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( written by Nondon )

Serving Neighbourhood Elder Sister / Friend’s Elder Sister – Salma Madam (Salma Apa)

We have moved into a new not fully planned residential area when I was in class 6 student due to change of school; I made few friends there in few days time though all of them were in different school. I have changed my school again in when I was in class 7, and one of the neighbourhood friends named Ratan (not actual name) also in the same school, same class and even in same section. Some of them are my very childhood friends from primary schooling, I met them again in the same school.

Ratan’s house was only after 3 house from our flat where our building was in at the turning road in position that from the balcony of our flat, their house’s gate was directly visible. He has 4 more elder brothers; two were grown-up and started working already and one elder sister (her actual name is Salma, was just 20+); his two other elder brothers were younger than the sister. Salma Madam (I used to call her Salma Apa (apa is the term use to call any elder girls who are like sister and later started to address her as Madam)was very popular in the neighbourhood, all the aunties liked her very much and she was very popular and respected by all the young boy and girls, she was very tall among the girls, she is 5’6” and used to wear heels (2”-3”) when walk around in the late afternoon and almost towering for many of the young boys and girls.
In another post, I have mentioned that they used to have 2 part time maids and one boy servant (around my age, 11 yrs) when we moved into that area; the two maids used to do the most of the house works and the boy was live-in the house. The boy mainly used to go to the nearby shops and mostly used to do the many chores for the Madam, it can be said the boy was sort personal servant of her. I have seen, she always used to use that boy servant to take off and put her shoes in her feet, clean and polish her shoes, message her feet and leg, bring things for her and mostly seat near her feet on the floor and no one else in family used the boy in such way.
While, I have mentioned she was popular among the young boys and girls, well respected, and she was known as very strict too; no one dare to disrespect her and not dare to do wrongdoing, she would even just slap publicly anyone done something wrong or disrespecting things. She was very caring too, sometimes she used to groom me, like set my hair, shirt’s collar etc; She also used to treat me nice food she cooked.

Now coming to the first incident, she used me for her personal work; it was, when I was in class 7. I went to their house to looking for my friend (we used to meet often as studying in the same class, same school) but he was not there, she asked me to come into the house, while she was getting ready (doing make-up) as she was going for invitation to one of their relatives house. They way She used me for the first time as if I am her personal servant.

While chit-chat, all the sudden she asked me to bring one of her black pumps from her shoe racks (she always have huge number of shoes), when I bring that pair of black pumps to her, she scolding me that how come I can bring a pair of shoes to her which is not clean and shiny, and she said in commanding tone to clean and polish her pumps and then only bring to her. I obeyed, by then her make-up was done and she was started watching TV and she was talking to the relatives on phone where she was going, as I bring her shoes, I said to ‘apa’ (word used to say an elder sister), here is your ‘juto’ (shoes) but she sort of ignored; once she hang up, she sort of shouted, “Haramzada, daraye achis keno, amar paye poraye dey thik moto, opodartho chele kothakar” (bustard, what the hell you’re waiting for, put properly in my feet, useless boy)

After she said that to me I got shocked as no one said such to me, I was not sure what to so; she said “do it quickly, I am getting late to go for the invitation” at that point of time rest the members of family already went out. In order to put her pumps which I did polished, I get on my knees while she was on the sofa, and she looked at the pumps and said, it looks clean but not very well polished. I replied that I haven’t polished shoes before; she tap of my face with her hand and said, its oh ok! this is your first time in life!

When I was about to put the shoes in her feet, she said, wait, wait; and point her finger to a towel which she use for wipe her feet and said bring that and clean the soles of my feet first before you put the shoes in my feet; I bring that towel, clean the soles of her feet and then put the shoes in her feet. The shoe was 4inch block heel with about 1.5 inch platform.

After that, she took the house key and said to me, “take my handbag and the gift bag to the main road auto stand, after you go back home”; she said to me to get her folding umbrella as its hot sun outside, and said that she needs me to carry her handbag and gift bags as she will hold the umbrella for herself in out side hot sun. So, I followed her to auto stand, carrying her bags while she was having the umbrella for herself, walking through the neighbourhood area,(BTW, previously many times I have seen her boy servant to do these things in the neighbourhood area. Mean while she told me where she is going and how much the auto will ask etc and get an auto for her.

I get an auto for her and she got in the auto, I put the bags in auto’s seat. After the auto kicks is engine start, I said bye (in local language), she said, wait and open her purse and gave me 10 (ten) Taka, I asked her, what you want me to do with this money, she said, “aare boka, tui je atokhon amar kaaj korli, juto saaf korli, juto poriye dili, bag boili, tai ei taka toke bokhshis dilam; ar shon, bikaley ami jokhon firbo tokhon eshey dekha korish”, in English “boy, you’re really fool, this is your tips as you have cleaned and polished my shoes, put shoes in my feet and carried my bags; anyway, meet me once I am back to home before evening” and then she left by the auto and I returned back to my home.

Don’t know how much you have liked this story as this is based on actual facts; if you like it, and make comments as well ask whatever question you would like to ask, you can ask publicly in the forum/page.

বৌদি আর শ্রীতমা ( খোকা )

( ভূমিকা না পরে কেউ ব্লগে ঢুকবেন না । সম্পুর্ন ভূমিকা পড়ে তবেই গল্প, কমেন্ট পড়বেন বা নিজে কমেন্ট করবেন । অন্যথায় , আপনার কোন ভুল ধারনার জন্য আমি/ আমরা দায়ী থাকব না । )

সেদিন রোজকার মতো বৌদির পায়ের কাছে হাটুগেড়ে বসে বৌদির পা দুটো পালা করে টিপে দিচ্ছিলাম আমি । বৌদির নাম সীমা, আমাদের ঠিক পাশের বাড়িতে থাকে । বৌদির  বয়স এখন প্রায় ৩৪-৩৫ হবে, আমার থেকে প্রায় ১০ বছরের বড় । দাদা চাকরি সূত্রে দীর্ঘদিন বাইরে থাকে, বছরে ২-৩ বার আসে । সীমা বৌদি বিয়ের পর এইবাড়িতে আসার পরই আমার সাথে বৌদির খুব ভাব হয়ে যায় । আমি তখন ৯-১০ বছরের বাচ্চা । বৌদি আমাকে খুব ভালবাসত, এটা ওটা খাওয়াত , আবার বাড়ির কাজও করাত । আমার কেন জানিনা খুব ভাল লাগত বৌদির কাজ করে দিতে , সেই ছোটবেলা থেকেই । যেভাবে হোক বৌদিকে খুশি করতে চাইতাম । বৌদির ফর্শা , অসাধারন সুন্দর মুখে আমি হাসি ফুটিয়ে তুলতে চাইতাম সবসময় ।

বৌদিদের তুলনায় আমাদের আর্থিক অবস্থা অনেক ভাল ছিল । তবু অসাধারন সুন্দরী বউদিকে দেখলেই আমার যেভাবে হোক বৌদির সেবা করতে ইচ্ছা করত । বউদিদের ঘর ঝাট দেওয়া, ঘর মোছা , বাসন মাজা , কাপড় কাচা, ইত্যাদি সব কাজই ক্রমে বৌদি আমাকে দিয়ে করাতে লাগল। একদিন বৌদি শপিং করতে বাইরে বেরবে, তাই জুতো পরতে যাচ্ছিল। আমি দেখতে পেয়েই ছুটে এসে বৌদির পায়ের কাছে হাটুগেড়ে বসেছিলাম । আমি থাকতে তুমি নিজে হাতে জুতো পরবে কেন ? শুনে বৌদি মুচকি হেসে বলেছিল, “ঠিক আছে । আমি বাড়ি ফিরলে আমার জুতো পরিষ্কারও তোকে দিয়ে করাব”।

আমি বৌদির পায়ে জুতো পরাতে পরাতে বলেছিলাম, “ নিশ্চয় বৌদি। এখন থেকে তোমার সব জুতো আমি পরিষ্কার করে দেব” । বৌদি শপিং থেকে ফিরতে সেদিন আমি বৌদির পায়ের কাছে বসে বৌদির পা থেকে জুতো খুলে দিতে বৌদি বলেছিল, “ জুতো একটু পড়ে পরিষ্কার করবি । হেঁটে হেঁটে পায়ে ব্যাথা হয়ে গেছে, একটু পা টিপে দে এখন” ।

আমি ঠিক চাকরের মতো সোফায় বসা বৌদির পা টিপে দিয়েছিলাম। প্রায় ১ ঘন্টা ধরে । তারপর বৌদির জুতো পরিষ্কার করেছিলাম । সেই থেকে এগুলোও আমার রোজকার রুটিন হয়ে গিয়েছিল । বাড়িতে থাকলেও বৌদি আমাকে দিয়ে রোজ পা টেপাত ।

