My life ( Jack/ khoka )

( This is a hugely edited english translated version  of my bengali family femdom novel “ amar jibonokotha/  আমার জীবনকথা” . It is very loosely based on my childhood experience.)


My name is Disha . I am a 31 year old female now lived in california, U.S.A. I am and Indian, came from kolkata, India to USA almost 6-7 years ago. May be I will live here for another year for my Job, then will settle again in my hometown, Kolkata, India . I am now going to share my life experience with all of you.

I am living in USA for last 6-7 years with my husband and my only daughter Nisha . My mom and dad were also living here with us for almost a year . My hubby is now 34 years old and Nisha justed turn into 12. She is a dominating girl just like me. She loved to dominate her dad just as I dominate my dada and younger brother throughout my life . My hubby is little submissive, but not as much as my dad or bro. he did serve me too, and did whatever his daughter ordered to him. I want to make him as much submissive as my own dad and bro . Do you want to know how much submissive they are ? how they worship their daughter/ sister like goddess throughout their life ? well, read my life experience then.


I born in a middle class family in kolkata in the 80’s . I have a brother, almost 3 years younger than me. My mother was a modern women, doing her job in a private company. She almost did no house work in our house . Apart from his business, my dad was involved in all the household works . Do you think he was angry for that ? nope, he wasn’t. He was a religious person from his childhood, he worshipped goddess Durga and kali everyday . and he was very submissive too to the opposite gender, he served my mom or any female of our family as if she was the goddess like Goddess Durga or kali . While I was growing up, I watched that my dad showed that submissiveness to me, his own daughter, too !

I loved this idea. He did everything I said almost immediately . he kneeled down infront of me and polished my school shoes just like as if he was my servant . and he teach my brother to show the same respect to me or any other female to my brother too.

When I was 8 or 9 year old, I loved to enjoy my father’s submissiveness towards me . I loved to always ordered him all around . I loved to ride him like a horse. It was not that abnormal as I was a child then. But I loved to dominate him while riding , slapped or kicked him frequently . I loved it when he kneeled down to me to polish my shoes. Many times, I stepped on his hand with shoes on. He did nothing to stopped me . He just kissed the top of my shoes in response to show his submissiveness to his little daughter. I just loved that !

As I was growing up, my dominaton over him increasd. At my 10 th birthday, my mom ordered him to massage my feet everyday, just like he massaged my mom’s feet . My dad happily agreed in it and started to gave me nice feet massage everyday . Usually , I placed my sandalled feet in my dad’s lap, and he massaged my feet like my loyal servant . Sometimes I kicked him in the chest with my sandalled foot, just for fun, while he was massaging my other foot . Slowly, it became a routine . I kicked his chest and face frequently while my dad massaged my feet like my servant . My mom was happy to see me in dominant role . slowly, she started to teach my brother about femdom too.

As each and every day were passing, my domination to my father was increasing. When I turned into 11, I started to used my dad’s face as my footstol. I frequently ordered him to lay on the ground and stepped on his face with my shoes on. I liked to rub my face with my shoe sole, I played with his forehead, his cheeks, his nose and lips with my dirty shoe soles. I even jumped on his face many times. I ordered him to lay on the ground near our dressing table and stepped on his face with my shoes on while combing my hair . In response, my dad kissed my shoe soles frequently to show me her submissive affection to me .


One more year passed by, I turned into 12. That was a evening in the winter season. My dad and mom was watching TV and my bro was studying in the same room. My mom was on a chair and my dad was on the floor, near her feet, massaging them . I went to a friend’s house, just came back in the house at 8pm. I was wearing a white jacket, blue faded jeans with a pair of white socks and sneakers on my feet . I knew, like always,  I was looking gorgeous even in that simple dress. When I sat down on a chair in the TV room, my mom kicked lightly over my dad’s chest and ordered him to serve me . Due to some reason, I was really in the mood of domination that day . My dad kneeled before me and kept my shoed feet in her lap. Then he started to massage my legs, from ankle to caff, over my jeans . I chatted to my mom for 10 minutes, then looked towards my dad . Hew was there, kneeled before his own daughter, massaging his feet just like a servant.

“ dad, do you like to serve me?’ – I asked.

‘ yes, my princess” – he replied, while massaging my feet and legs .

“ then lay down under my feet so that I can rest my feet on your face while you massaged them.”

My dad kissed the top of both of my sneakers in response, then replied, “ ofcourse my goddess.”

He followed my order and laid down just below my feet . Infront of my mom and younger brother, I placed both of my sneakered feet directly in my father’s face . My mom smiled to me and my bro was watching us with total disbilieve . I smiled at him, I knew that I will make this same thing to him after a few years.

I started to rub my sneaker sole all over my dad’s face . I placed my left sneaker sole over my dad’s forehead and right one over his lips . I started to rub my left sneaker sole all over my dad’s upper face, while rubbing the sole of my right sneaker back and forth over his lips . In response, he was massaging both of my feet over the shoes simultaneously while kissing my right sneaker sole frequently with all the devotions he had . I was rubbing my dirty sneakers sole all over my own dad’s face while taking the servitude from him, in front of my mom and bro .ufff, I simply loved it !!!

