Amit ( by Jack / Khoka )

Amit is an alcoholic man . He is a school teacher by profession, lived in a small town( where he works) in West Bengal, India. Though his House, where his wife and 2 children lives in, is just 50 km away from his school, he lived in that small town alone just because he can drink alcohol every evening there without any disturbance .
He was an alcoholic for last 10 years. He started to drink just because his marriage life is a failure. He tried a lot, but never succeed to told his wife about his eternal desires, serving a girl or women like a goddess.
He served girls and women throughout his life, but not that much what he dreamed off. After the divorce between their parents, his mom become little male hater. She loved amrita, amit’s 2 year older sis, more than amit. She even teaches her daughter to dominate her brother, which she did. Amit always loved to serve his elder sister as a goddess. He massaged her feet for hours every day, washed her cloths, cleaned and polished her shoe ( He actually always licked clean all her shoes including the soles, which no one knows about ) and did whatever she asked him to do. He loved when she beats him up. He always lay on the floor in hope of his sister will step on him. Most of the time she did, stepped on his younger brother’s chest, neck, or sometimes even his face too, with whatever shoes she was wearing . He also loved to serve his mom.
For him, his elder sister was more than a goddess. He want to serve her more, like a slave . He dreamed his sister will kick his ace with booted feet till its bleed, force him to lick clean her shoes, treat him like a slave in front of everyone. Though she was little dominating to him, those things never happened.
Unfortunately, she went to a different city for college, and never came back again, except for short holidays . She was now living with her families in UK, with her families. Her mom is also staying with her for more than 10 years .
After Amit got his job, his mom forced him to marry Ahana . He never dared to speak against his mom or sis, So he had no other way than to marry her . Though Ahana is a beautiful lady, Amit could not tell his eternal desires to her.
It was not possible for him to be a common family man. He want to worship his wife, but never succeed to told her that . It makes him depress , and his depression was increasing with time . After 5 years of marriage life, ha could not bear it anymore . His mom was already away from them, leaving with his sis in UK. He also started to live alone in a rented house near his working place . It gave him the opportunity to drink alcohol. His wife lived alone with her 2 child while he become slowly addicted to alcohol in a different place.
He really did not wanted to be a alcoholic, but he had no other way to forget his sadness. He had no other way to fight against his depression. He rarely visits to his family.
Slowly day passed by, he become a chronic alcohol abuser while his children grows up. He really had less mental connection with his family and they kind of hate him, though he loved them.
When his daughter annesha reached 13 years of age, and ayan , his son, become 11 year old, he noticed that their relationship almost reflect his relation with his elder sister in their childhood. Annesha dominates him always in front of her mom, and he willingly submit to her . She always forced him to massage her feet, and he willingly did that for hours. He did all her works just the way amit did in his childhood. He also bowed down to her and touches his head to her feet multiple times everyday. Every time, She placed her feet over his brothers head and blessed him.
Amit really enjoyed the relationship between his son and daughter . For him, this is the perfect relationship between a brother and a sister, like a slave and a goddess. He also wanted to worship his daughter like a goddess, but how could he ? He is an alcoholic, his daughter hates him. She will never accept his worship, she will never bless him too. He is a complete looser, an evil to his family. His goddess daughter annesha should punish him and teach him a lesion, he thought .
When the one month long vacation of durga puja ( goddess worship ) arrived, he went to his family for a long vacation too, first time in last ten months. But how will they react when he drink at night ? He thoughts this same thing for last few days, but he had no idea what his daughter planned for him.
He reached his house a few days before the festival starts. He became totally surprised by watching the relationship between his son and daughter . They are 14 and 12 now respectively .He knew that his son worshipped hisr elder sister, but he never dreamed that he worshipped her in that way . In the morning, he washed his elder sister’s feet in a bowl, then drank that water . In afternoon, after the lunch, his daughter Annesha sat on the sofa and started to watch a movie . Her younger brother Ayan laid down under her feet, and she, without any hesitation, put his both blue sandaled feet directly over her brother’s face, in front of her parents ! Ayan immediately started to massage her feet like a loyal servant wile she was rubbing her sandal sole all over her brother’s face . She started to play with all her facial features , his cheek, lips, nose, forehead, using her both sandal soles . This occurred for 3 long hours, which make Amit feel that his daughter is really a goddess . He really became mentally submissive to his daughter .
But after all, he is a addicted to alcohol. After 8 pm, he could not resist himself more . He went to his room, and sat down on the floor with a bottle of vodka and a beer can . He just opened the beer can , took a seep of beer ,then started to prepare a peg of vodka . Suddenly, he felt a hard slap on his face. It was Annesha, his 14 year old daughter. He had no clue, when his daughter Annesha came to the room. It was pre- festival time, she just came from shopping . She was wearing a white top, a blue faded jeans, and a pair of white socks and sneakers . Her right sneakered foot is now over the bottle of beer. She slapped his dad hard for two more times, then placed her both hands on her hips . She was looking very dominant in that pose . Amit noticed, his son and wife were also looking towards them through the door .
“ How the hell did you think we will allow you to drink in this house. I am the boss here, you are nothing . You have to follow the rules made by me and mom from now on . And the biggest rule is, alcohol is strictly prohibited here.” – Annesha kicked her dad on his chest for once, then placed her right sneakered foot again over the top of canned beer. She stepped hard over it. It turns over and beer started to flow over the floor. Amit needs the alcohol, but he was really enjoying his humiliation to his own daughter. He bowed down and started to kiss the top of her right seaker, which was still over the beer can . He kissed the top of her sneaker at least for 20 times, while saying “ I am sorry . I know I am a pathetic man and you are the boss here . I know I am inferior to you. But please have mercy upon me . I can’t live without this alcohol. Please let me take it a little .”
Then he started to lick the alcohol from the floor, just below his daughter’s sneakered foot, like a dog. Suddenly he felt a huge pressure over the back of his head. His daughter placed her right sandal sole on the back of his head and was pressing him hardly to the floor . His face was squashed between the floor and the shoe sole of his own daughter .
“ You need alcohol, right?” Annesha asked while pressing her shoed feet over the back of her dad’s head .
“Yes”, Amit murmured .
Then lick it off from the sole of my sneaker. You deserved nothing more than this.”, Annesha ordered after kicking his father’s head hardly. Then She stepped on the beer with her left foot and offered her sneaker sole to her dad.
Amit did not hesitate at all. He started to lick it off of the very bottom of his daughter’s left sneaker. She just came back from outside and her sneaker sole is very dirty. It was full of mud and grass, but it could not stopped him from licking . Throughout his life , he dreamed off serving girls and women in such degrading way . And now he was serving that way to a girl, his own daughter ! He licked and licked, what he was worth for.
After 10 minutes, when he polished her left shoe sole like a new one, She switched feet. She stepped on over the beer once with her right sneakered foot, then offer the shoe sole to her dad. Amit started to lick his teen ager daughter’s shoe sole again, in front of his wife and son, just like a dog .Yes, from now on, he is nothing more than a dog, a slave to his own daughter !
( To be continued ).