বৌদির একটাই মেয়ে , শ্রীতমা । ওর বয়স এখন ১৪ । ও ছোট থেকেই দেখেছে ওর মা আমাকে চাকরের মতো খাটায় ।  ফলে আগে ও আমাকে কাকু বলে ডাকলেও ( এখন নাম ধরে, তুই করে ডাকে ) ও চিরদিন আমার সঙ্গে এমন ব্যবহার করে যেন আমি ওর চাকর । কথায় কথায় আমার সঙ্গে অকারনে দুর্ব্যবহার করে শ্রীতমা । শ্রীতমাকে দেখতে একদম বৌদির মতো, একইরকম ফর্শা আর সুন্দরী । কেন জানিনা, এত ছোট একটা মেয়ের হাতেও আমার অপমান্ত হতে খারাপ লাগে না, বরং ভীষণ ভাল লাগে । আমার মন চায় বৌদির সামনেই শ্রীতমা আমাকে যেভাবে খুশি অপমান করুক ।

আমি সেদিন বৌদির পায়ের কাছে বসে বৌদির পা টিপে দিচ্ছিলাম । বৌদির নীলচটি পরা পা দুটো কোলের উপর নিয়ে আমি যত্ন করে টিপে দিচ্ছিলাম । বৌদি একটা বই পড়তে পড়তে আমার সেবা নিচ্ছিল। হঠাত কলিং বেল বেজে উঠল , পরপর ৩ বার । শ্রীতমা স্কুল থেকে ফিরল ।

আমি ছুটে গিয়ে দরজা খুলে দিলাম । ঘরে ঢুকেই সম্পুর্ন অকারনে শ্রীতমা পরপর আমার দুইগালে দুটো থাপ্পর বসিয়ে দিল। “ দরজা খুলতে তোর কত সময় লাগে?”

আমি ভেবাচেকা খেয়ে গালে হাত বোলাতে লাগলাম । ও বেল বাজানোর ২০-৩০ সেকেন্ডের মধ্যেই আমি দরজা খুলে দিয়েছি । আর কত তাড়াতাড়ি দরজা খুলব? তবে শ্রীতমার সাথে তর্ক করার সাহস হল না আমার । আমি গালে হাত বোলাতে বোলাতে বললাম, “ সরি ম্যাডাম , ভূল হয়ে গেছে”।

আবার আমার বাঁ গালে বেশ জোরে একটা থাপ্পর মারল শ্রীতমা, “ গাল থেকে হাত সরা”। আমি হতভম্ব হয়ে আমার ডান গাল থেকে হাত সরালাম।

ঠাস !

ঠাস !!

ঠাস !!!

ডান গাল, বাঁ গাল, ডান গালে পরপর ৩ টে সজোরে থাপ্পর মারল শ্রীতমা।

“কি করিস তুই? দুপুরবেলা নাক ডাকিয়ে ঘুমানোর জন্য তোকে এই বাড়িতে রাখা হয়েছে ? রোজ দরজা খুলতে এত টাইম লাগাস কেন?”

বৌদিও এইঘরে এসে মুখে মুচকি হাসি ঝুলিয়ে তার মেয়ের হাতে আমার অপমান দেখছে । এই ছোট্ট মেয়েটার হাতে অপমানিত হতে চিরদিনই খুব ভাল লাগে আমার । আজও এই কমবয়সী সুন্দরী মেয়েটির হাতে অপমানিত হওয়ায় এক অসাধারন সুখে মন ভরে উঠেছিল আমার । শ্রীতমা এমনভাবে কথা বলছে যেন আমি ওদের মাইনে দিয়ে রাখা চাকর । আমার গালে অকারনে পরপর ৬ টা থাপ্পর মেরেছে ! তার জবাবে ওর প্রতি ভক্তিতে মন ভরে উঠল আমার । বৌদির সামনেই তার মেয়ের পায়ের উপর মাথা রেখে ওর জুতোর উপর মাথা ঘষতে লাগলাম। “ আমার ভূল হয়ে গিয়েছে ম্যাডাম । আর কোনদিন এরকম ভূল হবে না । প্লিজ, এবারের মতো ক্ষমা করে দাও আমাকে”।

জবাবে আমার মাথার উপর জুতো পরা ডান পা টা তুলে দিয়ে জুতোর তলাটা আমার মাথার উপর কিছুক্ষন বোলাল শ্রীতমা । তারপর, আমাকে অবাক করে দিয়ে আমার মাথার উপর জুতো পরা ডান পা দিয়ে পর পর দুটো লাথি মারল।

“ কিসের ক্ষমা? ভূলের কোন ক্ষমা নেই আমার কাছে । তোর জন্য কঠর শাস্তি অপেক্ষা করে আছে । ঘরে আয়’।

শ্রীতমা ওর স্কুলব্যাগটা নামিয়ে দিয়ে ভিতরের ঘরে চলে গেল। আমি ওর ব্যাগটা ওর টেবিলে রেখে ফ্রিজ থেকে একগ্লাস জল এনে শোফায় বৌদির ঠিক পাশে বসা শ্রীতমার হাতে দিলাম । তারপর শ্রীতমার পায়ের কাছে হাটুগেড়ে বসলাম । সঙ্গে সঙ্গেই ওর সাদা স্নিকার পরা ডান পা তুলে আমার মুখের উপর সজোরে একটা লাথি মারল শ্রীতমা ।

আমি টাল সামলাতে না পেরে উলটে পড়ে গেলাম । বৌদি একটুও আপত্তি করল না ওর মেয়েকে এইভাবে আমাক্র মুখে লাথি মারতে দেখে । উল্টে মেয়ের মাথায় হাত বুলিয়ে বলল, ‘আরও মার, এরকম অপদার্থ চাকরেরা মনিবের মার না খেলে ঠিক হয় না”।

আমি উঠে আবার শ্রীতমার পায়ের কাছে হাটুগেরে বসলাম । শ্রীতমা এবার আমার মুখের উপর জুতো পরা বাঁ পা দিয়ে একটা লাথি মারল। আমি আবার উলটে পড়ে গেলাম নিচে।

আমার একটুও খারাপ লাগছিল না শ্রীতমার কাছে আমার এই অপমান ।শ্রীতমা আমার চেয়ে প্রায় ১০ বছরের  ছোট তাতে কি হয়েছে ? শ্রীতমার মতো সুন্দরী মেয়ে আমার মতো সাধারন চেহারার ছেলের মুখে লাথি মারবে এটাই তো স্বাভাবিক ।

‘ আমার পায়ের তলায় শুয়ে পর কুত্তা’ ।  অপরুপা সুন্দরী শ্রীতমা হুকুম করল আমাকে ।

আমার আর একটুও খারাপ লাগছিল না । শ্রীতমার হাতে মার খাওয়ার আনন্দ মনকে এক অদম্য সুখ দিচ্ছিল । বৌদির সামনে আমার মুখে জুতো পরা পায়ে লাথি মারার জন্য শ্রীতমাকে আমি মনে মনে ধন্যবাদ দিলাম । শ্রীতমার আদেশ মেনে শুয়ে পরলাম ঠিক শ্রীতমার পায়ের কাছে মাথা রেখে ।

আমার সুন্দরী প্রভু শ্রীতমা ওর সাদা স্নিকার পরা পা দুটো আমার মুখের উপর তুলে দিল । শ্রীতমার ডান পা টা আমার ঠোঁটের উপর , আর বাঁ পা টা আমার কপালের উপর রাখা । নিজের জুতো পরা পায়ের তলা আমার মুখের উপর ঘষতে ঘষতে শ্রীতমা বৌদিকে বলল, ‘ মা, তুমিও ওর বুকের উপর পা তুলে দাও । ও তো আমাদের চাকর , আমাদের ক্রীতদাস । ওর জায়গা আমাদের পায়ের তলাতেই’।

বৌদি একবার আপত্তিও করল না ! শ্রীতমার কথায় ওর নীল চটি পরা পা দুটো তুলে দিল আমার বুকের উপর । শ্রীতমা আমার মুখের উপর ওর জুতোর তলা ঘষতে লাগল । জুতো পরা ডান পায়ের তলা দিয়ে আমার ঠোঁট একবার বাঁ দিকে , একবার ডান দিকে বেকিয়ে খেলতে লাগল আমার আরাধ্যা দেবী , আমার ফর্শা সুন্দরী প্রভু শ্রীতমা  । যাবতীয় খারাপ লাগা ছাপিয়ে এক অপরুপ আনন্দে ভরে উঠল আমার মন ।

শ্রীতমা একটু পরে জুতো পরা বাঁ পা দিয়ে আমার নাকের উপর জোরে একটা লাথি মেরে বলল, ‘ এই কুত্তা , আমার পা টিপে দে’।

প্রবল আনন্দে আমি দুই হাত দিয়ে শ্রীতমার বাঁ পা টা টিপতে লাগলাম যত্ন করে । আর শ্রীতমা ওর ডান জুতোর তলাটা আমার ঠোটে ঘষে খেলতে লাগল ।

