Dominated by simi, my younger sister ( by khoka / jack )

It was an afternoon of a rainy day in august, almost 6 years ago . I was lying on the ground near our front door. I was lying on my back, my head was just near the front door. A doormat used to be there till the last day, but that day, it was only my head !
The large clock on the wall was showing it was 4.10 in the afternoon. My younger sister Simi will be there in any moment . What will she do with me ? will she use my like a doormat ? will she step on my body ? I didn’t know, and I was very nervous.
My mom was reading the newspaper by sitting on chair in the same room. She was dangling her right sandalled foot while reading the newspaper. I looked her on the eyes for mercy . But she didn’t show any and continued to read the newspaper as if I wasn’t there.
Well, my mom was a feminist since I can remember, at least since she divorced my dad 10 years ago. She always behaved roughly with me as if I am a criminal or servant. But she behaved very nicely with my 3 year younger sister Simi, as if she was a princess. She always told that boys are inferior to girls, and it is there duty to make life easier for girls by serving them anyway they want . And she did force me to do all the housework since I was a 8 year old child ! After a couple of years she started to teach my sister to use me anyway she want ! Though my sister was a cute, sweet girl, she loved the idea of using her own elder brother as a servant ! She started to ordered me around since she was 7 . Most of the times I did not mind . But sometimes it was very degrading and humiliating, though I love my beautiful little sister very much, it was hard to do whatever she asked for .
But till that day, nothing happened like that before, which completely change my position in our house, particularly my relation with my sis . It was my duty to do the laundry of our house, and clean all the shoes my mom and sis used to wear . It was also my duty to help them wearing shoes or take the shoes off of their feet . The day before, when my sister came back from her school, I took off her white sneakers from her feet and then cleaned and polished them like everyday I did. But I had no idea what my sister planned for me very next day .
Very next day, when my beautiful little sister was ready for school, I took her shoes and socks and kneeled down near her feet . I helped her to wear socks at first. But when I reached for the sneakers , I was shocked. It was full of mud, specially at the bottom. I did not know how it happened, probably she went for a jogging in the morning. I looked at my sister, she was enjoying it . She kicked me lightly with her socked feet in my face and ordered, “ be quick. I don’t want to be late for school.”
I slowly put both her sneakers in her feet while she called our mom. When mom came, she kicked twice in my face with her dirty sneakered right foot. Mom, he was so irresponsible that he even forget to clean my shoes. I want to teach him a lesion so that he will never do these kind of mistake in the future, can I ?”
Our mom said, of course you can . Brothers are nothing more than a servant to their sisters, you can treat him whatever way you want .”
My sister smiled and said “thank you mom”, then kicked my face twice very hard, first with her sneakered left foot, then with her sneakered right foot. I could not control my balance and fell on the ground on my back. My beautiful 14 year old younger sister Simi placed both her dirty sneaker sole directly over my face and said,” if you don’t like to clean my shoes with clothes, then use your worthless tongue or it. Streak your tongue out bro, so that you younger sister can clean her sneaker sole over it.
I had no other way . I struck my tongue out as far as I could . My younger sister Simi placed her left sneaker sole over it and started to rub her left sneaker sole back and forth over it, in front of our mom. Her sneaker sole was full of dirts, but I had no other way than to engulf all of it . She cleaned her left sneaker sole for five minutes over my outstretched tongue, then switched her feet . She started to did the same thing with her right sneakered feet while I laid helplessly under my own beautiful younger sister’s sneakered feet and engulf all the muds from her right sneaker sole .
After 5 minutes, she checked both her shoe sole and satisfied. Then she stepped on my upturned face with both her sneakered feet and ordered, “ be there beside the doormat at 4 pm everyday . I want to use your face and tongue as a doormat from now on. She then stepped off of my face and went through the front door for school.
( to be continued ).