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From dominating elder sister to a goddess : ( by Khoka )
( sorry for my poor english )

My sister always liked to dominate me since our childhood . she was just 2 years elder than me, but act as if she was my mother or aunt. she controls every little things of my life. as both of our parents were working, they don’t have much time to watch what we were doing . In our early childhood, we stay at our uncles house at daytime. but then, our parents kept my sister in charge when she was just 10, and i was 8 yrs old.
she always loved to dominate me, but since she was in charge, she loved to use her power over me. my parents came back to home normally after 8 pm. we came back from school before 4 pm. so, my elder sister Rima usually had a long time to dominate me. she either went outside with friends for playing or watched TV or played games in our PC . but she dont allow me to go outside. I had to make tiffin for us, then i had to clean our rooms, do the laundry. My sister even force me to clean her shoes. If i dinied, she slapped my chick hard.
I was so alone . as she dont allow me to go outside, i have no friends outside my school. every child in our neighbourhood knew how my sister controled me, they thought i was a looser and laugh on me . It was so painful for me, but I had nothing to do. my parents thought whatever my elder sister Rima was doing to me was absolutely correct. when every children in our neighbourhood played on the ground, had fun, i had to cook for my sister, clean her room or shoes for her. After I did my work, It was time for study . I had to seat on the floor, near my sister’s sandaled feet and study while my sister was watching TV. after some time, my sister always asked some tough question. She hardly gave me anytime to think and started to slap my chick hard. It was painful, but more humiliating. My sister who was just 2 yrs elder than me, had complete control over me, can slap me as hard as she can , practically without any reason, just for her fun . And i was sure ,she enjoyed to dominate me, she enjoyed to show her power over me, she enjoyed to torture me as well.
I had no other way but to obey her each and every will. It makes her happy and made her more dominant each and every day . She forced me to do more humiliating things , and i obey.

Oneday, when she was 13 and I was 11 year old , she came back from school 1 hr after her usual time. Due to some unknown reason her mood was off that day. She called me, ‘ hey buddhu ( she called me by that name, which means fool ) ,come here and open my shoe. i am very tired. ‘ It was my habit to do whatever my didi( means, elder sis ) Rima asked me to do. so i ran towards my didi, knelt infront of her, and took her shoed feet on my lap. she smiled a bit, and rubbed her white sneaker sole on my pant a bit, ‘ now open my shoes buddhu. ‘ I did without any objection. i took off her white sneaker from her feet, then took off her white socks. ‘ that’s like a good bro’ , my didi said, ‘now wash my feet, and give me a good foot rub.’ I did it too, without any objection . I took a huge bowl with water and clean her feet with it. then i took a towel and dried her feet.

‘ now bring my slipper and put them on my feet ‘ ,my didi asked me . I did. Then my sister said, ‘ its time for a good foot rub, and remember , whatever you did today will be your daily routine since today. It was good for the bhai’s ( younger bro) to serve their didi’s ( elder sis ) . I said nothing, just knelt near her feet and started to massage her feet. she placed her sandaled feet on my lap, and happily watching TV while I was busy to massage her feet. I took off one of her sandal and started to massage it carefully. surprisingly, i was not very dissapointed . Due to some unknown reason I want to make my sister happy . I massaged her feet like a servant while my sister watching TV like a queen.

I massaged her every foot for 5 minutes, then took the other foot and continued. I dont know why ,i was very eager to make my sister happy. after 30 mins of foot massage, my didi kick my chest lightly with her left sandaled foot, and asked me to bring her tiffin .

I bring her tiffin in a plate, knelt near her feet . She did not take it , watched TV for few more minutes without saying anything, while i was still on my knees near her sandaled feet. suddenly she switched off the TV, looked on my eyes and smiled , ‘ let’s go to the balcony. I want to have my tiffin there .’ i follow her order without any question again . She sat down on a relaxing chair on our big balcony.

I knelt again near her feet with the plate in my hands . Just opposite the balcony , there was a big ground. Boys and girls of our age were still playing there . I looked towards them with the corner of my eyes, and found most of them were looking at me too, some of them were loughing at me too by watching my humiliation in front of my elder sister. Suddenly my sis rima slapped me hard twice on my both cheek. ‘ what are you looking at ? ‘ she asked, while took the plate from my hand . I directed my finger towards the ground . my didi smiled, ‘ let them watch us. now, i want my lap a little higher, so that i can eat the tiffin from the plate comfortably. lie down near my feet and give me a good foot massage like a good little brother. I did just what she said and lied down near her feet . infront of the whole ground she placed her sandaled feet on my chest. her left foot was over my heart and right one just below my neck. I started to massage my didi’s feet like a servant, while she was eating her meal and using me as her footstool like a queen, infront of the whole neighbourhood.
I was not angry to her. She was using me as a mere foot stool in front of a group of kids, but i was happy . I was massaging her feet like a servant while she was smilling at me. She placed her left foot over the right one after a few minutes. Her left sandal sole was just above my lips. She brought it down after a minute and her left sandal sole touched my lips. She started to play with my lips by using her sandal sole . In response i kissed the very bottom of her left sandal while massaging her right foot. My beautiful elder sister was using my face as a foot stool infront of atleast 20 kids ! I had no problem anymore. Instead, i was in heaven !!
she completed her meal after 10 minutes. I kept her plate on the floor. She adjusted her position then . She placed her left foot over my neck and her right foot over my lips this time . She started to play with my lips, by rubbing my lips with her right sandal sole vigorously .
I was massaging her left foot like a real servant while kissing her right sandal sole frequently. She was not just an elder sister to me, but a goddess now.
after 20 minutes, my goddess didi rima placed both her blue sandaled feet on my face. Her left foot was over my lips now . Her right sandaled foot was over my forehead. I am nothing but a mere footstool now to my beautiful goddess sister now.

I started to massage her both feet alternatively and was kissing her left sandal sole frequently with all the devotions i had .after 10 minutes she kicked twice over my nose owith her right sandaled foot . ” Be a good bro, and stick your tongue out as far as you can ” , she ordered while kicking my face a few more times. I did it . To my total surprise, my sister lowered her left sandal sole and started to clean her left sandal sole over my outstretched tongue ! I did not tried to protest at all. She was a goddess . She had every right to use my tongue as a doormat, to clean her sandal sole on my tongue . I started to ate all the muds and dust from my beautiful sister’s sandal sole . After 10 minutes she changed her foot. Now, she was cleaning her right sandal sole by rubbing it on my outstretched tongue , in an open place . I continued to engulf all the dirts from my 2 year older beatiful elder sister’s right sandal sole .