একটু পরে শ্রীতমা ডান পা দিয়ে লাথি মারল আমার নাকের উপর । ‘জিভ বার কর, তোর প্রভু জুতোর তলা মুছবে’ ।

আমার জিভের উপর শ্রীতমা নিজের জুতোর তলা মুছবে ? আমার জিভ কি শ্রীতমার কাছে একটা পাপোশ ? যে জুতো পড়ে এক্ষুনি বাইরে থেকে এল শ্রীতমা , যার তলাটা ধুলো ময়লায় কালচে হয়ে আছে , সেই জুতোর তলা শ্রীতমা আমার জিভের উপর মুছবে ? প্রবল আনন্দে আমি নিজের জিভটা যতটা সম্ভব বার করে দিলাম । আমার মুখের বাইরে বার করা জিভের উপর শ্রীতমা নিজের ডান জুতোর তলাটা নামিয়ে দিল । আসতে আসতে আমার জিভে ঘষতে লাগল নিজের ডান জুতোর তলা । আমি সারা মুখ জুড়ে ধুলো কাদার অস্বস্তিকর স্বাদ পাচ্ছিলাম । কিন্তু এই ধুলোর উৎস আমার প্রভু , আমার আরাধ্যা দেবী শ্রীতমার জুতোর তলা থেকে আসছে, এই চিন্তা সেই স্বাদকেই অমৃত করে তুলেছিল । আমি গিলে খাচ্ছিলাম শ্রীতমার জুতোর তলার ময়লা , আর মাঝে মাঝে জিভটা মুখে ঢুকিয়ে জিভটা ভিজিয়ে নিয়ে আবার পরিষ্কার জিভটা বার করে দিচ্ছিলাম শ্রীতমার জুতোর তলা মোছার জন্য । বৌদি আমার বুকের উপর ওর চটি পরা দুই পা রেখে বসে নিজের মেয়ের কান্ড দেখছিল । শ্রীতমা আমার জিভের উপর ওর ডান জুতোর তলা ঘষছিল , আর আমি পরম ভক্তিতে আমার কপালের উপর রাখা শ্রীতমার জুতো পরা বাঁ পা টা টিপে দিচ্ছিলাম । শ্রীতমা প্রায় ১৫-২০ মিনিট আমার জিভের উপর নিজের ডান জুতোর তলা  ঘষল ।  ততক্ষনে শ্রীতমার ডান জুতোর তলা আয়নার মত চকচক করছে,  শ্রীতমার জুতোর তলায় আমি আমার মুখের অস্পষ্ট প্রতিবিম্ব দেখতে পাচ্ছি ।

এরপর শ্রীতমা ওর জুতো পরা ডান পা টা আমার গলার উপর রাখল । আমি জিভটা মুখের ভিতর ঢুকিয়ে শ্রীতমার ডান জুতোর তলার পুরো ময়লাটা ভক্তিভরে গিলে খেয়ে আবার জিভটা যতদূর সম্ভব বার করে দিলাম । শ্রীতমা এবার আমার জিভের উপর নিজের জুতো পরা বাঁ পায়ের তলাটা নামিয়ে দিল । আমার জিভের উপর নিজের নোংরা সাদা স্নিকারের তলাটা ঘষতে লাগল শ্রীতমা । আমি মাঝে মাঝে জিভটা মুখে ঢুকিয়ে প্রবল ভক্তিভরে আমার দেবী শ্রীতমার বাঁ জুতোর তলার ময়লা গিলে খেতে লাগলাম । তারপর আবার পরিষ্কার জিভটা বার করে দিতে লাগলাম যাতে আমার সুন্দরী ১০ বছরের ছোট প্রভু শ্রীতমা তার উপর নিজের জুতোর তলা মুছে পরিষ্কার করতে পারে । সেই সাথে আমি ভক্তিভরে শ্রীতমার জুতো পরা ডান পা টা টিপতে লাগলাম ।

প্রায় ১৫ মিনিট পর বাঁ জুতোর তলা নতুনের মত পরিষ্কার করে শ্রীতমা নিজের বাঁ পা আবার আমার কপালের উপর রাখল । আমি শ্রীতমার জুতোর তলার প্রতিটা ময়লার দানাও ভক্তিভরে গিলে খেয়ে নিলাম।

‘ওয়াও ! ও শুধু আর আমাদের চাকর নেই , পুরো স্লেভ হয়ে গেছে । তুই ওর মুখে জুতো পরা পা দিয়ে লাথি মারলি, ওর জিভের উপর জুতোর তলা ঘষে পরিষ্কার করলি , ও একটুও আপত্তিও করল না । আমি তো ১০ বছর ধরে ওকে চাকর বানিয়ে রেখেছি । তবু এতটা আমিও বিশ্বাস করতে পারছি না” । বিস্ময় চেপে রাখতে না পেরে বৌদি বলল ।

শ্রীতমা হেসে বলল, ‘এখন থেকে তো ও আমার স্লেভই । এইভাবেই রোজ ও আমার সেবা করাবে । তুমিও এখন থেকে এভাবেই ওকে দিয়ে সেবা করিও মা, দারুন মজা পাবে’।

শ্রীতমার কথা শুনে মুখে হাসি ঝুলিয়ে বৌদি উঠে দাড়াল । শ্রীতমা একটু সরে বসে আমার বুকের উপর ওর জুতো পরা পা দুটো রাখল । বৌদি আমার মুখের সামনে এসে কোমরে হাত দিয়ে দাড়াল , তারপর আমার মুখের উপর ওর নীল চটি পরা ডান পা টা তুলে দিয়ে চটির তলা দিয়ে আমার ঠোঁট দুটো ঘষতে লাগল ।গত ১০ বছর ধরে আমাকে দিয়ে পা টেপানোর বেশি কিছু বৌদি কখনও করেনি । একটা চড়ও আমাকে মারেনি আজ পর্যন্ত ! আর এখন , সেই বৌদিই  আমার মুখের উপর নিজের চটির তলা ঘষছে ! আমার খারাপ লাগাকে অনেক গুনে ছাড়িয়ে গেল এক তীব্র ভাল লাগা । দুই হাতে বৌদির চটি পরা ডান পা টা ধরে ওর চটির তলায় একটা গাঢ় চুম্বন করলাম আমি ।

জবাবে হাসিমুখে আমার মুখে আলতো একটা লাথি মারল বৌদি । আমি নিজে থেকেই দুই হাতে ওর চটি পরা ডান পা টা ধরে ওর চটির তলাটা জিভ দিয়ে চেটে পরিষ্কার করে দিতে লাগলাম । বৌদি হাসিমুখে কোমরে হাত দিয়ে দাঁড়িয়ে আমাকে দিয়ে ওর চটির তলা চাটাতে লাগল । ৫ মিনিট পর ডান পা নামিয়ে আমার ঠোঁটের উপর চটি পরা বাঁ পা রেখে এবার বৌদি নিজেই বলল, ‘ নে রনি, কুত্তার মতো তোর প্রভু বৌদির চটির তলা  চাট’।

এই বলে বৌদি হাসতে লাগল । আমি কুত্তার মতই জিভ বার করে বৌদির বাঁ চটির তলা চেটে নতুনের মত চকচকে করে দিলাম । ৫ মিনিট পর আমার মুখে চটি পরা বাঁ পায়ে একটা লাথি মেরে বৌদি শ্রীতমাকে বলল, ‘ এখন আমি রান্নাঘরে যাই, তোর টিফিন বানাতে হবে । পড়ে আবার তোর এই কুত্তাটাকে নিয়ে অনেক মজা করা যাবে । এই বলে বৌদি হাসতে হাসতে রান্নাঘরে ঘরে চলে গেল ।

শ্রীতমা আবার ওর জুতো পরা পা দুটো আমার মুখের উপর তুলে দিল । আমার মুখটা জুতোর তলা দিয়ে ঘষল কিছুক্ষন , তারপর আমার মুখের সর্বত্র একের পর এক জোরে জোরে লাথি মারতে লাগল জুতো পরা পা দিয়ে । আমার নাক, ঠোঁট, কপাল , গাল , সর্বত্র আছড়ে পড়তে লাগল আমার সুন্দরী প্রভু  শ্রীতমার পা । আমার ব্যথা লাগা সত্বেও এক প্রবল ভাল লাগায় আমার মন আচ্ছন্ন হয়ে গিয়েছিল ।  শ্রীতমা আমার প্রভু , আমার আরাধ্যা দেবী। আমাকে যখন খুশি, যত খুশি লাথি মারবে আমার প্রভু, আমার মালকিন শ্রীতমা । ইচ্ছা হলে আমার মুখে লাথি মারতে মারতে আমাকে মেরেও ফেলতে পারে শ্রীতমা । আমার বাধা দেওয়ার কোন অধিকার নেই ।

একটু পড়ে লাথি মারা থামিয়ে শ্রীতমা বলল, ‘ আমার জুতো খুলে দে এবার । তারপর পা ধুয়ে পা ধোয়া জল খা । তারপর রান্নাঘরে গিয়ে মায়ের কাছ থেকে টিফিন বানানো শেখ। এরপর থেকে আমাদের বাড়ির রান্নাও তোকে করতে হবে ।

‘ যথা আজ্ঞা প্রভু’, বলে আমার মুখের উপর রাখা শ্রীতমার জুতো পরা পা থেকে জুতো খুলে দিতে লাগলাম আমি ।

My sister Pritha ( by khoka )

( sorry for my poor English ).

