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Rai, my goddess younger sister.


Hi, I am Raj,  a man now in my mid twenties from kolkata , India . I grew up in a middle class family in late 90’s . Our family had 4 members. My dad is a teacher and my mom is a housewife . I have a sister , Rai, who is 3 years younger than me . She is a fair, very beautiful and dominant girl . From the early childhood, she was a very good looking girl and at the same time, very dominant . Till the age of 10-11, I was a normal guy who loved to play, and hang around with friends though I always had a very good relationship with my younger sister .

My sister Rai is always dominant since her childhood . She loved to dominate me even when she was just 7 years old . her dominating nature increased slowly with her age . She loved to play some games with me where she can dominate me . She loved to make me her horse while she ride me like a queen . She really enjoyed that kind of games . She loved to play the role of boss, police , queen or elder sister during our play . She always gave me a role where I need to be submissive to her . I did not like that in my early ages, but I play those role just to made my sis happy . She was my beautiful younger sister whom I loved very much .

She always smiled during our games where she dominate me in some ways . I did not like the submissive roles at first , but that smile in her beautiful face is enough for me to go through those humiliation . She is my beautiful younger sister , I always loved to see her smiling in that way .

At the start, those games were really childish , though she humiliate me even in those days . Slowly, her domination over me increased . She loved to ride me like a horse and kicked my arms while I moved . Sometimes , she played the role of a queen and I was her servant . I had to fetch food for her , then she made me rub her feet for hours . She even slap my cheeks if she thought I was not massaging her feet well . Someday,  she was playing the roles of a police and I was the thief . She caught me for some crime and started to beat me up . She slapped my cheeks, kicked my chest and face, usually with her sandaled feet, even used a belt to beat me up . I never complained or tried to stop her , though I easily can if I wish . She was my younger sister, I was much stronger than her physically . But I even never tried to do that .

She was my cute , beautiful little sister . I loved her , and she loved to dominate me . At first, I did not like to be dominated ,  but still I let her dominate me because I loved to make my sister happy . But after the age of 12 , I slowly started to enjoy her domination over me . I started to enjoy all the humiliation by her , I enjoyed all the pain she inflicted upon me, god knows why .

She also started to enjoy her domination over me . She even started to use me when we were not playing any games. At first, she request me softly to made some breakfast for her or massage her feet etc . I happily did what she asked for because I started to enjoy her domination over me . I was kind of addicted to her beauty and dominating nature . I want her to dominate me in someway always , and she did it . Slowly her domination over me increased , her soft requests were become strict orders . At the age of 10, she started to live her life just like a queen and I had to do all her works .

I had to wash her cloths, clean her rooms, made food for her , wash and polish all her shoes. She used to order me even in front of our parents . Our parents always loved her more than me . I also enjoyed it too. She was a girl, a gorgeous , beautiful girl, and I am her ordinary , worthless elder brother . They should love her more than me .


That was a beautiful evening in the month of January which I can never forget . It was early January, and I was just turn into 16. My 13 year old cute little Sister was watching TV with our parents . She was wearing a deep blue jacket, a white pant , and a pair of blue sandal on her feet . I was in the kitchen, making some delicious items for my beautiful sis, my queen . When I completed , I bring it to her . She was sitting on a couch . I kneeled down in front of her and handed over the plate to her . A beautiful smile appeared again in her equally beautiful face .

“ please lay at my feet and let me put them on you so my tray will be a little higher,” she smiled at me .

I did not want to lost that chance . I quickly dropped myself near her feet . I laid down on my back and she quickly placed her blue sandaled feet on my chest . She was using me as her mere footstool in front of both of our parents while taking her delicious meal prepared by me . She placed her right foot at the centre of my chest and left foot near my neck , and she didn’t even took off her sandals ! My parents didn’t  react at all. They were continued to watch TV without any reaction, as if using elder brother as a footstool was perfectly normal for a cute younger sister .

She smiled at me . how on earth it was possible for her to smile that cutely ? I feel very submissive when that beautiful smile appeared on her stunning face .

“ hey bro, when you are already under my foot, why don’t you give me a good foot massage?”

“ I said nothing . I started to massage her both feet alternatively , with submissive devotion towards my younger sister Rai . I was massaging her foot just like a servant . In response , she crossed her right leg over her left.  The bottom of her right sandal sole was just a couple of inch above my face . I couldn’t resist anymore . I kissed the bottom of my beautiful younger sister’s sandal sole with slavish devotion , in front of our parents ! I continued to massage her left foot and she lowered the bottom of her right sandal slowly over my face . She started to play with my lips by twisting them with her right sandal sole . I considered my beautiful younger sister was more than a goddess to me . And now she was rubbing her sandal sole over my lips, in front of our parents, and they even didn’t react at all ! I was in heaven . I continued to massage her left foot while kissing her right sandal sole submissively .

After 10 minutes, She completed her meal and placed the plate on the couch . She then put her left sandal sole over my lips and right one over my neck . She continued to twist my lips , now with her left sandal sole while I was massaging her right foot submissively. I was kissing her left sandal sole frequently with all the devotions I had while she was rubbing them on my lips . After 15 minutes, She repositioned herself again. This time , She put both of her sandaled feet on my face, her left sandaled foot over my forehead and right sandaled foot over my lips .
She started to twist my lips again with her right sandal sole . I was licking her right sandal sole frequently, to show her my affection to her and how much I worship her .

“ Mom, I liked to use him like a servant, like this from now on . Do you have any problem?” My cute sister asked my mom with a smile .

“ Not at all dear, you are a beautiful girl, and you deserve it . And I know , he liked to serve you too.”, mom replied.

“ Yes mom, he loved it too, don’t you bro?”, my little sister kicked over my lips lightly with her right sandal sole .

I kissed her right sandal sole in response and replied, “ Yes Rai, I loved to worship you like a goddess.”

From then on , our relation completely changed . I became kind of her servant , or rather her slave . we both liked the idea and enjoyed it too . Anyone, who don’t understand the concept of domination , submission or devotion can misunderstand it . We are still brother and sister, we loved each other too. But that is the way, we liked to live our life, she as my goddess and I as her devoted servant . It make both of us happy . She loved to dominate me in front of our parents , in front of my friends, but never does anything which can ruin my life . She love me, and loved to dominate me too. And I, as her submissive elder brother happily loved to serve her . That was our relationship all about .

She is 22 now, committed to a submissive guy . She loved to dominate her BF too. She will continue to dominate both of us even after marriage . I loved that idea, her BF loved it too. She was our queen , our goddess . We will serve her with devotion till our death .

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