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( ভূমিকা না পরে কেউ ব্লগে ঢুকবেন না । সম্পুর্ন ভূমিকা পড়ে তবেই গল্প, কমেন্ট পড়বেন বা নিজে কমেন্ট করবেন । অন্যথায় , আপনার কোন ভুল ধারনার জন্য আমি/ আমরা দায়ী থাকব না । )

amar 4 provu / আমার ৪ প্রভু

short english translation, edited version :

My goddess ANANYA….
( sorry for my poor english )

(part 1 )

this story deals with a 18 year old average looking boy rony , her gorgeous 14 year old younger sister Ananya, and 3 of her friends, Rai, Suchetana and Lipi .

Rony was always very shy and submissive to girls .
He always thought that he was worthless and always loved to serve his beautiful little sister . He does all her chores, washed her clothes, clean her shoes etc. He even rubbed her feet whenever she asked. Ananya took advantage of her submissive brother . She made a fake story in an evening, when he was massaging her foot like a real servant .

She told him that she told her 3 girlfriends that she was the only child of her parents and they had a very submissive servant rony, who did everything she ordered. She told it to them as a joke but they took it seriously . Her 3 girl friends now thought that he was the servant of her house, not her brother . They will come to their house next day .
So, if he don’t want to act like a submissive servant of his little sister ananya then they will made fun of her.
That poor boy rony, had no problem to became a servant of 4 beautiful teen girls . For him they were goddesses and he even loved to be their slave if they asked him to be. He told it to his beautiful younger sister while massaging her feet already like a servant . She even kissed her feet to show it . Ananya kicked his brother lightly in the face in response . She knew that she can use his submissiveness and can make him her slave easily.

And in reality, she did it too . She don’t made him just a servant but force him to be their slave .

when those 4 beautiful teen girls came to his house from their school, he bowed down to them and touched his head to all of their feet like a servant . In response, they kicked his face like a football with their school shoes ! They kicked his forehead, his chicks, his lips and even his nose ! They just don’t care about his pain, his bleedy nose, just continue to kick his face as if it was a football. Even his own younger sister Ananya don’t show any sympathy to her elder brother. She kicked his face as hard as she can while her brother rony kissed her sneakered foot for mercy.

Then she made him to laid down on the floor on his back and started to rub her shoe sole all over his face ,as if it was a foot stool ! Then Ananya made his elder brother to stuck his tongue out and clean her both sneaker sole on it . Her friends follow her path and did the same thing with him . They all used his tongue as a shoe shiner one by one .
Ananya then ordered him to arrange the dinner . He served them their food and while they were eating , he massaged all their feet one by one . After the dinner they all spat on remaining foods, placed their shoed feet on the plate and ordered him to eat that with his mouth like a dog . He does as he was told . Then all the girls started to kick his face again with their shoed feet. It was painful to him but for him these 4 beautiful girls were goddess. When they kicked his face as hard as they can, he just thanked them for kicking him .

But he can’t tollerate their torture any more after an hour . He became unconcious . When his conciousness arrives again , he found that only Ananya was there . All her friends were gone . ANANYA told him that from now on he was a slave to her for all his life . He has to serve her and her friends like a slave dog everyday . He even has to serve her infront of their patents . In response, he kissed her sister’s now sandaled feet and thanked her because for him, she was a goddess .

He started to massage her feet again while his sister was watching TV and using his face as her footstool.
after some times their parents came back , but they don’t stop . He massaged her feet infront of their parents before . But today , she was also using his face as the footstool for her sandaled foot . She was playing with his lips with her sandal sole while her brother was massaging her feet like the obedient servant he was in front of both of his parents .

Ananya was sitting on a chair in the TV room . Rony was lying on the floor on his back. Her both blue sandaled feet was resting on his face. Her left foot was on his forehead and her right sandaled foot iver his lips . He was massaging her left foot with slavish devotion while her sister playing with his lips using her sandal sole . It was a home sleeper, but still a few dust particles present in the sole . He was frequently kissing her right sandal sole while massaging her left foot . He was very happy by serrving his goddess sister in this way infront of his parents .

Both of their parents were sitting on the sofa in the same TV room . Their father was little curious, but didn’t say anything . He always loved his beautiful daughter more than his son . He didn’t mind if his son became a servant or even a slave to his daughter . She was so beautiful. Even he will serve her too if she liked, he thinks .

Their mother was always a feminist . She always thought that girls are superior to boys, and boys should try hard to make life easier for girls . In last couple of years, she was a member of a extreme feminist group which made her a strong feminist . She was really enjoyed what her daughter was doing to his son . She loved the idea that from now on her daughter will treat her elder brother as a mere slave, only for her amusement .

(part 2 – in rony’s view )

” from now on you are my servant, my slave . You will do whatever i say , no matter what that is or you like it or not . From now on i am your goddess and you are my slave. You will obey each of my command , bow down to me whenever you see me . You will kiss my feet infront of everyone . Do you understand me slave ?” Ananya kicked over my lips with her right sandaled feet and asked.

“Yes my goddess, i do . I will be your lowly slave from now on . I will do whatever you ordered , lick your shoe sole infront of the whole world if you asked to .”

My goddess younger sister Ananya kicked my nose this time . ” stuck your tongue out slave . I want to to clean my sandal sole on that filthy tongue of yours .”

I kissed her right sandal sole in response with all the devotion i had . Then I stuck out my tongue as far as i could and my goddess sister lowered her right sandal sole over it . She started to use my tongue as a doormat infront of our parents. I collected all the dirts from her sandal sole over my tongue and willingly started to swallow them . She was a goddess, so i should show highest respect to even the dirt under her shoe sole .
after cleaning her right sandal sole she lowered her left sandal sole on my outstretched tongue and started to use it like a doormat .

I started to massage her right foot , while she was cleaning her left sandal sole over my outstretched tongue infront of my parents. She was smilling , so did I . Both of us knew, this will be our new role in life, as a goddess and a slave. We both were very happy, so did our parents . Their smile reflects that they knew i deserve nothing more than to be a lowly slave of my fair, beautiful, intelligent 14 year old little sister Ananya.

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সেটা ছিল একটা শীতের সন্ধ্যা । আমার আদরের বোন অনন্যা ঘরে বসে টিভি দেখছিল । ওর পরনে ছাই রং এর জ্যাকেট আর কালো প্যান্ট, পায়ে নীল চটি । একটু আগে আমার করা টিফিন শেষ করে ও এখন পায়ের ওপর পা তুলে চেয়ার এ বসে টিভি দেখছে। আমি ওর স্কুলের জুতো পরিস্কার করে এখন ওর স্কুল ড্রেস আয়রন করছিলাম। হঠাৎ বোন ডাকলো , “দাদা, শোন।” আমি ওর কাছে গিয়ে বল্লাম, “বলো”। এমন না যে সবসময় আমি ওকে “তুমি “ বলে সম্বোধন করি। তবে ও আমার ৪ বছরের ছোট আদরের বোন, ভালবেসে ওর সব কাজ করে দিই আমি। ওর জন্য টিফিন করি, ওর জামা কাচি,আয়রন করি,ঘর ঝাট দিই,জুতো পরিস্কার করে দিই । অতিরিক্ত ভালবাসাতেই ওকে বেসিরভাগ সময়ে “তুমি” বলে ডেকে ফেলি। বোন কিন্তু সব সময়ে আমাকে তুই বলেই ডাকে।
“দাদা,পায়ে খুব ব্যাথা করছে, একটু টিপে দে না রে ।” মুখে হাসি ঝুলিয়ে বললো বোন। বোন যখন হাসে ওর গালে টোল পরে, ফলে…

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