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She was standing on my face . Her full body weight was over my face . She was wearing a yellow T-shirt, faded jeans and a pair of yellow sneakers. Her 5’3″ structure looked tall over me, her beautiful face appeared like a face of a goddess. her left foot was covering my forehead and right foot was over my lips .
She was occationally rubbing her shoe soles over my forehead and lips . Though she was not heavy at all, may be just 45 kgs, but still it hurts a lot . But I didn’t try to stop her . She was my 16 year old beautiful younger sister pritha, I always dreamed off being dominated by her in this way . It may hurt me a little, but how could I stop her ? I am always submissive to my beautiful sister Pritha, who is 3 year younger than me . She was a lovely girl and a little dominating in nature always . But being dominated by her in this way is always my biggest dream .
we were at our father’s book shop. It was a sunday and officially it was closed in that day . My sis just completed her board exam, and searching for some story books . We came in aleast 1 hour ago to the shop. But there was a strict rule inside the shop, no outside shoes were allowed . My sis watched the notice, gave me a dominant smile and said, ‘ I don’t like to open my shoes anyway . make yourself useful in some way bro, so that I can enter into the shop without making dirty shoe prints on the carpet. ‘
Though, I wanted to be her doormat and let herself walk over me , I didn’t have the guts to tell her that . instead, I took off my shoes, went inside and took some books and placed them near her feet so that my sis can stepped on them . Surprisingly, she didn’t . She smiled and slapped me lightly, ‘ If I make dirty foot prints on the book covers, how will we sell them ? make yourself useful instead of those books.’ I was in heaven . I kneeled near my beautiful younger sister’s shoed feet and let her step on my both palms .
She stepped on my palms immediately and came near to a book rack by stepping only on my palms . She sat down on a chair after taking a book from the rack . I was still kneeled down near her feet while her both shoed feet was over my palms . My sis gave a beautiful smile again and slapped me lightly again, without any reason this time . ‘ Make yourself useful bro . lay down under my feet so that I can use you like a footrest .’
I couldn’t control my submissiveness and adoration to my beautiful younger sister anymore . I bowed down to her feet and kissed both her shoes with all the devotions I had . Then I laid down on my back , so that my sis can use myself as her footrest .My sis did it too. She immediately placed her yellow sneakered feet on my chest . She was using her elder brother as a mere footstool for her sneakered feet . She was ocationally standing on my chest with her full weight over my chest, took some books from the rack and then sat down again. She reads a few pages from each book to check which one she likes while giving no attention to me at all . Truly, I am nothing more than a footrest for my beautiful younger sister.
After 10 minutes of using myself as her footrest my sister stood up on my chest again . She took some books in her hand, read a few lines , but didn’t like it . She wanted to reach towards a book placed a couple of feet away from her, towards her left . So, she stepped directly on my face this time, with her shoes on ! She placed her sneakered left foot over my forehead while her right foot was over my neck . She took the book from book rack, Only after 30 seconds, she placed her right sneaker sole just over my lips . My beautiful dominant younger sister Pritha was standing on my face now with her shoes on ! Though it was painful , I loved it very much .
My sister was continued to read the book while standing still on my face . She was twisting her sneaker sole on my face frequently while I did nothing but let her use myself as her footstool. Even I was kissing her right shoe sole frequently to show her my submissive affection to her . May be she was my own younger sister by birth, but I respect her more than a goddess .
She continued her reading while standing on my face for at least 15 minutes . It was painfull like hell, but still, I was in heaven ! I could feel the rough sneaker sole of my goddess sister all over my face . I continued to kiss her right shoe sole with devotion while she continued her reading without giving any attention to me .
After 15 minutes she sat back on the chair . Her both sneakered feet were still on my face . She kicked over my nose just after she sat back on the chair, ‘ hey bro, give you sis a nice foot massage .’
I did exactly what I was asked for . I started to massage both her feet simultaneously while kissing her right sandal sole frequently . ‘ hmm, that’s like a good bro . A god bro always serve her sis like her servant , as if she was a goddess . From now on, you will always do whatever I say, serve me like this even in front of our parents. Understood?’

“Yes my goddess, I replied, while still massaging her feet and kissing her sneaker sole with devotion. My sister continued to read the book while twisting my lips and forehead with her sneaker sole . The broad smile on her beautiful face simply proves that she loved to dominate me like this .
After 30 minutes, my sis pritha closed the book she was reading, looked straight on my eyes and smiled, ‘ hey bro, stick your tongue out as far as you can, so that I can clean my shoe sole by rubbing it on your tongue . It will make my shoe soles clean and I can walk over the carpet without making it dirty.’

I couldn’t believe my own ears . did she really mean it ? She want to clean her both sneaker soles on my tongue ?
‘hey bro, don’t waste my time . you even don’t deserve it . You should feel proud that your beautiful younger sister will use your worthless tongue to clean her sneaker soles.”, my sis said while kicking my face, this time over my lips, with her right sneakered feet for a couple of times..
I didn’t hesitate anymore. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could . My sister Pritha lowered her right sneaker sole over my outstretched tongue . It was full of mud , and she started to rub her muddy right sneaker sole over her elder brother’s outstretched tongue without any hesitation. I started to engulf all the dirts and muds from the very bottom of her right shoe .
After 15 minutes, she exchanged her foot. She placed her right foot over my neck and started to rub her left sandal sole over my outstretched tongue . I continued to engulf all the muds from her shoe sole which I was worth for .

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Rai, my goddess younger sister.


Hi, I am Raj,  a man now in my mid twenties from kolkata , India . I grew up in a middle class family in late 90’s . Our family had 4 members. My dad is a teacher and my mom is a housewife . I have a sister , Rai, who is 3 years younger than me . She is a fair, very beautiful and dominant girl . From the early childhood, she was a very good looking girl and at the same time, very dominant . Till the age of 10-11, I was a normal guy who loved to play, and hang around with friends though I always had a very good relationship with my younger sister .

My sister Rai is always dominant since her childhood . She loved to dominate me even when she was just 7 years old . her dominating nature increased slowly with her age . She loved to play some games with me where she can dominate me . She loved to make me her horse while she ride me like a queen . She really enjoyed that kind of games . She loved to play the role of boss, police , queen or elder sister during our play . She always gave me a role where I need to be submissive to her . I did not like that in my early ages, but I play those role just to made my sis happy . She was my beautiful younger sister whom I loved very much .

She always smiled during our games where she dominate me in some ways . I did not like the submissive roles at first , but that smile in her beautiful face is enough for me to go through those humiliation . She is my beautiful younger sister , I always loved to see her smiling in that way .

At the start, those games were really childish , though she humiliate me even in those days . Slowly, her domination over me increased . She loved to ride me like a horse and kicked my arms while I moved . Sometimes , she played the role of a queen and I was her servant . I had to fetch food for her , then she made me rub her feet for hours . She even slap my cheeks if she thought I was not massaging her feet well . Someday,  she was playing the roles of a police and I was the thief . She caught me for some crime and started to beat me up . She slapped my cheeks, kicked my chest and face, usually with her sandaled feet, even used a belt to beat me up . I never complained or tried to stop her , though I easily can if I wish . She was my younger sister, I was much stronger than her physically . But I even never tried to do that .

She was my cute , beautiful little sister . I loved her , and she loved to dominate me . At first, I did not like to be dominated ,  but still I let her dominate me because I loved to make my sister happy . But after the age of 12 , I slowly started to enjoy her domination over me . I started to enjoy all the humiliation by her , I enjoyed all the pain she inflicted upon me, god knows why .

She also started to enjoy her domination over me . She even started to use me when we were not playing any games. At first, she request me softly to made some breakfast for her or massage her feet etc . I happily did what she asked for because I started to enjoy her domination over me . I was kind of addicted to her beauty and dominating nature . I want her to dominate me in someway always , and she did it . Slowly her domination over me increased , her soft requests were become strict orders . At the age of 10, she started to live her life just like a queen and I had to do all her works .

I had to wash her cloths, clean her rooms, made food for her , wash and polish all her shoes. She used to order me even in front of our parents . Our parents always loved her more than me . I also enjoyed it too. She was a girl, a gorgeous , beautiful girl, and I am her ordinary , worthless elder brother . They should love her more than me .


