( written by Nondon )

Serving Neighbourhood Elder Sister / Friend’s Elder Sister – Salma Madam (Salma Apa)

We have moved into a new not fully planned residential area when I was in class 6 student due to change of school; I made few friends there in few days time though all of them were in different school. I have changed my school again in when I was in class 7, and one of the neighbourhood friends named Ratan (not actual name) also in the same school, same class and even in same section. Some of them are my very childhood friends from primary schooling, I met them again in the same school.

Ratan’s house was only after 3 house from our flat where our building was in at the turning road in position that from the balcony of our flat, their house’s gate was directly visible. He has 4 more elder brothers; two were grown-up and started working already and one elder sister (her actual name is Salma, was just 20+); his two other elder brothers were younger than the sister. Salma Madam (I used to call her Salma Apa (apa is the term use to call any elder girls who are like sister and later started to address her as Madam)was very popular in the neighbourhood, all the aunties liked her very much and she was very popular and respected by all the young boy and girls, she was very tall among the girls, she is 5’6” and used to wear heels (2”-3”) when walk around in the late afternoon and almost towering for many of the young boys and girls.
In another post, I have mentioned that they used to have 2 part time maids and one boy servant (around my age, 11 yrs) when we moved into that area; the two maids used to do the most of the house works and the boy was live-in the house. The boy mainly used to go to the nearby shops and mostly used to do the many chores for the Madam, it can be said the boy was sort personal servant of her. I have seen, she always used to use that boy servant to take off and put her shoes in her feet, clean and polish her shoes, message her feet and leg, bring things for her and mostly seat near her feet on the floor and no one else in family used the boy in such way.
While, I have mentioned she was popular among the young boys and girls, well respected, and she was known as very strict too; no one dare to disrespect her and not dare to do wrongdoing, she would even just slap publicly anyone done something wrong or disrespecting things. She was very caring too, sometimes she used to groom me, like set my hair, shirt’s collar etc; She also used to treat me nice food she cooked.

Now coming to the first incident, she used me for her personal work; it was, when I was in class 7. I went to their house to looking for my friend (we used to meet often as studying in the same class, same school) but he was not there, she asked me to come into the house, while she was getting ready (doing make-up) as she was going for invitation to one of their relatives house. They way She used me for the first time as if I am her personal servant.

While chit-chat, all the sudden she asked me to bring one of her black pumps from her shoe racks (she always have huge number of shoes), when I bring that pair of black pumps to her, she scolding me that how come I can bring a pair of shoes to her which is not clean and shiny, and she said in commanding tone to clean and polish her pumps and then only bring to her. I obeyed, by then her make-up was done and she was started watching TV and she was talking to the relatives on phone where she was going, as I bring her shoes, I said to ‘apa’ (word used to say an elder sister), here is your ‘juto’ (shoes) but she sort of ignored; once she hang up, she sort of shouted, “Haramzada, daraye achis keno, amar paye poraye dey thik moto, opodartho chele kothakar” (bustard, what the hell you’re waiting for, put properly in my feet, useless boy)

After she said that to me I got shocked as no one said such to me, I was not sure what to so; she said “do it quickly, I am getting late to go for the invitation” at that point of time rest the members of family already went out. In order to put her pumps which I did polished, I get on my knees while she was on the sofa, and she looked at the pumps and said, it looks clean but not very well polished. I replied that I haven’t polished shoes before; she tap of my face with her hand and said, its oh ok! this is your first time in life!

When I was about to put the shoes in her feet, she said, wait, wait; and point her finger to a towel which she use for wipe her feet and said bring that and clean the soles of my feet first before you put the shoes in my feet; I bring that towel, clean the soles of her feet and then put the shoes in her feet. The shoe was 4inch block heel with about 1.5 inch platform.

After that, she took the house key and said to me, “take my handbag and the gift bag to the main road auto stand, after you go back home”; she said to me to get her folding umbrella as its hot sun outside, and said that she needs me to carry her handbag and gift bags as she will hold the umbrella for herself in out side hot sun. So, I followed her to auto stand, carrying her bags while she was having the umbrella for herself, walking through the neighbourhood area,(BTW, previously many times I have seen her boy servant to do these things in the neighbourhood area. Mean while she told me where she is going and how much the auto will ask etc and get an auto for her.

I get an auto for her and she got in the auto, I put the bags in auto’s seat. After the auto kicks is engine start, I said bye (in local language), she said, wait and open her purse and gave me 10 (ten) Taka, I asked her, what you want me to do with this money, she said, “aare boka, tui je atokhon amar kaaj korli, juto saaf korli, juto poriye dili, bag boili, tai ei taka toke bokhshis dilam; ar shon, bikaley ami jokhon firbo tokhon eshey dekha korish”, in English “boy, you’re really fool, this is your tips as you have cleaned and polished my shoes, put shoes in my feet and carried my bags; anyway, meet me once I am back to home before evening” and then she left by the auto and I returned back to my home.

Don’t know how much you have liked this story as this is based on actual facts; if you like it, and make comments as well ask whatever question you would like to ask, you can ask publicly in the forum/page.