ear and she kept her cane with another hand.Rishu feel very shame at that time because his Didi dominate him in this way infront of all of his friends and the peoples of that area.but he is just helpless and never dare to against any matter about his Didi.
Raima feeling a great joy to showing her very strict powerful authority over her younger brother to all these people .when Raima dragging him by his ear from the field to the house ,her face was very dominant with a slight naughty smile. all peoples of the field and street look at her face at that time and she enjoy this very much . and that time she making her plan how she punish her ‘bhai’ after reach at home.
When they reacg in front of their house raima took her hand away from her brother’s ear and slap him hardly, infront of everyone in the neighbor hood . Beautiful raima was looking very beautiful and dominant at the same time. Rishu become very worried. He don’t know how to make his sister happy. Then his didi slap him again, twice in his both cheeks. Rishu fell in his knees in front of his didi, due to fear. He bent down his head and started to rub his head to his beautiful didi’s sandaled feet, Please didi, khwama kore dao amake. Erokom vul ar kokhono hobe na. tumi ja bolbe tai korbo sob somoy. Ebarer moto khwama kore dao amake. ( please forgive me sis, for this time. ) he started to rub his face to his beautiful sister’s feet in fron of around 30 people. They all are watching rishu’s humiliation by his didi with a smile. Rishu started to kiss his sister’s feet to show his affection to her. Raima become so happy. She always want to dominant his brother in front of everyone. And now he is, in front of all the neighbor, kissing her feet like a dog. Raima placed her right sandaled foot over her brother’s head and started to play with his hair with her sandal sole. he is still kissing her left foot. After 5 min, raima took off her foot from his head and said, thik ache, akhon ghore chol (lets go home ). They enter their house. Raima sat down on the sofa . rishu kneeled down in front of his didi like a obedient servant.
‘ami toke chere debo aj Jodi kotha dis ar kokhono khelte jabina. Sudhu ekta kaj toke korte hobe. Amar ghore porar choti ta toke dakte gie nongra hoyeche. Etar tolata toke notuner moto poriskar kore dite hobe. ( I will forgive u if u clean my sandal sole. )
Rishu said, thanks didi, ami kapor ar jol ene tomar choti notuner moto dhuye poriskar kore dichchi. ( I will clean your sandal with a cloth and water. )
Raima smiled, then slapped him heard, twice. “ didike kivabe somman korte hoy tor sekha uchit. Kapor die na, amar chotir tola tui chete poriskar korbi. (You should learn how to respect your elders and ladies. Lick them clean.)
Rishu looked towards his sis with disbelieve, but don’t try to protest. He laid down undr his sister’s sandaled feet. Raima placed both her sandaled feet over her younger brothers face. One across the forehead, and the other across the mouth of her bhai’s face. Rishu started to clean his didi;s sandal sole by licking , without any complain, as if it is very normal for a little brother to lick clean her elder sister’s sandal sole to show her respect. Raima become very happy. She always want to dominate ger brother in this way, always want him under her feet. Raima started to play with his lips, nose and forehead by using her sandaled feet. Rishu continued to lick his did’s shoe like a obedient dog. He don’t know why, he feels a strange happiness at the very core of his heart. He is never more happy in his life than now. He imagined his didi is a goddess and continued to lick clean her sandal sole while his goddess sis used his face as a footstool.

( 1st portion of the story is copied from a femdom forum. )