That was a beautiful evening in the month of January which I can never forget . It was early January, and I was just turn into 16. My 13 year old cute little Sister was watching TV with our parents . She was wearing a deep blue jacket, a white pant , and a pair of blue sandal on her feet . I was in the kitchen, making some delicious items for my beautiful sis, my queen . When I completed , I bring it to her . She was sitting on a couch . I kneeled down in front of her and handed over the plate to her . A beautiful smile appeared again in her equally beautiful face .

“ please lay at my feet and let me put them on you so my tray will be a little higher,” she smiled at me .

I did not want to lost that chance . I quickly dropped myself near her feet . I laid down on my back and she quickly placed her blue sandaled feet on my chest . She was using me as her mere footstool in front of both of our parents while taking her delicious meal prepared by me . She placed her right foot at the centre of my chest and left foot near my neck , and she didn’t even took off her sandals ! My parents didn’t  react at all. They were continued to watch TV without any reaction, as if using elder brother as a footstool was perfectly normal for a cute younger sister .

She smiled at me . how on earth it was possible for her to smile that cutely ? I feel very submissive when that beautiful smile appeared on her stunning face .

“ hey bro, when you are already under my foot, why don’t you give me a good foot massage?”

“ I said nothing . I started to massage her both feet alternatively , with submissive devotion towards my younger sister Rai . I was massaging her foot just like a servant . In response , she crossed her right leg over her left.  The bottom of her right sandal sole was just a couple of inch above my face . I couldn’t resist anymore . I kissed the bottom of my beautiful younger sister’s sandal sole with slavish devotion , in front of our parents ! I continued to massage her left foot and she lowered the bottom of her right sandal slowly over my face . She started to play with my lips by twisting them with her right sandal sole . I considered my beautiful younger sister was more than a goddess to me . And now she was rubbing her sandal sole over my lips, in front of our parents, and they even didn’t react at all ! I was in heaven . I continued to massage her left foot while kissing her right sandal sole submissively .

After 10 minutes, She completed her meal and placed the plate on the couch . She then put her left sandal sole over my lips and right one over my neck . She continued to twist my lips , now with her left sandal sole while I was massaging her right foot submissively. I was kissing her left sandal sole frequently with all the devotions I had while she was rubbing them on my lips . After 15 minutes, She repositioned herself again. This time , She put both of her sandaled feet on my face, her left sandaled foot over my forehead and right sandaled foot over my lips .
She started to twist my lips again with her right sandal sole . I was licking her right sandal sole frequently, to show her my affection to her and how much I worship her .

“ Mom, I liked to use him like a servant, like this from now on . Do you have any problem?” My cute sister asked my mom with a smile .

“ Not at all dear, you are a beautiful girl, and you deserve it . And I know , he liked to serve you too.”, mom replied.

“ Yes mom, he loved it too, don’t you bro?”, my little sister kicked over my lips lightly with her right sandal sole .

I kissed her right sandal sole in response and replied, “ Yes Rai, I loved to worship you like a goddess.”

From then on , our relation completely changed . I became kind of her servant , or rather her slave . we both liked the idea and enjoyed it too . Anyone, who don’t understand the concept of domination , submission or devotion can misunderstand it . We are still brother and sister, we loved each other too. But that is the way, we liked to live our life, she as my goddess and I as her devoted servant . It make both of us happy . She loved to dominate me in front of our parents , in front of my friends, but never does anything which can ruin my life . She love me, and loved to dominate me too. And I, as her submissive elder brother happily loved to serve her . That was our relationship all about .

She is 22 now, committed to a submissive guy . She loved to dominate her BF too. She will continue to dominate both of us even after marriage . I loved that idea, her BF loved it too. She was our queen , our goddess . We will serve her with devotion till our death .

…………………….                       …………………..                   ………………………….

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From dominating elder sister to a goddess : ( by Khoka )
( sorry for my poor english )

My sister always liked to dominate me since our childhood . she was just 2 years elder than me, but act as if she was my mother or aunt. she controls every little things of my life. as both of our parents were working, they don’t have much time to watch what we were doing . In our early childhood, we stay at our uncles house at daytime. but then, our parents kept my sister in charge when she was just 10, and i was 8 yrs old.
she always loved to dominate me, but since she was in charge, she loved to use her power over me. my parents came back to home normally after 8 pm. we came back from school before 4 pm. so, my elder sister Rima usually had a long time to dominate me. she either went outside with friends for playing or watched TV or played games in our PC . but she dont allow me to go outside. I had to make tiffin for us, then i had to clean our rooms, do the laundry. My sister even force me to clean her shoes. If i dinied, she slapped my chick hard.
I was so alone . as she dont allow me to go outside, i have no friends outside my school. every child in our neighbourhood knew how my sister controled me, they thought i was a looser and laugh on me . It was so painful for me, but I had nothing to do. my parents thought whatever my elder sister Rima was doing to me was absolutely correct. when every children in our neighbourhood played on the ground, had fun, i had to cook for my sister, clean her room or shoes for her. After I did my work, It was time for study . I had to seat on the floor, near my sister’s sandaled feet and study while my sister was watching TV. after some time, my sister always asked some tough question. She hardly gave me anytime to think and started to slap my chick hard. It was painful, but more humiliating. My sister who was just 2 yrs elder than me, had complete control over me, can slap me as hard as she can , practically without any reason, just for her fun . And i was sure ,she enjoyed to dominate me, she enjoyed to show her power over me, she enjoyed to torture me as well.
I had no other way but to obey her each and every will. It makes her happy and made her more dominant each and every day . She forced me to do more humiliating things , and i obey.

Oneday, when she was 13 and I was 11 year old , she came back from school 1 hr after her usual time. Due to some unknown reason her mood was off that day. She called me, ‘ hey buddhu ( she called me by that name, which means fool ) ,come here and open my shoe. i am very tired. ‘ It was my habit to do whatever my didi( means, elder sis ) Rima asked me to do. so i ran towards my didi, knelt infront of her, and took her shoed feet on my lap. she smiled a bit, and rubbed her white sneaker sole on my pant a bit, ‘ now open my shoes buddhu. ‘ I did without any objection. i took off her white sneaker from her feet, then took off her white socks. ‘ that’s like a good bro’ , my didi said, ‘now wash my feet, and give me a good foot rub.’ I did it too, without any objection . I took a huge bowl with water and clean her feet with it. then i took a towel and dried her feet.

‘ now bring my slipper and put them on my feet ‘ ,my didi asked me . I did. Then my sister said, ‘ its time for a good foot rub, and remember , whatever you did today will be your daily routine since today. It was good for the bhai’s ( younger bro) to serve their didi’s ( elder sis ) . I said nothing, just knelt near her feet and started to massage her feet. she placed her sandaled feet on my lap, and happily watching TV while I was busy to massage her feet. I took off one of her sandal and started to massage it carefully. surprisingly, i was not very dissapointed . Due to some unknown reason I want to make my sister happy . I massaged her feet like a servant while my sister watching TV like a queen.

I massaged her every foot for 5 minutes, then took the other foot and continued. I dont know why ,i was very eager to make my sister happy. after 30 mins of foot massage, my didi kick my chest lightly with her left sandaled foot, and asked me to bring her tiffin .

I bring her tiffin in a plate, knelt near her feet . She did not take it , watched TV for few more minutes without saying anything, while i was still on my knees near her sandaled feet. suddenly she switched off the TV, looked on my eyes and smiled , ‘ let’s go to the balcony. I want to have my tiffin there .’ i follow her order without any question again . She sat down on a relaxing chair on our big balcony.

I knelt again near her feet with the plate in my hands . Just opposite the balcony , there was a big ground. Boys and girls of our age were still playing there . I looked towards them with the corner of my eyes, and found most of them were looking at me too, some of them were loughing at me too by watching my humiliation in front of my elder sister. Suddenly my sis rima slapped me hard twice on my both cheek. ‘ what are you looking at ? ‘ she asked, while took the plate from my hand . I directed my finger towards the ground . my didi smiled, ‘ let them watch us. now, i want my lap a little higher, so that i can eat the tiffin from the plate comfortably. lie down near my feet and give me a good foot massage like a good little brother. I did just what she said and lied down near her feet . infront of the whole ground she placed her sandaled feet on my chest. her left foot was over my heart and right one just below my neck. I started to massage my didi’s feet like a servant, while she was eating her meal and using me as her footstool like a queen, infront of the whole neighbourhood.
I was not angry to her. She was using me as a mere foot stool in front of a group of kids, but i was happy . I was massaging her feet like a servant while she was smilling at me. She placed her left foot over the right one after a few minutes. Her left sandal sole was just above my lips. She brought it down after a minute and her left sandal sole touched my lips. She started to play with my lips by using her sandal sole . In response i kissed the very bottom of her left sandal while massaging her right foot. My beautiful elder sister was using my face as a foot stool infront of atleast 20 kids ! I had no problem anymore. Instead, i was in heaven !!
she completed her meal after 10 minutes. I kept her plate on the floor. She adjusted her position then . She placed her left foot over my neck and her right foot over my lips this time . She started to play with my lips, by rubbing my lips with her right sandal sole vigorously .
I was massaging her left foot like a real servant while kissing her right sandal sole frequently. She was not just an elder sister to me, but a goddess now.
after 20 minutes, my goddess didi rima placed both her blue sandaled feet on my face. Her left foot was over my lips now . Her right sandaled foot was over my forehead. I am nothing but a mere footstool now to my beautiful goddess sister now.

