My sister Pritha ( by khoka )

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She was standing on my face . Her full body weight was over my face . She was wearing a yellow T-shirt, faded jeans and a pair of yellow sneakers. Her 5’3″ structure looked tall over me, her beautiful face appeared like a face of a goddess. her left foot was covering my forehead and right foot was over my lips .
She was occationally rubbing her shoe soles over my forehead and lips . Though she was not heavy at all, may be just 45 kgs, but still it hurts a lot . But I didn’t try to stop her . She was my 16 year old beautiful younger sister pritha, I always dreamed off being dominated by her in this way . It may hurt me a little, but how could I stop her ? I am always submissive to my beautiful sister Pritha, who is 3 year younger than me . She was a lovely girl and a little dominating in nature always . But being dominated by her in this way is always my biggest dream .
we were at our father’s book shop. It was a sunday and officially it was closed in that day . My sis just completed her board exam, and searching for some story books . We came in aleast 1 hour ago to the shop. But there was a strict rule inside the shop, no outside shoes were allowed . My sis watched the notice, gave me a dominant smile and said, ‘ I don’t like to open my shoes anyway . make yourself useful in some way bro, so that I can enter into the shop without making dirty shoe prints on the carpet. ‘
Though, I wanted to be her doormat and let herself walk over me , I didn’t have the guts to tell her that . instead, I took off my shoes, went inside and took some books and placed them near her feet so that my sis can stepped on them . Surprisingly, she didn’t . She smiled and slapped me lightly, ‘ If I make dirty foot prints on the book covers, how will we sell them ? make yourself useful instead of those books.’ I was in heaven . I kneeled near my beautiful younger sister’s shoed feet and let her step on my both palms .
She stepped on my palms immediately and came near to a book rack by stepping only on my palms . She sat down on a chair after taking a book from the rack . I was still kneeled down near her feet while her both shoed feet was over my palms . My sis gave a beautiful smile again and slapped me lightly again, without any reason this time . ‘ Make yourself useful bro . lay down under my feet so that I can use you like a footrest .’
I couldn’t control my submissiveness and adoration to my beautiful younger sister anymore . I bowed down to her feet and kissed both her shoes with all the devotions I had . Then I laid down on my back , so that my sis can use myself as her footrest .My sis did it too. She immediately placed her yellow sneakered feet on my chest . She was using her elder brother as a mere footstool for her sneakered feet . She was ocationally standing on my chest with her full weight over my chest, took some books from the rack and then sat down again. She reads a few pages from each book to check which one she likes while giving no attention to me at all . Truly, I am nothing more than a footrest for my beautiful younger sister.
After 10 minutes of using myself as her footrest my sister stood up on my chest again . She took some books in her hand, read a few lines , but didn’t like it . She wanted to reach towards a book placed a couple of feet away from her, towards her left . So, she stepped directly on my face this time, with her shoes on ! She placed her sneakered left foot over my forehead while her right foot was over my neck . She took the book from book rack, Only after 30 seconds, she placed her right sneaker sole just over my lips . My beautiful dominant younger sister Pritha was standing on my face now with her shoes on ! Though it was painful , I loved it very much .
My sister was continued to read the book while standing still on my face . She was twisting her sneaker sole on my face frequently while I did nothing but let her use myself as her footstool. Even I was kissing her right shoe sole frequently to show her my submissive affection to her . May be she was my own younger sister by birth, but I respect her more than a goddess .
She continued her reading while standing on my face for at least 15 minutes . It was painfull like hell, but still, I was in heaven ! I could feel the rough sneaker sole of my goddess sister all over my face . I continued to kiss her right shoe sole with devotion while she continued her reading without giving any attention to me .
After 15 minutes she sat back on the chair . Her both sneakered feet were still on my face . She kicked over my nose just after she sat back on the chair, ‘ hey bro, give you sis a nice foot massage .’
I did exactly what I was asked for . I started to massage both her feet simultaneously while kissing her right sandal sole frequently . ‘ hmm, that’s like a good bro . A god bro always serve her sis like her servant , as if she was a goddess . From now on, you will always do whatever I say, serve me like this even in front of our parents. Understood?’

“Yes my goddess, I replied, while still massaging her feet and kissing her sneaker sole with devotion. My sister continued to read the book while twisting my lips and forehead with her sneaker sole . The broad smile on her beautiful face simply proves that she loved to dominate me like this .
After 30 minutes, my sis pritha closed the book she was reading, looked straight on my eyes and smiled, ‘ hey bro, stick your tongue out as far as you can, so that I can clean my shoe sole by rubbing it on your tongue . It will make my shoe soles clean and I can walk over the carpet without making it dirty.’

I couldn’t believe my own ears . did she really mean it ? She want to clean her both sneaker soles on my tongue ?
‘hey bro, don’t waste my time . you even don’t deserve it . You should feel proud that your beautiful younger sister will use your worthless tongue to clean her sneaker soles.”, my sis said while kicking my face, this time over my lips, with her right sneakered feet for a couple of times..
I didn’t hesitate anymore. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could . My sister Pritha lowered her right sneaker sole over my outstretched tongue . It was full of mud , and she started to rub her muddy right sneaker sole over her elder brother’s outstretched tongue without any hesitation. I started to engulf all the dirts and muds from the very bottom of her right shoe .
After 15 minutes, she exchanged her foot. She placed her right foot over my neck and started to rub her left sandal sole over my outstretched tongue . I continued to engulf all the muds from her shoe sole which I was worth for .