I started to kick his face soon . I started to kick him slowly, but soon I lost in the power of domination . I started to kick my own dad’s face as hard as I can, with my shoes on. I kicked him repeatedly with both of my sneakered feet . I kicked him over his forehead, cheeks, nose and lips . I was totally lost in the heaven of female domination . I had no control over me anymore, I was totally lost myself in the heaven of female domination.  I, a pre teen-age 12 year old girl, was kicking her 36 year old father’s face just like a football, with my shoes on !a few blood drops were appeared over his nose, but it couldn’t stop myself from the addiction of female domination . I kicked his face as hard as I could, atleast for 200-300 times.

Then I stood up on my dad’s face and started to jump on his face . I continued this face jumping atleast for 10 minutes. When I stopped and sat back again, my dad immediately kissed the sole of my right sneakerand thanked me . Then he continued to kiss the sole of my right shoe while massaging my both feet simultaneously.

I kicked him again, this time with my left feet over his nose, and asked him,

“ which one gives you more mental pleasure ? Worshipping of the mythological goddesses, or worshipping of me, the real goddess.”

“ ofcourse by worshipping you my goddess. Nothing can be comparable with the pleasure of worshipping you my goddess. Though you are my own daughter, I considered you as the true goddess of this universe, worship you with all the devotions I had.” , my dad answered while kissing the sole of my right sneaker.

I kicked over his lips this time, with my right foot, and ordered , ‘ then stick your tongue as far as you can.”

He did it without any question . I slowly lowered the sole of my right sneaker over my own father’s outstretched tongue . I started to run the full length of my dirty right sneaker sole across my dad’s outstretched tongue, from heel to toe.

Uffff !! I can’t forget that rush of power in my life !!! I was rubbing the very bottom of my shoe over my own dad’s tongue, in front of my mom and bro !!! I was in heaven . I continued to rub the sole of my right sneaker over my dad’s outstretched tongue while he engulfed all the dirts from the very bottom of his own aughter’s right sneaker sole .

After 15 minutes, my right sneaker sole was looked like a brand new one . I exchanged my feet. I placed my right sneaker sole over dad’s forehead, cross my left leg over the right one, and started to run the full length of my left sneaker sole across my dad’s outstretched tongue .


“ From now on you will worship only me . You will worship me in this way everyday while I treat you like my lowly slave . I will kick your face whenever I want , how hard I want, with my shoed feet. I will clean my shoe soles only by using your worthless tongue as my doormat. Understand, slave?”

In response, my dad kissed my left sneaker sole for once and replied “ yes my goddess”, then struck his tongue out again so that his little daughter can use it as her doormat .

After 15 minutes, my left shoe sole was shining like a new one . I kicked my dad’s face again and ordered, “ slave, kneel before me .”

My dad did what his goddess asked for . He kneeled before me and touched his forehead over my both sneakered feet .

I kicked his forehead lightly, “ worship me slave, the way you used to worship your mythological goddesses.”

My dad raised his head , then folded her both arms in front of me . I placed both of my sneakered feet directly over his face and kicked his face for once- “start”.

He closed his eyes in devotion and started to chant his mantra ( the holy words ) towards me , the goddess, while I was rubbing my both sneaker sole all over his face .

He worshipped me for almost 30 minutes. Then suddenly I kicked his face with my right sneakered foot, as hard as I could . He couldn’t control himself and fell on the ground, on his back.

“ Now open my shoes, wash my feet and drink that water. This will gonna be your daily routine from today.”- I ordered to my dad.

“ yes my goddess”, my dad again touched his forehead on my shoed feet with devotion.  Then went to take towel, tub and my slipper .

Meanwhile my mom ordered to my bro, “ look, how you dad is worshipping you sis. She is a real goddess. You have to worship her in the same way when you grow up a little. Now, go and take her blessing.”

My younger bro Raj didn’t try to protest at all. Instesd he came towards me and bowed . He touched his forehead to my sneakered feet and begged, “ please sis, you are a real goddess. Please bless me sis, please “, he started to rub his forehead over my shoed feet while kissing the topof my shoes occationally .

After a couple of minutes, I placed the sole of my right sneaker sole over my younger brother’s head. I placed my right shoe sole firmly over my younger brother’s head and said, “ my blessing is with you”, while he was still rubbing his forehead on my left sneakered foot.

After another couple of minutes, my dad came back with the arrangement of worshipping me . My bro sat back a little away while my dad kneeled again near my feet. I placed my sneakered feet on dad’s lap . Dad slowly took off both of my shoes, then my socks . He kissed both of the shoes after taking them off of my feet, then placed them over a towel . He then placed my feet on a tub and wash them with water with devotion. He then my feet, then helped me to wear my blue sandal . As I watched, my dad started to drank the water from the tub, my feet washed water . Then I ordered my lil bro to drank my foot washed water which he did with complete devotion  . Then I went to change my dress . after 10 minutes , I came back and sat again on the chair . My dad laid down near my feet immediately . I placed both of my sandaled feet on my dad’s face again . I started to rub my both sandsal sole all over his face while he was massaging them and kissing my sandal soles with slavish devotion , while I was chatting with my mom and watching the TV.

( to be continued ).