I started to massage her both feet alternatively and was kissing her left sandal sole frequently with all the devotions i had .after 10 minutes she kicked twice over my nose owith her right sandaled foot . ” Be a good bro, and stick your tongue out as far as you can ” , she ordered while kicking my face a few more times. I did it . To my total surprise, my sister lowered her left sandal sole and started to clean her left sandal sole over my outstretched tongue ! I did not tried to protest at all. She was a goddess . She had every right to use my tongue as a doormat, to clean her sandal sole on my tongue . I started to ate all the muds and dust from my beautiful sister’s sandal sole . After 10 minutes she changed her foot. Now, she was cleaning her right sandal sole by rubbing it on my outstretched tongue , in an open place . I continued to engulf all the dirts from my 2 year older beatiful elder sister’s right sandal sole .

Shanu, and his goddess elder sister Sanchari.

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( I have found this story recently on my hard disk . This was a edited version of a story from mistress destiny trample stories forum . I had edited it many years ago, before saving it . Original title of this story was “A BEGINING .” Original names of the central characters possibly was Sarah and Bob/ Bobby . I am posting the edited version here .)


Sayantan was a 12 year old boy, his nick name is Shanu .Shanu and his sister Sanchari lived with their mom on the outskirts of Kolkata, India. Ms. Banerjee was an attorney and spent a lot of time at the office.

Sanchari was 14 and her brother was 18 months younger than her. Sanchari was a typical teenage girl in the area. She was a tall, fair , very good looking girl . She had long brownish hair, budding body, long legs and very pretty feet, and her round , fair face was stunningly beautiful. She also knew that Shanu worshipped her and would do anything she asked, Which she did often.

Shanu was a typical boy in most ways, but had always had strong feelings for Sanchari, he worshipped her like a goddess and loved to serve her and to be at her feet. He would lay on the floor in hopes that his sister would step on him, which she sometimes did, but more often than not just stepped over him and told him to move. Sometimes Sanchari would rest her feet on Shanu’s back and he was in hog heaven when she did, but she really never thought much about it.

However, Sanchari began to notice that in the last few months that Shanu had been under her foot more than normal. She came in late one day from school, put her books on the kitchen table, kicked off her shoes and went to her room. The door to her room was slightly ajar and she peaked through the crack. She saw Shanu sitting in front of her bed kissing the bottoms of her dirty white sneakers with devotion. She watched with interest for a couple of minutes then quietly went back to the kitchen.

She then yelled for Shanu to let him know she was home. She met him in the hallway. She noticed he looked a little flustered, but said nothing.

Shanu yelled on his way out the door that he was going to Gautam’s house and would be back in about an hour. Sanchari got on the computer using her Mom’s password and began to research what she had witnessed.

It took Sanchari several weeks to figure out just what was happening and what Shanu’s fascination and submissive nature to her was all about. She liked having Shanu worship her and do her bidding which he was always willing to do. She learned from her research that Shanu was a submissive boy who loved to worship girls as goddess and would submit to her and if she wanted she could make him her slave. She loved the idea!

On this particular Saturday morning Ms Banerjee had to go to a Chamber of Commerce meeting and the kids were by themselves.
Sanchari got up showered, combed her hair, put on a pair of short shorts, a big T-shirt and her pink fluffy slippers and went to the kitchen. Shanu was making himself some breakfast.

Sanchari looking as cute as she knew how, she said, “Shanu will you make me some breakfast and bring it to me in the living room?”

“Uh sure sis, I will be right there with it.”

Sanchari smiled and went to the living room turned on the the TV and waited. Shortly Shanu showed up with her breakfast on a tray and gave it to her.

“Why don’t you lay at my feet and let me put them on you so my tray will be a little higher,” she smiled at Shanu.

Shanu was not going to miss this opportunity and quickly dropped to the floor and scooted under her feet on his stomach. Sanchari put her feet on his upper back and told him that was perfect and to lay still so she did not spill her food.

Shanu was loving every minute of it and Sanchari was too. She was beginning to feel the power she had over him. When she finished she put the tray on the couch and then said, “Shanu roll over on your back.”

Shanu had never seen Sanchari so receptive to having him under her feet and he was not going to question why. He rolled over on his back and Sanchari adjusted herself and put her feet on his chest and continued to watch TV. After a few minutes she slide her left foot to Shanu’s throat and wiggled it in to where she was comfortable then crossed her right leg over her left. The bottom of her slipper was just a couple of inches above Shanu’s face. He felt very happy by serving his goddess elder sister like that . He couldn’t control himself and kissed the bottom of his sister’s right slipper . That event did not go unnoticed by Sanchari, but she said nothing and just smiled to herself.

She leaned forward looking at Shanu under her feet. He peered up at her. She smiled as she put her right foot down on his upturned face and said sweetly, “kiss the bottom of my slipper Shanu.”

Shanu eagerly kissed her slipper, he had fantasied about this very moment for months and now it was actually happening. He kissed the bottom of her slipper very gently and longingly.

Sanchari watched with personal amusement, she thought to herself, I am going to make him my slave. She then said to Shanu, “Remove my slipper Shanu.” Shanu did.

Her barefoot was just inches from his face. “Kiss my foot, Shanu,” was her next command. Shanu gently kissed the bottom of her foot, he kissed her toes, her heel, he kissed all of her beautiful foot. She then again ordered him to put her slipper back on her feet, which he did. Then she playfully rubbed her slipper sole over her brother’s lips and said, “Shanu, lick the bottom of my sandal.” She noticed that he was very aroused and he liked the idea of having total control over him.
Shanu started to lick the sole of his elder sister’s pink sandal with all the devotions he had . He imagined that his sister was a goddess and he was her devotee . He struck his tongue out and started to lick the sole of his sister’s right slipper . He engulf all the dusts from the very bottom of his sister’s pink slipper . He kissed her slipper sole every now and then and continued to lick clean her right slipper sole . It looked like a new one when he finished his licking job .
After 15-20 minutes , Sanchari placed her left slipper sole over his lips, and he kissed it’s bottom immediately . This time Sanchari ordered him to stuck his tongue out as far as he can which he did happily . Sanchari started to use her brother’s tongue as a mere doormat . She started to rub her left slipper sole over her brother’s outstretched tongue .

For the next 30 minutes or so, Shanu licked the bottoms of both her pink slippers. Then She ordered her brother to remove her slippers again, which he did . He kissed and licked her feet for 10 minutes while Sanchari watched TV.

Finally Sanchari told him to put her slippers back again on her feet, which he did. She stood up directly on her brother’s face with her slipper on her feet and put her right foot on over his lips and nose. She stepped down and twisted her right foot a little, over her brother’s lips. She looked at Shanu and said, “Shanu from this point forward you are going to be my little Submissive slave. I know you want it, and now so do I. Follow me to my room, you can clean my room for me then lick all my shoes while I watch.”

She stepped over him and padded off towards her room. Shanu was in total disbelief, thoughts raced through his mind, how did she know, how long has she known, would she tell mother, what was going to happen if she knew it .
The next few hours, he served his elder sister like a servant . He cleaned her room at first . The she ordered him to lick clean all her shoes. He had to put all her shoes on her feet one by one and lick clean them including the shoe sole. She had more than 20 pairs of shoes, most of theme were sneakers . Shanu happily put them on his goddess elder sister’s feet one by one, then lick clean the top of the shoes at first . Then he laid down on his back and sanchari put her shoed feet on her younger brother’s face . Shanu happily started to lick the very bottom of his elder sister’s shoe with slavish devotion . He licked clean the sole of at least 20 pairs of his sister’s shoes including the shoe sole . He engulf all the mud , dust and dirt from his goddess elder sister Sanchari’s shoe sole .


Over the next several weeks Sanchari used Shanu for her personal submissive slave. She had him lick the bottoms of what ever shoes she was going to wear that day and kiss her feet and shoes before they left for school. In the afternoon she would use Shanu as she saw fit.

With her new found power and control she quickly began to exert more and more authority over Shanu. She started having Shanu clean the house every day, cook the meals and do the laundry. Shanu was very obedient and Sanchari loved it.

Sanchari was big into barrel racing and they would travel all over west Bengal and some other states for different events. When she had Shanu working for her she realized that her leather belt was also a good incentive on Shanu’s back side for reinforcing her wishes, but she preferred to use her sweet smile to control him.

Sanchari came in one day from cheerleading practice and was hot and tired. It was in late fall, and the weather was unseasonably warm. She sat down on the couch and yelled for Shanu. Shortly he showed up and knelt at her feet as she had trained him to do.

“Lay under my shoes Shanu and lick my shoe soles clean. Then you can lick my feet too. They are hot and sweaty and they need to be soothed.” Shanu did what she ordered . First, he laid down on his stomach and lick clean the top of her both white sneakers. Then he laid down under her sneakered feet, on his back . Sanchari smiled and placed both her sneaker sole directly over her brother’s face . He started to lick clean the dirty soles of his goddess elder sister . He licked and licked, what he was worth for. Her shoe sole was full of mud and dust after the long day of cheerleading practice . But it couldn’t stop shanu from his duty . He engulfed all the dust and muds from her goddess sister’s shoe sole . At the same time he was massaging her tired feet and legs like a servant .
He licked and licked , at least for an hour . His elder sister’s shoe sole was shining like a new one . After an hour Sanchari ordered, “ now remove my shoes and socks”.
Shanu removed first her right shoe and took off her sock. She wiggled her toes at him and said, “lick.”

He took her toes into his mouth and began to suck on them. Moving the tip of his tongue along the bottoms of her toes and in between them. Sanchari put her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes and let Shanu work his magic.

“Mmmm that feels so good Shanu, you are doing a great job.” The encouragement was all Shanu needed from his sister to put all of his efforts into pleasing her. He slowly licked the bottom of her foot using the broad flat part of his tongue. Sanchari taught him what she liked and he was happy to do it.

When he finished with her right foot he immediately started on her left foot. He loved licking her feet. He loved the way they smelled, the softness, the smooth skin. Of course he had helped a lot in that area as he gave her foot massages every night before they went to bed and he rubbed a special foot balm on her feet to make them soft and supple.

After about 30 minutes Sanchari looked down at her brother. She loved the submissive look on his face. She notices the total submissive devotion in his eyes and decides today is the day to do something about that. She says to Shanu, “Shanu, put my slipper back in my feet . Then lay still on your back and don’t move.”

Shanu put the blue slipper on his elder sister’s feet and laid still on his back next to the couch. Sanchari stands up and says, “do you think you can hold my weight if I walk on you Shanu?”

Shanu was excited about having his sister walk on him and said, “sure I can you don’t weight that much.” Sanchari was not very heavy about 45 kgs. She put her right foot on his stomach and started to put pressure on him. Her foot sunk into his stomach and she could feel his muscles tightening under her foot. She then balanced herself and put her left foot on his chest . She stood there for a moment looking down at him. She smiled at him and slowly started walking towards his face. When she had both her sandaled feet on his chest she gently put her right sandaled foot on his face and said, “kiss my slipper sole Shanu.”

Shanu was having a little harder time breathing than he expected but he loved the feeling of her standing on him. He started to kiss the sole of her beautiful elder sister’s blue sandal sole passionately. He kissed her right sandal sole for 5 minutes. She then extended her left sandaled foot and let him kiss it also. “Gently Shanu, kiss my sandal sole gently, with devotion, as if you are worshipping me. Don’t forget, I am a goddess to you now.”
Shanu wanted to please his elder sister and did as she asked.

She then turned and walked back down his body. With both feet on his chest, she looked over shoulder and said, “what happens if I jump a little, can my little submissive slave handle that?”

“Yes goddess “, he grunted.

She knew he was having a hard time breathing, but he felt so good under her feet, that she did not want to stop. She jumped a couple of times and listened to Shanu grunt to try to hold her weight. She loved the idea that he would suffer like this for her pleasure.

She moved a little then extended her right foot until it was over his lips again. She leaned forward putting more pressure on his lips. She then lift her foot a little higher and kicked his face for 25-30 times , with her sandaled right foot. She continued to kick his face with more force and he even didn’t protest. For Shanu, his elder sister Sanchari was a goddess and she had every right to kick his face like a football. After about 30 hard kicks on his face , she stopped and smiled. She then twisted her foot several times to feel his lips under her sandaled foot, if felt really good to her.

She then stepped off Shanu. She said, “bring my shoes and come to my bedroom.”

Shanu wanted her to step on him and kick him more and to trample him under her beautiful blue sandaled feet. But he knew his position and obeyed her commands.

When he got to her bedroom she was seated on the side of her bed, with her legs crossed. She looked up at him and said, ” bow down to me and touch your forehead on my sandaled feet.”
Shanu said nothing . He was very happy and excited because his goddess elder sister let him worship her as a goddess. He bowed down and touched his forehead on his sister’s sandaled feet.

She squeezed him again and said, “kiss my feet.”

Shanu did. He started to kiss the feet of his elder sister with devotion. she smiled and said, “you like my blue slippers Shanu, don’t you?’
“yes my goddess”, Shanu replied.
so lay on your back so that I can keep my sandaled feet on your face and can use your face like my footrest.”

He did exactly that . Sanchari adjusted herself so that she could rub her slipper back and forth across her little submissive younger brother’s face. She twisted her right sandaled foot over his lips and he immediately started to kiss her sandal sole with devotion . She smiled and asked Shanu, “Does this feel good Shanu?”

She continued to rub his lips very slowly, Shanu was kissing the sandal sole of his elder sister’s right foot and he loved the way it felt. He had kissed her slipper sole several times before , but it had never felt this good.

Sanchari watched as he squirmed under her foot. She loved the feeling she had of absolute control over him. She slowly kept up the rhythm knowing that he couldn’t tolerate more torture now .

Shanu lay spent at her feet. She continued to rub the bottom of her right slipper over his lips then kicked his face for a few times. She smiled at him and said, “now clean my sandal sole slave”. She put her foot over his mouth and he eagerly licked the bottom of her slipper clean. Then he gave the same treatment to his elder sister’s left sandal sole.
Suddenly they heard a click on the door . Their mom , Mrs. Banerjee may be came back to home . But Sanchari didn’t stopped , nor did shanu . He continued to lick clean the left sandal sole of his Didi, his goddess elder sister . Sanchari

It excited her to know that she could control Shanu with her feet. Sanchari used his brother like a servant before in front of her mom . She ordered him to clean her room, to cook for her or to massage her feet in front of their mother . Shanu did that happily before and Mrs. Banerjee never complained about their relation . Today , Sanchari want to use her little brother like a slave in front of their mother . She always loved the idea of using her little brother Shanu as a slave in front of their mother , and that day was the right time for it.
She continued to twist her little brother’s lips with her left sandal sole while her brother licking her sandal sole . After a couple of minutes , their mom Mrs. Banerjee entered in her daughter’s room . She even didn’t surprise by watching her son licking his elder sister’s slipper sole like a submissive slave ! She went to her daughter and kissed her forehead . ‘ I knew, you will use your little brother as a total slave very soon . As a women and a strong feminist, I loved it very much. From today we will consider him just as a servant or rather a slave of our house.”
“ Thank you mom”, Sanchari said. She was very excited to knew that her mom was actually encouraging her to use her little brother as a slave !!
Shanu was happy too, and continued to lick his beautiful elder sister’s sandal sole in front of their mom.

aaratrika . jpg

Aratrika ( by Mr. K )
( আরত্রিকা )

( গ্রামের ছেলে তপন বি কম পাশ করার পর সল্টলেকের এক MNC তে চাকরি পেল । তাদের অফিসেই কাজ করে অসাধারন সুন্দরী আরত্রিকা । ছোট থেকেই তপন মেয়েদের প্রতি সাবমিসিভ । অসাধারন সুন্দরী আরত্রিকাকে দেখে তাকে পুজো করার তার পায়ের তলায় নিজেকে সমর্পন করার ইচ্ছা প্রবল হয়ে উঠল তপনের । এক শনিবার অফিসের জেরক্স মেশিনের সামনে নিজের পেপার জেরক্স করতে এসে সে দেখল আরত্রিকাও পেপার জেরক্স করতে এসেছে । সে ইচ্ছা করে নিজের মোবাইলটা ফেলে দিল জেরক্স মেশিনের তলায় , তারপর ফোন তুলতে চিত হয়ে মেশিনের সামনে শুয়ে পড়ল। আরত্রিকা কাছে আসতে বলল,- আমার মোবাইলটা নিচে পড়ে গেছে । আমি ওটা তুলতে তুলতে তুমি জেরক্স করে নাও ।
আরত্রিকা ঠিক তপনের সামনে দাঁড়িয়ে জেরক্স করতে লাগল । কিন্তু তপন শুয়ে থাকায় ওর অসুবিধা হচ্ছিল । তপন বলল, – তোমার অসুবিধা হলে আমার গায়ের উপর পা দিতে পার, কোন সমস্যা নেই । ফর্শা, সুন্দরী আরত্রিকার পরনে ছিল সাদা টপ, জিন্স আর সাদা স্নিকার । বিন্দুমাত্র আপত্তি না করে আরত্রিকা উঠে দাড়াল তপনের বুকের উপর, জুতো পরা পায়ে । আরত্রিকার হাতে অন্তত ১০০ টা পেপার , ধীরে ধীরে সে তপনের বুকের উপর জুতো পরা পায়ে দাঁড়িয়ে জেরক্স করে যেতে লাগল । আসে পাশে থাকা অফিসের কয়েক জন অবাক হয়ে ওদের দেখতে লাগল ।
আরত্রিকা জেরক্স করতে করতে স্থান পরিবর্তন করছিল । কখনও তপনের পেটে , কখনও বুকে , কখনও বা গলার উপর নিজের জুতো পরা পা রেখে দাড়াচ্ছিল আরত্রিকা । একটু পরে নিজের জুতো পরা বাঁ পা টা ঠিক তপনের ঠোঁটের উপর তুলে দিল আরত্রিকা । তার মুখের উপর জুতো পরা বাঁ পা রেখে খুব স্বাভাবিকভাবে জেরক্স করে চলল পরমা সুন্দরী আরত্রিকা । তপনের সারাজীবনের স্বপ্ন সত্যি হয়ে গিয়েছিল । আশেপাশে অফিসের ২-৩ জন সহকর্মীর সামনে আরত্রিকা তার মুখের উপর জুতো পরা পা রেখে দাঁড়িয়ে আছে ? তপন আর পারল না । দুইহাত দিয়ে আরত্রিকার জুতো পরা বাঁ পা টা ধরে ভক্তিভরে একটা গাঢ় চুম্বন করল আরত্রিকার জুতোর তলায় । আরত্রিকা দেখে মুচকি হাসল । তারপর ডান পা টাও তুলে দিল তপনের মুখের উপর । আরত্রিকার সাদা স্নিকার পরা ডান পা এখন তপনের ঠোঁটের উপর । আর স্নিকার পরা বাঁ পা তপনের কপালের উপর । অফিসের সহকর্মীদের সামনেই তপনের মুখের উপর জুতো পরা পায়ে দাঁড়িয়ে জেরক্স করে চলল আরত্রিকা । জবাবে আরত্রিকার জুতো পরা ডান পায়ের তলায় ভক্তিভরে চুম্বন করতে করতে তাকে ধন্যবাদ দিতে লাগল তপন ।
প্রায় ১ ঘন্টা এইভাবে তপনের মুখের উপর জুতো পরা পায়ে দাঁড়িয়ে জেরক্স করে গেল আরত্রিকা । তারপর তপনের মুখের উপর থেকে নেমে দাঁড়িয়ে হাসিমুখে তপনকে বলল, – শক্ত মেঝেতে দাঁড়িয়ে জেরক্স করতে কষ্ট হয় আমার । এখন থেকে এভাবেই রোজ তোর মুখের উপর দাঁড়িয়ে জেরক্স করব আমি, সবার সামনেই । জেরক্স করার দরকার হলেই রোজ তোকে ডেকে আনব আমি , যাতে জুতো পরা পায়ে তোর মুখের উপর দাঁড়িয়ে জেরক্স করতে পারি আমি ।
জবাবে তপন আরত্রিকার জুতো পরা পায়ের উপর মাথা রেখে ওকে প্রনাম করল, ওর জুতো পরা দুই পায়ের উপর চুম্বন করে বলল, – নিশ্চয় দেবী ।
আরত্রিকা নিজের পেপার নিয়ে চলে গেল । তপন উঠে নিজের পেপার জেরক্স করতে লাগল । নিজের সৌভাগ্যকে তার তখনও বিশ্বাস হচ্ছিল না । শুধু আজকেই যে সবার সামনে তার মুখের উপর জুতো পরা পরা পায়ে দাঁড়িয়ে অসাধারন সুন্দরী আরত্রিকা জেরক্স করেছে তাই না, এখন থেকে রোজ তাই করবে ! জেরক্স করতে করতে নিজের অসাধারন সৌভাগ্যের জন্য তপন উপরওয়ালাকে ধন্যবাদ দিতে লাগল ।)

My story is of tapan and aratrika (name changed). Tapan is a village boy, did his B. Com and got job in a mnc at salt lake sector 5. In the same company, aratrika was employed as a software developer. She is an IT engineer. Stunningly beautiful and attractive. Tapan never seen such a beauty before. She used to wear formal shirt, mini pencil skirt and killer heels. Tapan was mesmerised by her apparels. From childhood, he was very submissive to girls and had a immense crush on female feets. His dream is to serve a lady as goddess. Want to trampled by her brutally, want to lick her heels clean, want to kiss her feet. When he first saw aratrika at the office verandah, he was just got blown. He just dreamt of her.
He wanted to be under her feet by any chance. Chance came. Tapan shifted his seat beside her. He used to stare at her while working. Aratrika noticed but didn’t bother anything. The day was Saturday. Most ot the workers had an off-day. Few were there those who have pending work. Aratrika was there, and also, tapan. Aratrika was dressed in a white formal shirt, navy blue short skirt, showing off the butter smooth legs and decorating them with a killer strapped sandals, whose heel height is not less than 3 inches.Tapan was determined that today he should do something and was finding the right chance. He saw her going to xerox room with a bunch of paper. He followed him with some pages in hand. Tapan thought that this is the best area. Chances to get caught by anyone is very low. Aratrika saw him and said ‘hi’.
‘hi Aratrika , I’m tapan” . Suddenly aratrika asked, “why do you look at me like that? ” Tapan felt unready but promptly answered “coz you are so much beautiful ” “really” she smiled “yes” ” you do first” No, no, it’s okay No, I have a lot of paper, it will take a long time. Aratrika said Then ok. Tapan started copying. He just wanted to get lied on the floor to have a better view of her feet. He got an idea. He took his phone, did something and kept that on the machine lid. When he lifted the lid, the phone slipped under the machine. “oh my god” he said and lie in front of the machine blocking the front position of it. He said her ” I am getting it, you start with yours.” Aratrika started copying. Clearly she was facing trouble as tapan lie there. She said “got that?” “can’t reach , trying hard” “please make it fast. I can’t stand here properly ” Tapan then applied his plan. He said, “if you feel uncomfortable I have a way out ” “what?” “if you don’t mind, you can stand on me as a step “.
“are you crazy? Why should I stand on you? ”
“for you ease”.
“could you bear my weight?” .
“you are not much heavy, it will be ok for me. Don’t worry, stand up”
“it can hurt you “.
“I don’t think so, you carry on “.
Aratrika was going to put off her shoes. Seeing that tapan resisted “what are you doing? You do not need to put off those.” Aratrika astonished “are you mad? I will probably kill you if I climb on you with those. See how sharp those heels are. ” “don’t think so much. I bet you can’t hurt me with those. ” actually tapan eagerly wanted that her goddess should trample him with heels, causing an unbearable amount of pain. “I will not do this, I am ready to get barefoot. “.
“why should you do when you are not wanted to do so? Believe me and stand upon “.
“you are taking too much risk “.
“don’t worry, stand up”. Aratrika did so. She tenderly put her one feet on tapan’s upper back and applied a little bit pressure. Then she ask “can you take it?” Tapan was in heaven. This is for the first time in his life dreams are becoming true. He is getting trampled by a goddess. He was just enjoying every single moment of being trampled. He said “it’s absolutely ok. Stand on me with both of your feets.”

Aratrika put her another feet on his back and now she was completely standing on tapan, balancing herself holding the xerox machine. She bounced a little on his back and then asked “doesn’t the heel hurt? “.
Actually is was causing a good amount of pain as the narrow heels were getting dig into the flesh but tapan said with a lot of smile “they don’t have the power to hurt me. But my back is getting massaged by those.”
“oh really?”
“yes it is. But it would be better if you move your position on my back by time. ”
Aratrika did the same. While doing xerox, she was trampling all the back of his, applying pressure. She came to his upper back and put her one feet on his neck. That was clamped like a pipe by the arch or her shoe between the sole and the heel. That hurt a lot. Then tapan said, “the neck is not the right option for standing. You can step on my head instead of neck.”
Aratrika laughed a lot.”on your head!” she repeated.
“yes”,tapan said. “what make you laughter? ”
“if I stand on your head, then it will going to be exploded “.
“it won’t. Our skull is enough hard to take load than neck. So you can freely stand on it”.
Tapan heard somewhere that head is the most important and holy organ of our body. For that he wanted that her goddess should trample his head to accept his slavery. “ok let’s see how much can your head tolerate “. She put her right foot on his head and applied almost full body weight. The sole of the shoe was squeezing his temple and the sharp heel was getting dig into his chin. Some cracking sounds made and pain was just unbearable. As tapan was lying on his belly, so he couldn’t enjoy the scene but imagined how it’s looking like. Aratrika, standing with one foot on his head and another on his back, was making the xeroxes. After 5 minutes she completed and got down from tapan. He already got the mobile and stood up.
“thanks to you for massaging my back” Tapan said with a big smile. ” you also deserve a thanks for helping me in such a way.” Aratrika replied. “now get finished with yours. ” Aratrika left the room. Tapan, standing alone in the room, was trying to remember the time he spent with Aratrika.